2017年4月19日 星期三

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A new CMU milestone: For the first time, two self-driving buggies will be part of the Spring Carnival Sweepstakes!

Lobbyists Shield a Tax Loophole That Is Worth $1 Billion

Lobbyists recently swooped in to add 54 words to a tax and spending bill of more than 2,000 pages that temporarily preserved a loophole sought by the hotel, restaurant and gambling industries, and billionaire Wall Street investors.

We're celebrating the launch of On the Move with a fan sweepstakes. Enter for a chance to win a copy of On the Move, a limited edition poster, and five Oliver Sacks bookmarks. One grand prize winner will also win an entire library of Oliver's books!

Lin, an Asian-American (rare in the NBA) who played college hoops at Harvard (even rarer in the NBA), was cut from two teams before landing with the Knicks this year. When injuries to starters gave Lin a 
chance to play more, he blossomed into a star in just a few games, setting off an episode of "Lin-Sanity" that swept New York and swept up many Asian fans.

Video Video:
Review: 2014 Mazda 3
The 2014 Mazda 3 has swoopy sheet metal, a rich interior, and a fun-to-drive dynamic. Why is it not the best-selling car in its class?

Answer: Many sponsors use sweepstakes to entice more people to sign up for their company newsletters. In most cases, the sweepstakes sponsors will give entrants the choice of signing up to receive more information from the company or not. The choice you'll make is called opting in or out.
  • If you do want to receive newsletters, you'll opt in to receive additional information.
  • If you would prefer not to receive information by email, you'll opt out from subscribing.
Some sweepstakes will give you the opportunity to opt in or out to several different types of information. For example, they might give you the chance to opt into their in-house email newsletter as well as information from other companies that they recommend. Others might offer a variety of newsletters that you can receive.
It's worth taking the time to read through your options carefully. Some newsletters are very valuable, and can help you find new sweepstakes more quickly or provide other interesting information. But if you don't want to receive the information, accidentally opting in can result in quite a lot of unwanted email.
Whether you opt in or not does not affect your chances of winning, unless signing up for the newsletter is a condition of entry.

The Spy Hunt for Whistle-Blowers

The intensity and sweep of the F.D.A.'s efforts to spy on the communications of whistle-blowing employees suspected of leaking trade secrets to outsiders were astonishing.

Google Is Faulted for Impeding US Inquiry on Data Collection
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — When Google first revealed in 2010 that cars it was using to map streets were also sweeping up sensitive personal information from wireless home networks, it called the data collection a mistake. On Saturday, federal regulators charged ...

 swept up in the scandal
McKinsey Chief Says Galleon Incident Was Embarrasment The prominent consultancy swept up in the Galleon Group insider trading scandal said the full impact of the "embarrassing" ordeal on the firm's brand would not be known for 20 years.


Syllabification: (up·swept)
Pronunciation: /ˈəpˌswept/


  • curved, sloping, or directed upward:an upswept mustache
  • (of the hair) brushed or held upward and off the face:an elegant upswept style


