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chafe, baffle, ride, go runs, go nowhwere, hydrangeas

The MIT Musical Theatre Guild’s performance of 9 to 5 chronicles the exploits of three women who, chafing under the oversight of their sexist, misogynistic boss, resolve to take decisive action against him. Though slightly unpolished, the musical’s excellent costume design and enthusiastic acting render it worth watching.

On a visit to the Gallery in May 1962, Jackie Kennedy reportedly said to the visiting French Cultural Minister, Andre Malraux: “I would love to see the ‘Mona Lisa’ again and show her to Americans.” Malraux reportedly replied, “I’ll see what I can do.”
With French President Charles de Gaulle’s approval the loan was secured. It was made directly to the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and the American people, by the government of the French Republic. More than half a million visitors came to see the Mona Lisa at the Gallery in January and February of 1963. The painting was installed on a baffle draped in red velvet, and was guarded around the clock by United States Marines. Because of the crowds visitors had to wait in line for up to two hours.
Which of Leonardo’s ladies is your favorite? Are you ‪#‎TeamMonaLisa‬or ‪#‎TeamGinevra‬?
President John F. Kennedy, Mms Malraux, Andre Malraux, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson at the unveiling of the "Mona Lisa" on January 8, 1963, National Gallery of Art, Gallery Archives; Visitors line up to see the “Mona Lisa,” National Gallery of Art, Gallery Archives

IBMers chafed at Chinese practices such as mandatory exercise breaks and public shaming of latecomers to meetings.

 Before Scandal, Clash Over Control of Libor
In a 2008 meeting with Bank of England officials, the head of the British Bankers' Association suggested that Libor had become too big for her organization to manage, but her suggestion went nowhere.

MOST climbers simply chafe to reach the tops of mountains. Roger Payne was different. Although he had several first ascents to his name—Mount Grosvenor in China, Khan Tengri and Pobeda in Kazakhstan, in a career spanning 30 years—his priority was to go lightly, and leave no trace.

The B110 bus runs between Williamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn, seating men in the front and women in the back.
Brian Harkin for The New York Times

Clash of Rights on a Brooklyn Bus

The B110 bus, which runs between Williamsburg and Borough Park, is different from other New York City buses. Most notably, women are asked to ride in the back.

photoA train named Yoru no Ajisai- go runs near clusters of hydrangeas lit up in on the Hakone mountainside on June 23. (Toshiyuki Hayashi)
Flower lovers and photographers can climb aboard a special Hakone Tozan Railway Co. night train again to enjoy views of illuminated clusters of colorful hydrangeas in Hakone.

Nowhere is this more true than in the field of mathematics. The most famous example is the development of imaginary numbers. The very name conveys the supposed uselessness of the concept. Square the imaginary unit, i, and you get minus one. Baffling.


French intellectuals, like those in the rest of Europe, have been vocal critics of Google Books. But France does not appear to chafe when it comes to displaying its own literature online, on its own terms.

President Nicolas Sarkozy announced Monday that the government has earmarked more than $1 billion to scan French books.

Still Chafing After 40 Years, Libyan Leader Baffles West

If the world thought Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi had changed, he proved otherwise with the hero’s welcome home he gave the Lockerbie convict.

Britain is the EU's third-biggest economy, and the EU is the country's biggest trading partner, taking in about half the U.K.'s exports. The regulations that emanate from Brussels have chafed U.K. companies for years, but to many they are less scary than the loss of the country's unfettered access to the world's biggest economic bloc.

chafe (chāf)

v., chafed, chaf·ing, chafes. v.tr.
  1. To wear away or irritate by rubbing.
  2. To annoy; vex.
  3. To warm by rubbing, as with the hands.
  1. To rub and cause irritation or friction: The high collar chafed against my neck.
  2. To become worn or sore from rubbing.
  3. To feel irritated or impatient: chafed at the delay.
  1. Warmth, wear, or soreness produced by friction.
  2. Annoyance; vexation.
[Middle English chafen, from Old French chaufer, to warm, from Vulgar Latin *calefāre, alteration of Latin calefacere : calēre, to be warm + facere, to make.]
SYNONYMS chafe, abrade, excoriate, fret, gall. These verbs mean to wear down or rub away a surface by or as if by scraping: chafed my skin; water abrading the canyon walls; metal bristles that excoriated her scalp; rope that fretted a groove in the post; stone steps galled by years of heavy use.


chafed (過去形) • chafed (過去分詞) • chafing (現在分詞) • chafes (三人称単数現在)
chafe at the bit, (全1件)
1 〈靴などを〉すり減らす, すり切らす;〈靴・カラーなどが〉〈足・首などを〉すりむく, すりむいて[こすって]ひりひりさせる
The handcuffs chafed his wrists.
2 〈手などを〉こすって暖める.
3 〈人・神経などを〉悩ます, 怒らせる, いらいらさせる.
1 〈動物が〉(…に)体をこすりつける;〈物が〉(…と)摩擦する;(…で)すり切れる;(…に)激しく当たる((against, on ...)).
2 すれてひりひりする
His neck chafed against the stiff collar.
3 (…に)いらだつ, じれったがる((at, against, under ...))
chafe at the traffic jam
chafe under the restraints of social convention
4 (…を)待ちこがれる((for ...)).
5 〈海・波が〉荒れ狂う.
chafe at the bit
(1) 〈馬が〉はみにいらだつ.
(2) 遅いのでじりじりする.
1 いらだち, かんしゃく
be in a chafe
2 摩擦熱;すり切れ;すりむき傷(の痛み).

go nowhere (fast)
to not progress This debate is going nowhere - we're no closer to a solution than we were when it started. Chloë's job at the health department was going nowhere fast.





1Totally bewilder or perplex:an unexplained occurrence that baffled everyone
2Restrain or regulate (a fluid, sound, etc.):to baffle the noise further, I pad the gunwales


A device used to restrain the flow of a fluid, gas, etc. or to prevent the spreading of sound or light in a particular direction:you can cut out glare from a strip light by concealing it behind a baffle[AS MODIFIER]: a baffle plate
  1. [動](他)
  2. 1 〈人を〉まごつかせる,当惑させる
    • She is baffled that ...
    • 彼女は…に当惑している
  3. 2 ((しばしば受身))〈望み・計画などを〉くじく;〈人を〉(企てなどで)挫折(ざせつ)させる((in ...))
  4. 3 〈光・音・液体などの〉流れを止める[そらす]
  5. 4 ((主に英))〈風・天候などが〉〈進路などを〉妨げる.
  1. ━━(自)〈人・動物が〉もがく,あがく.
  1. ━━[名](またbáf・fler)(水流・音響・気流などの)整流装置(baffle plate).
  1. baf・fle・ment
    • [名]