2016年7月13日 星期三

chainsaw, manor, unruly, apocalyptic, chain-swinging, much-chronicled

Cleveland Prepares for Unruly Visitors

City officials have tightened security plans for handling what is expected to be a volatile atmosphere surrounding the nomination of Donald J. Trump.

"I admire [his] courage and his tolerance to pain." Despite that, this judge still dismissed the drink driving appeal from a man who cut his hand with a chainsaw, stitched it up with fishing line and drove himself to hospital while drinking gin to relieve the pain.

A man who drove himself to hospital while drinking gin to relieve pain...

On Sept. 25, 1957, with 300 United States Army troops standing guard, nine black children were escorted to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, days after unruly white crowds had forced them to withdraw.

An Apocalyptic Moment
By then Mr. Jobs had made his much-chronicled 1979 visit to Xerox’s research center in Palo Alto, where he saw the Alto, an experimental personal computer system that foreshadowed modern desktop computing. The Alto, controlled by a mouse pointing device, was one of the first computers to employ a graphical video display, which presented the user with a view of documents and programs, adopting the metaphor of an office desktop.

Chain-wielding sport league based on a cult post-apocalyptic film

While chain-swinging warriors fighting for the possession of a dog’s skull may sound like the latest horror movie, it’s actually the latest trend sport to hit German universities.

Jugger was inspired by the cult 1989 Australian film “The Blood of the Heroes” by David Webb Peoples and is a hybrid sport that is one part lacrosse, two parts medieval battlefield slaughter. In Germany, the sport has about 30 teams with names like Rigor Mortis and Death Stare who play in a league. Pulse visited the 'battlefield' in Berlin for the last game of the Jugger season.

Some Britons Too Unruly for Resorts in Europe
Malia, Greece, is the latest in a long list of European resorts full of young British tourists on packaged tours offering cheap alcohol and a license to behave badly.

chainsaw and cookie cutter

an open-innovation strategy

1 Unruly people are difficult to control and tend not to obey rules:
an unruly class of adolescents

2 Unruly hair is difficult to keep tidy, tending to stick up or out:
an unruly mop of black hair

noun [C]
a large old house in the country with land belonging to it
━━ n. 【英史】領地, 荘園; (地主などの)大邸宅; 領主の邸宅; 〔英話〕 (警察の)管轄区.UK SLANG the area in which a person works or which they are responsible for
lord of the manor (the ~) 領主.
manor house 荘園領主の邸宅.

loseleySir William More (1520-1600), when he found time to spare from his numerous other posts, which included 'Her Majesty's Deputy Master of the Swans', was the 'Treasurer of the Lottery in Surrey'. The Loseley Manuscripts are a unique archive of the More-Molyneux family who have for centuries lived in beautiful Tudor manor house Loseley Park. The manuscripts contain a unique record of life in Tudor and Stuart England and include More's description of the lottery:

"A verie rich Lotterie ... without any blancks."

serf━━ n. 【史】農奴; こき使われる者.
vassal ━━ n. (封建時代の)家臣; 従者, 奴隷.

What to Get the Person who has Everything

There are only a few shopping days left until Christmas, and the question on many peoples' minds is "What do I get the person who seems to have everything?". How about a Manorial title? The days of the feudal system are long gone - at least in Europe where it flourished in the Middle Ages. The hierarchy of serfs, vassals, and lords of the manor, collapsed back in the 17th century. But remnants remain - especially in Britain. Old feudal titles are frequently bought and sold there for fun. However, this apparently harmless trade has led to a bizarre and bitter dispute. A clash between a modern day Lord of the Manor and his unruly serfs.

( 英)貝內特(Bennett, H S)著《英國莊園生活- 1150-1400年農民生活狀況研究》( Life on the English Manor: A Study of Peasant Conditions 1150-1400
by H S Bennett
)龍秀清等譯,上海人民出版社, 2005
這本書保留原著的索引,這相當難得。認真的讀者可以從中學到許多英國社會發展史的專有名詞,可以舉的例子至少數十,我只舉一例:「而農奴如果還想得到更多的東西,即成為一個『自由人』( A FREEMAN),而不僅僅是即成為一個『自由人』( A FREE MAN),那麼就必須使自己與市民保持緊密的來往。」( p.270)。這 freeman ,通常意義為  (非奴隷的)自由民、 公民等,不過在英國還有一特定的意思為「名誉市民」
不過,有些索引與內文對應之問題,譬如說, winnowing 揚穀,只有約略之對應;又,不知何故刪掉少數條目。譬如說, Pierce the Ploughman's Crede --此條在內文中翻譯為《透視梨把式的信條》,不知所云。

其實,它是英國中古文學中最著名的詩篇,還有翻譯本:《農夫皮爾斯》 沈弘翻譯,北京;中國對外翻譯出版公司 1999 Piers Plowman (w. ca. 1360– 1399) or Visio Willelmi de Petro Ploughman (William's Vision of Piers Plowman) is the title of an apocalyptic Middle English allegorical narrative written by William Langland.

這本書的許多英國日常用品的翻譯都不過用心。譬如說, bacon .非「烤肉」也。


━━ n. 黙示, 天啓; 【新約】(the A-) 黙示録.
a・poc・a・lyp・tic ━━ a.