  • 発音記号[swíːp]
[動](swept 〔swépt〕)(他)
1 〈場所を〉掃除する((out));[V[名][形]]掃いて(…の状態に)する, 掃く
sweep out one's study
sweep a hearth
sweep the floor clean
2III[名]([副])]〈ほこり・ちりなどを〉(ほうきなどで)掃く, 払う((away, off, out));〈ごみなどを〉掃き集める((up))
sweep away the dirt on the bag [=the dirt off the bag]
sweep away all criticism
sweep a path through the fallen leaves
3III[名]([副])]〈風・波などが〉〈物・人を〉押し流す, 洗い流す, 吹き飛ばす((along, away, off));〈人・乗物などが〉〈人・物を〉どんどん[どっと]運ぶ
Be careful not to get your hat swept off your head.
The wind swept the snow into drifts.
The house was swept away by a tidal wave.
She was swept along in the crowd.
Thunder storms swept the town.
American jeans have swept the world.
5III[名]([副])]〈手・筆などを〉(…の表面に)さっと動かす((over ...));〈目を〉(…に)走らす, 向ける((over ...));〈光・視線・指先などが〉〈場所を〉さっと動く;〈服が〉〈床・地面に〉軽くふれる, すそをひきずる
sweep one's hand over one's cheek
sweep one's eyes over the landscape
sweep a person's hair up
The light from the lighthouse swept the sea.
Her dress swept the floor as she walked.
6 〈地域・場所を〉徹底的に捜す;〈場所などから〉(…を)一掃する((of ...));〈川底などを〉さらう;〈海などを〉掃海する
sweep the sea of enemy ships
The soldiers swept the town, looking for the deserters.
7 (盗聴装置を取り除くために)〈場所などを〉電子機器を使って調べる.
8 〈戦いなどに〉圧勝する;〈トーナメント戦・連戦を〉勝ち抜く
a sweeping victory
sweep the presidential election
sweep the three-game series
9 〈楽器・弦・鍵(けん)盤に〉指[弓]をさっと動かす;〈音楽・曲などを〉さっとかなでる.
10 〈人に〉〈おじぎを〉あでやかにする
sweep a person a curtsy
1 掃く, 掃除する((up));掃ける
sweep with a broom
2 〈あらし・波などが〉(場所で)吹き荒れる, 猛威をふるう((across, through, over ...));〈風・乗り物などが〉(場所を)さっと通り抜ける, 通過する((along, down, by, over));〈流行・思想・病気などが〉(場所に)さっと広まる((across, through ...));〈群衆が〉(場所に)どっと[さっと]入って行く[出て行く]((into ...;out of ...))
A car swept along [down] the street.
A crowd of people swept across the avenue.
The news swept through the town.
A rainstorm swept over the countryside.
3 ((形式))〈人・葬列などが〉(…を/…に)堂々と通る[進む]((through .../in, into ...))
The Duchess swept into the ballroom.
4 〈平野・海などが〉(孤を描いて)広がる;〈道路・丘陵などが〉(…まで)(なだらかな曲線を描いて)延びる((to ...))
Blue waters swept beneath us.
The hills swept down to the sea.
5 〈視線が〉(場所などを)走る((over, across, around ...))
Her gaze swept around the room.
6 (盗聴装置を取り除くために)電子機器を使って調べる.
7 水中を引き網で捜索する, 掃海する.
8 〈衣装が〉引きずられる;〈人が〉すそを引きずって動く.
sweep ... aside/sweep aside ...
(1) 〈ゴミなどを〉掃いて脇へどける.
(2) 〈反対・批判などを〉一蹴(しゅう)する, 退ける.
sweep ...away/sweep away ...
(1) ⇒(他)2
(2) ⇒(他)3
(3) ((通例受身))〈人を〉夢中にさせる, のめり込ませる.
sweep ... back/sweep back ...
〈髪を〉(…の形に)後ろで束ねる((in, into ...)).
sweep everything [all] before one
猛烈な勢いで進む, 破竹の勢いである;完全な成功を収める;あっさり勝つ.
sweep everything into one's net
sweep up
[sweep ... up/sweep up ...]
(1) (他)2
(2) 〈子供を〉ひょいと抱え上げる.
1 ((a 〜))掃除;取り除くこと, 除去, 一掃;徹底的な捜索[攻撃]
give the house a thorough sweep
make a sweep of ...
2 (物が)押し寄せること, 突進, (水・潮の)流れ;(衣装などの)ひきずり;(文明などの)進歩, 発展
the sweep of the current
the onward sweep of science
3 ぐるりと動かすこと, (腕・刀などの)一振り
a sweep of the oar
at one sweep
4 ((a[the]〜))(及ぶ, 届く)範囲;(道路・川・海岸などの)広がり, 一帯, (広くゆるやかな)曲線, 湾曲
within [beyond] the sweep of ...
a sweep of hills
5 ((通例〜s))掃き集めたくず.
6 はねつるべ;大きなオール;風車の翼.
7 圧倒的勝利;(競技での)賞のひとり占め, 全勝;《野球》スイープ(ダブルヘッダーや同一カード3連戦などで全部勝つこと).
8 (電子機器による盗聴装置の)捜索.
9 ((主に英略式))(特に煙突)掃除夫
(as) black as a sweep
10 《トランプ》
(1) (ホイストでの)全勝. ⇒SLAM2
(2) (カジノで)手札の組み合わせで取ること.
11 ((米略式))((しばしば〜s))=sweepstakes.
12 ((略式))評判の悪い人;悪漢.
13 《電子工学》(オシロスコープの)陰極線掃引;(電磁偏向の)偏向電流, (静電偏向の)偏向電圧;《物理学》熱平衡の不可逆過程.
14 ((米))((〜s))三大ネットワークの番組視聴率を調べる時期.
make a clean sweep
(1) (余分のまたは時代遅れのものを)一掃する((of ...)).
(2) (…に)完全に勝利を収める, (すべての賞を)さらう((of ...))
make a clean sweep of the World Series


v. swoopedswoop·ingswoops
1. To move in a sudden sweep: The bird swooped down on its prey.
2. To make a rush or an attack with a sudden sweeping movement. Often used with down:The children swooped down on the pile of presents.
To seize or snatch in a sudden sweeping movement.
The act or an instance of swooping.

[Middle English swopento sweep alongfrom Old English swāpanto sweep, swing.]

Definition of  swoopy

:  having sweeping lines or movement swoopy

 Definition of sweepstake
Pronunciation: /ˈswiːpsteɪk/


(also sweepstakes)
  • a form of gambling, especially on horse races, in which all the stakes are divided among the winners: [as modifier]:a sweepstake ticket
  • a race or gambling game in which the winnings comprise all the money that has been staked.
  • a prize or prizes won in a sweepstake.

Definition of bookmark in English:


1A strip of leather, card, or other material, used to mark one’s place in a book.
1.1A record of the address of a websitefile, or otherdata made to enable quick access in future.


[WITH OBJECT]Back to top  
Record the address of (a websitefileetc.) to enablequick access in future:fans will want to bookmark this site