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pastorale, pastoral, idyllic, TO shepherd, cowherd, craggy, role model

Young German-Koreans - the academic highflyers?

The children of South Korean migrant workers are often regarded as role models of successful integration. But the reality is not so idyllic, says the second generation.

He gave up drinking, and he returned with strong performances in the notorious "Caligula" (1979) and "The Stunt Man" (1980), which provided him yet another Oscar nomination. But by then his good looks had begun to fade, his face becoming sunken and craggy in his later years as leading roles became few and far between.

Unrest in China

No pastoral idyll

Turbulence in Inner Mongolia makes managing China no easier

Intel Plans to Hire Antitrust Expert
As it resolved a major lawsuit against its chief rival, Intel selected an antitrust specialist to shepherd the company through outstanding accusations of anticompetitive behavior.

Authorities in Engelberg, an idyllic ski resort where tens of thousands of skiers come annually, said the April fools joke had such global impact that they were now using it as a marketing tool to attract holidaymakers.

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IN BRIEF: Having the spirit or sentiment of rural life.

pronunciation The pastoral setting was a perfect place to raise horses.

Liao Te-Cheng Pastorale of the Season
Contemporary Chinese Literature from Taiwan
The Chinese Pen, Spring 2002

廖德政 Liao Te-Cheng 圖示

廖德政,一九二○年出生於台中廳葫蘆墩(豐原)...... 廖德政的作品,特別能表現出台灣風土意境的美,尤其對台灣風景中常見的綠色與黃色,更是細心經營。為了掌握台灣四季綠意與潮溼空氣的特質,畫家採取層層疊 色的效果,使作品推升至全新的境界;除此,廖德政拿手的還有桌上靜物的描繪,從幾個果子,即能見到畫家在平凡中見不凡的功夫。


(păs'tə-räl', -răl', -rä'lē, pä'stə-) pronunciationn., pl. -ra·li (-rä') or -rales.n. - 牧歌曲, 田園曲, パストラル, 田園劇
  1. An instrumental or vocal composition with a tender melody in a moderately slow rhythm, suggestive of traditional shepherds' music and idyllic rural life.
  2. A dramatic performance or opera, popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, that was based on a rural theme or subject.
[Italian, of herdsmen, pastorale, from Latin pāstōrālis. See pastoral.]
Meaning #1: a musical composition that evokes rural life
Synonyms: pastoral, idyll


(păs'tər-əl, pă-stôr'-, -stōr'-) pronunciationadj.
    1. Of or relating to shepherds or herders.
    2. Of, relating to, or used for animal husbandry.
    1. Of or relating to the country or country life; rural.
    2. Charmingly simple and serene; idyllic. See synonyms at rural.
  1. Of, relating to, or being a literary or other artistic work that portrays or evokes rural life, usually in an idealized way.
  2. Of or relating to a pastor or the duties of a pastor: pastoral duties; a pastoral letter.
  1. A literary or other artistic work that portrays or evokes rural life, usually in an idealized way.
  2. Music. A pastorale.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin pāstōrālis, from pāstor, shepherd. See pastor.]
adj. - 牧人的, 牧師的, 田園生活的
n. - 牧歌, 田園詩

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 牧歌, 牧者の職責論, 司教教書
adj. - 田園生活の, 牧歌的な, 牧畜に適した, 牧羊者の, 牧者の, 牧師の

In literature, the adjective 'pastoral' refers to rural subjects and aspects of life in the countryside among shepherds, cowherds and other farm workers that are often romanticized and depicted in a highly unrealistic manner. Indeed, the pastoral life is sometimes depicted as being far closer to the Golden age than the rest of human life.[1] A typical mood is set by Christopher Marlowe's well known lines from "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love":
Come live with me and be my Love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That hills and valleys, dale and field,
And all the craggy mountains yield.
There will we sit upon the rocks
And see the shepherds feed their flocks,
By shallow rivers, to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

Wikipedia article "Pastoral"
pastor(L.):主任司鐸;堂區主任;牧者;司牧;牧師(基):主持某一堂區的聖職人員:(1)天主教稱為主任司鐸、堂區主任、本堂神父,是在主教權下,負責堂區訓導、聖化、治理事務的牧者;副主任稱為 parochial vicar(參閱法典515-552)。(2)基督教稱為牧師。拉丁文原意為牧人,目前英文亦用此字。
pastoral anthropology:牧靈人類學。
pastoral care:牧民職務。
pastoral counseling:牧靈輔導;教牧諮商。
pastoral letter:牧函:主教對所屬教友之公函。
pastoral ministry:牧職;牧靈職務。
pastoral staff:牧杖:主教在行大禮時用,象徵職權;又稱 crosier。
pastoral theology:靈牧神學;神牧學;教牧學;牧靈學。
Pastoralis Actio(L.):《牧民行動》訓令:教宗若望保祿二世所頒(20.10.1980)。

parkland idylls


i • dyll
  1. [名詞]
  2. 1 (田園の風物・生活を描写した)短詩;田園詩,牧歌,牧歌的物語.
  3. 2 (韻文または散文の,素朴な)物語詩.
  4. 3 (田園詩の素材となり,牧歌的情緒のある)田園風景[生活].
  5. 4 はかないロマンチックな(恋)物語[出来事].
  6. 5 〔音楽〕 牧歌,イディーレ:器楽のための田園詩曲. (また í・dyl)
  7. [作品名]
    [文学・著作物]The Idylls of the King『国王牧歌』Arthur 王物語に取材した Tennyson 作の叙事詩(1859-85).
    1601.<ラテン語 īdyllium<ギリシャ語 eidỳllion 短い田園詩=eíd(os)形式+-yllion 指小接尾辞

 idyll, idyl
noun [C]
a very happy, peaceful and simple situation or period of time, especially in the countryside, or a piece of music, literature, etc. that describes this:
Every year thousands of people flee the big cities in search of the pastoral/rural idyll.


An idyllic place or experience is extremely pleasant, beautiful or peaceful:
an idyllic childhood/summer
an idyllic village in the Yorkshire Dales

They seem idyllically happy in their cottage.


Syllabification: (i·dyl·lic)
Pronunciation: /īˈdilik/
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(especially of a time or place) like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque:an attractive hotel in an idyllic setting

  1. One who herds, guards, and tends sheep.
  2. One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher.
  3. A German shepherd.
tr.v., -herd·ed, -herd·ing, -herds.
To herd, guard, tend, or guide as or in the manner of a shepherd. See synonyms at guide.

[Middle English shepherde, from Old English scēaphierde : scēap, sheep + hierde, herdsman.]



Syllabification: (crag·gy)
Pronunciation: /ˈkragē/
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adjective (craggier, craggiest)

  • (of a landscape) having many crags:a craggy coastline
  • (of a cliff or rock face) rough and uneven.
  • (of a person’s face, typically a man’s) rugged and rough-textured in an attractive way.



Pronunciation: /ˈkragəlē/