2016年4月12日 星期二

moment of truth, have a moment, crunch, torero, 'the decisive moment', moment of truthiness, moment of courage, truthful

McDonald’s is having a moment.
The introduction of all-day Egg McMuffins in October at most domestic…

have a moment
phrase of moment
  1. 1.
    be currently popular or in fashion.
    "the hitherto unfashionable Tyrol is currently having a moment"
Cartier-Bresson summed up photography's unique power as 'the decisive moment'. It's a phrase that could also describe those occasions when photography itself influenced the course of history.

The photographs that told the story, and influenced the outcome, of the tragedies they depicted
"Here I was conducting coast to coast on radio, this thing... Well, it’s I guess legendary now, that debut. Audience was out of its head. I remember... Bruno Zirato going on stage to make the announcement of the change of conductor, and this groan that went up from the audience...
"When I heard that groan, that was my challenge, it was like hearing the bull roar in the pen. And the torero decides at that moment that he is going to have his day. So out I strode... and went wildly into the crazy three opening chords of 'Manfred'...how exciting it all was on the radio...
"And the next morning [The New York Times] came out, and there it was all on the front page, oh my. And there it all began."
--Leonard Bernstein, 1967, in reference to the live radio broadcast of his November 14, 1943 debut conducting the New York Philharmonicat Carnegie Hall
The birth of public radio broadcasting took place on this day in 1910 in an experimental live broadcast of Pietro Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana" and part of "Pagliacci," starring Enrico Caruso, transmitted wirelessly to radio receivers directly from The Metropolitan OperaHouse in New York.
Though few in those early days of radio, by the 1940s, radios were found in nearly every household. Bernstein became an overnight sensation following the November 14, 1943 live radio broadcast of his Carnegie Hall debut.
We share with you a portion of the radio broadcast, available through our web-store, from that November 14, 1943 concert below, the beginning of the "Manfred" Overture:

Google faces moment of truth on monopoly probe
By Rob Lever (AFP) – 6 minutes ago. WASHINGTON — Google faces a moment of truth in the coming weeks over a lengthy US probe into potential abuse of its Internet search dominance, amid regulatory woes on both sides of the Atlantic. The Federal Trade ...

Commentary: Immigration reform takes courage - CNN.com

- [ 翻譯此頁 ]29 Jun 2009 ... SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) -- The advocates of comprehensive immigration reform have a ... a gut-check moment, a test of political courage. ...

Word of the Day:
moment of truth (MOH-muhnt of trooth)

noun: A crucial point; a turning point; a decisive moment.

Loan translation of Spanish el momento de la verdad. In bullfighting, the moment when a matador is about to kill the bull is called el momento de la verdad.

"The moment of truth has arrived for the euro. The 16-nation monetary union faces its greatest test Wednesday in Athens, as the Greek government orders last-ditch radical cuts in hopes of preventing the eurozone's first debt default and a wider financial and monetary disaster." — Doug Saunders; Greece Set to Impose Austerity Measures; The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada); Mar 2, 2010.

十幾年前(可能近 20年),台灣翻譯一本談北歐航空公司生意和服務品質的書:
『關鍵時刻』( Moments of truth by J Carlzon - 1989 - New York: Perennial Library

這書名有典故,是 1932年海明威(Ernest Hemingway )寫 Death in the Afternoon 時,從西班牙文的el momento de la verdad 翻譯過來的,原先的 the moment of truth 是指闘牛時最後鬥牛士瞄準、給牛致命一刺的瞬間。後來引伸為「一大危機[転機] .」。( A critical or decisive time, at which one is put to the ultimate test, as in Now that all the bills are in, we've come to the moment of truth—can we afford to live here or not?

管理學上,想讓服務過程的互動更為人性化,所以有這方面的說法: The humanization of service: respect at the moment of truth by GR Bitran, J Hoech - Sloan Management Review, 1990 或醫療上When this initial moment of truth goes well, a positive cycle begins be- tween the customer and the organization; when it goes poorly, it may be difficult to ... 

2016.3,我們檢討鄭明萱的翻譯此 moment of truth,
---《認識媒體》(Understanding Media ,台北:貓頭鷹出版社,2006)

由於有PDF檔案,我們可以研究鄭明萱譯3處MOMENT OF TRUTH,了解她可能不知道此海明威譯自西班牙文的片語:

 In Forster's novel the moment of truth and dislocation from the typographic trance of the West comes in the Marabar Caves. Adela Quested's reasoning powers cannot cope with the total inclusive field of resonance that is India. After the Caves: Lite went on as usual, but had no consequences, that is to say, sounds did not echo nor thought develop. Everything seemed cut off at its root and therefore infected with illusion." 

The hybrid or the meeting of two media is a moment of truth and revelation from which new form is born. For the parallel between two media holds us on the frontiers between forms that snap us out of the Narcissus-narcosis. The moment of the meeting of media is a moment of freedom and release from the ordinary trance and numbness imposed by them on our senses. 

The film pushed this mechanism to the utmost mechanical verge and beyond, into a surrealism of dreams that money can buy. Nothing is more congenial to the film form than this pathos of superabundance and power that is the dower of a puppet for whom they can never be real. This is the key to The Great Gatsby that reaches its moment of truth when Daisy breaks down in contemplating Gatsby's superb collection of shirts. Daisy and Gatsby live in a tinsel world that is both corrupted by power, yet innocently pastoral in its dreaming


Krugman: Moment of Truthiness


Syllabification: (truth·i·ness)
Pronunciation: /ˈtro͞oTHēnis/

  • the quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true.


early 19th century (in the sense 'truthfulness'): coined in the modern sense by US humorist Stephen Colbert (1964–)

Pronunciation: /tɒˈrɛːrəʊ /

Definition of torero in English:

NOUN (plural toreros)

bullfighter, especially one on foot.


Syllabification: (truth·ful)
Pronunciation: /ˈtro͞oTHfəl/
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  • (of a person or statement) telling or expressing the truth; honest:I think you’re confusing being rude with being truthful I want a truthful answer
  • (of artistic or literary representation) characterized by accuracy or realism; true to life:astonishingly truthful acting





No such thing as a free crunch

這標題模仿No such thing as a free lunch.


    1. A decisive confrontation.
    2. A critical moment or situation, especially one that occurs because of a shortage of time or resources: a year-end crunch; an energy crunch.
    3. A period of financial difficulty characterized by tight money and unavailability of credit


━━ v., n. がりがり[ばりばり]かむ(こと,音) ((on)); ざくざく踏む(こと,音); (普通the ~) 危機, どたん場, (決定的)対決; 【コンピュータ】大量のデータ処理(を行う).
 when [if] it comes to the crunch 〔話〕 いざというときには.
 crunch time 強度の緊張を強いられる時期.
 crunch・y ━━ a. (かむと)ばりばり[ぱりぱり,ざくざく](と音が)する.