2016年4月14日 星期四

exploit, zero-day exploit, fully exploitation, erupted, wavered, sex-starved, exact (OBTAIN), illiterate

The hackers are said to be professional security experts who probe software, devices and services to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit.
Hackers reportedly supply zero-day exploit to allow US law enforcement…

from over-exploitation to fully exploitation

A big debate has erupted over Wall Street's bonuses and the culture that surrounds them. But amid all the outrage and rhetoric, there could be a valuable lesson that many people are missing.

The prevailing image of European Jews during the Holocaust is one of helpless victims, but in fact many Jews struggled against the terrors of the Third Reich. In Defiance, Nechama Tec offers a riveting history of one such group, a forest community in western Belorussia that would number more than 1,200 Jews by 1944—the largest armed rescue operation of Jews by Jews in World War II.

Tec reconstructs for the first time the amazing details of how these partisans and their families—hungry, exposed to the harsh winter weather—managed not only to survive, but to offer protection to all Jewish fugitives who could find their way to them. Tec brings to light the untold story of Bielski's struggle as a partisan who lost his parents, wife, and two brothers to the Nazis, yet never wavered in his conviction that it was more important to save one Jew than to kill twenty Germans.

As Tibet Erupted, China Wavered

Winslet Earns Rave Reviews for Role in "The Reader"

The film adaptation of "The Reader" by German novelist Bernhard Schlink
drew warm applause at the Berlinale, largely due to Kate Winslet's
portrayal of an illiterate concentration camp guard.

The DW-WORLD Article

The recession is exacting punishment for a psychological vice: the unmitigated identification of self with occupation, accomplishment and professional status.

Both couples document their exploits in books published this month, the latest entries in what is almost a mini-genre of books offering advice about the “sex-starved marriage.” The couples, though, are hardly similar.

The Mullers are Bible-studying steak-eating Republicans from Charlotte, N.C. The Browns are backpacking multigrain northerners who moved to Boulder, Colo. The Mullers’ book, “365 Nights,” is rather modest and circumspect in its details. The Browns’ book, “Just Do It,” almost makes the reader feel part of a threesome, sharing everything they used to stimulate sexual desire (it’s hard to visualize and even harder to explain).

multigrain bread 為雜糧麵包
Aging and Life Extension question: What is the content for multigrain bread?

1 [I or T] to (cause to) become very weak or die because there is not enough food to eat:
Whole communities starved to death during the long drought.
From talking to former prisoners in the camps, an obvious conclusion is that they have been starved.

2 [T often passive] If you are starved of something necessary or good, you do not receive enough of it:
People starved of sleep start to lose their concentration and may hallucinate.

starved Show phonetics
1 MAINLY US INFORMAL very hungry

2 half-starved dangerously thin:
A lot of these fashion models look half-starved to me.

starving Show phonetics
1 dying because of not having enough food:
The cats were neglected and starving.

2 INFORMAL very hungry:
Isn't lunch ready yet? I'm starving.

starvation Show phonetics
noun [U]
a lack of food during a long period, often causing death:
Twenty million people face starvation unless a vast emergency aid programme is launched.
The animals had died of starvation.
FIGURATIVE They pay starvation wages (= not enough money to live on).

exploit (ACT) Show phonetics
noun [C usually plural]
something unusual, brave or funny that someone has done:
She was telling me about her exploits while travelling around Africa.


━━ vt. 利用する; 食い物にする, 搾取する; 開拓[開発]する, 採掘する.
━━  n. 功績. military exploits
 ex・ploit・a・ble ━━ a.
 ex・ploi・ta・tion ━━ n. 利用; 搾取; 開発; 組織的宣伝, 広告.
 ex・ploit・a・tive ━━ a. 資源開発の; 搾取的な.

What is a Zero-Day Exploit | FireEye

zero-day attack happens once that flaw, or software/hardware vulnerability, is exploited and attackers release malware before a developer has an opportunity ..

exact (OBTAIN) Show phonetics
verb [T] FORMAL
to demand and obtain something, sometimes using force, threats or persuasion, or to make something necessary:
to exact revenge on someone
The blackmailers exacted a total of $100 000 from their victims.
Heart surgery exacts tremendous skill and concentration.

exacting Show phonetics
demanding a lot of effort, care or attention:
an exacting training schedule
exacting standards


━━ a., n. 読み書きできない(人), 無学の(人).
 ━━ n.

erupt Show phonetics
verb [I]
to explode or burst out suddenly:
At the end of a hot summer, violence erupted in the inner cities.
Since the volcano last erupted, many houses have been built in a dangerous position on its slopes.
Two days after he'd been exposed to the substance, a painful rash erupted (= suddenly appeared) on his neck.
Her back erupted in small red spots.

eruption Show phonetics
noun [C or U]
a volcanic eruption
There was a violent eruption of anti-government feeling. waver Show phonetics
verb [I]
1 to lose strength, determination or purpose, especially temporarily:
I'm afraid my concentration began to waver as lunch approached.
He has never wavered in his support for the leader.


━━ v. 噴出する[させる]; 噴火する; (感情・事態などが)激発する, (病気が)突然発生する; (歯が)生える; 発疹する.
e・rup・tion ━━ n. 噴出, 噴火; 発生, 激発, 突発; 歯が生えること; 発疹.
e・rup・tive ━━ a. 爆発[突発]的な; 発疹性の.

waver Show phonetics
verb [I]
1 to lose strength, determination or purpose, especially temporarily:
I'm afraid my concentration began to waver as lunch approached.
He has never wavered in his support for the leader.

2 If you waver between two possibilities, you can not decide which of them to choose or you keep choosing one way and then the other:
"What are you having?" "Er, I'm wavering between the fish soup and the mushroom tart."

Show phonetics
It's the party's last attempt to persuade some of the nation's wavering voters to support them.