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roar back, ash heap (or dustbin ), lucrative cashback, have someone's back

You no longer need to worry if your drawing is awful, because Google’s neural networks have your back.

Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back

ash heap of history (or often dustbin of history)

『更有感於當年 美國雷根總統的名言 Leaving Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history 被國內報刊倉促間誤譯為「將馬列主義棄置於歷史的灰燼之上」。 認為 ash 固然是「灰燼」,但「歷史」無論好壞,都不能燒除得了;而 ash 一 字之後,如再加一個名詞,其意義就變了。例如 ash bin/ ash can 都是「垃圾箱」, ash cart 是 「垃圾車」,ash heap 則是「垃圾堆」;因此,將 ashheap 譯為「灰燼」,也是極大的錯誤,個人早有釐清的意願。如今,錫蕃兄的《咬文嚼字話翻譯》一書,業已打開一條通路,相信此書之問世,必然為國人研究或使用中西文 字,注入一股活力與清流,帶動中國文學走向更璀燦的時代。』 ──以上錄自倪搏九推薦序《咬文嚼字話翻譯》∼(台北:天下出版)
現在的資訊發達,我們根據Wikipedia article "Ash heap of history".
很容易知道這是常識: The expression ash heap of history (or often dustbin of history) was coined by Leon Trotsky….
而更重要的是,”…His exact phrase was: "... freedom and democracy will leave Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history." [2]
Microsoft Launches Cashback Search
Microsoft hopes to make gains on Google in the lucrative business of Internet search through a new service that pays consumers who buy items they find through the software company's search service.

have someone's back - Wiktionary

have someone's back. (idiomatic) To be prepared and willing to support or defend someone. If you ever need help, just ask. You know I have your back.

COME  roar back
2. To put, bring, or force into a specified state by roaring: The crowd roared itself hoarse.
 Phrasal Verb: roar back. To have great success after a period of lackluster performance; make a dramatic recovery: lost the first set but roared back to win the match.

lucrative Show phonetics
adjective(especially of a business, job or activity) producing a lot of money:
The merger proved to be very lucrative for both companies.

cashback (PAYMENT) Show phonetics
noun [U] UK
a system in which banks or businesses encourage people to buy something by giving them money after they have bought it:The major banks are offering cashback deals of up to £5000 on their mortgages.
cashback (MONEY) Show phonetics
noun [U] UKan amount of money that a shop, usually a supermarket, enables you to take from your bank account when you pay for something with a bank card:£20 cashback

ash (POWDER) Show phonetics
noun [U]
the soft grey or black powder that is left after a substance, especially tobacco, coal or wood, has burnt:
cigarette ash

ashes Show phonetics
plural noun
what is left of something after it has been destroyed by fire, especially what is left of a human body after it has been burnt:
Her ashes were scattered at sea.
Allied bombing left Dresden in ashes in 1945.


━━ n. (普通pl.) 灰; (pl.) 遺骨; (pl.) なきがら; 廃墟; 灰色, 土気色(つちけいろ); (the Ashes) 英豪クリケット戦優勝トロフィー.
be reduced [burnt] to ashes 灰になる.
ash bin 〔英〕 =ashcan.
ash blonde 銀色がかった金髪(の女性).
ash・can 〔米〕 灰入れ, くず入れ; 〔米俗〕 爆雷.
ash・en2 ━━ a. 灰の(ような); 灰色の, 青白い.
ash・pan 灰受け.
ash tray 灰ざら.
Ash Wednesday 聖灰水曜日 ((Lentの第一日)).
ash・y ━━ a. 灰の(ような); 灰色[だらけ]の.


dust Show phonetics
noun [U]
dry dirt in the form of powder that covers surfaces inside a building, or very small dry pieces of earth, sand or other substances:
The furniture was covered in dust and cobwebs.
A cloud of dust rose in the air as the car roared past.
Many miners have suffered from the effects of coal dust in their lungs.

dust Show phonetics
1 [I or T] to use a cloth to remove dust from the surface of something:
I was dusting the mantelpiece when I noticed a crack.

2 [T] to cover something with a fine powder:
Dust the top of the cake with icing sugar.


--> ━━ n. ちり, ほこり, 砂ぼこり; ちりを払うこと; 粉末, 花粉; 〔詩〕 (the ~) 遺骸; くず (~ and ashes ちりあくた); 人体; 人間; (the ~) 土, 墓; 屈辱; 混乱; 現なま.
in the dust 死んで; 屈辱を受けて.
kick up [make, raise] a dust 〔話〕 騒ぎを起す ((about, over)).
lick [bite, kiss] the dust 寝込む; (提案などが)葬られる; (機械などが)だめになる.
shake the dust off one's feet 憤然として去る.
throw dust in …'s eyes だます.
when the dust settles [has settled] 騒ぎが治まると.
━━ vt. (粉を)ふりかける ((over, on, onto)); ちりを払う ((off, down)).
━━ vi. ちりを払う; (鳥が)砂浴びをする.
dust down 〔話〕 …をしかる.
dust off …を再び学び始める[使う]; 【野】…にビーンボールを投げる.
dust・bin 〔英〕 (生)ごみ入れ.
Dust Bowl (the ~) 黄塵地帯 ((1930年代に土砂嵐の害を受けたTexas, Oklahoma両州にまたがる草原地帯)).
dust bowl 乾燥地帯.
dust cart 〔英〕 ごみ集め車.
dust・coat 〔英〕 ダスターコート.
dust core 【電気】ダストコア, 圧粉磁心[鉄心].
dust cover (機器などの)ほこりよけカバー; =dustsheet; =dust jacket.
dust devil つむじ風; 砂じん旋風.
dust・er ━━ n. ちりを払う人; はたき, 雑巾; (こしょう・砂糖の)ふりかけ器, 散布器; ダスターコート; (婦人の)家庭着.
dust jacket (本の)表紙カバー.
dust・less ━━ a.
dust・man 〔英〕 ごみ掃除人; 眠りの精 (sandman).
dust・pan ちり取り.
dust・sheet ほこり除け(布).
dust storm 砂あらし.
dust・up 〔俗〕 騒動; けんか.
dust wrapper =dust jacket.
dust・y ━━ a. ちり[ほこり]だらけの; 粉末[ほこり]の; 灰色がかった; 生気のない; 〔英〕 不満足な; 無味乾燥な.
not so dusty 〔英俗〕 まんざら悪くもない.
dust・i・ly ad.
dust・i・ness n.
dusty answer 聞き手が満足しそうもない返事.
dusty miller 【植】シロタエギクの類; シロヨモギの類.