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putty, corroborate, pasty face, wholesale slaughter,velour, pasty, stacked, a tightrope or a feather bed

Donald Trump must be wondering why he waited so long. Launch a few missiles and the press turns to putty. A very tough but spot on column about the suddenly fawning media from The Washington Post.

Foreigners say the Chinese slaughtered demonstrators without provocation Nanking, March 28, Foreigners who have just returned to China from Formosa corroborate reports of wholesale slaughter by Chinese troops...

The government is to reverse its plans to impose VAT on Cornish pasties, the BBC has learned.
Ministers have also reduced the intended 20% charge which was due to be levied on static caravans to 5%.
The U-turn from Chancellor George Osborne's Budget follows protests by bakers and caravanning enthusiasts.
The government has altered the definition of what is a "hot" pasty to allow the reversal of its plans. Labour said ministers were "incompetent".
After the amendment, food such as sausage rolls or pasties sold on shelves - that is, cooling down, rather than being kept hot in a special cabinet - will not be liable for VAT.

Kavowras is a pear-shaped 48-year-old with pasty skin and a brash demeanor. The night after we met for Japanese food, he showed up at a fancy steakhouse wearing a black velour Fila tracksuit. (“What? I’m from Brooklyn,” he said with a shoulder shrug and pursed lips.)

If there’s one commonality throughout the counterfeit world, it’s deception. Along the top of a file cabinet in Kavowras’s office, located at the end of a hallway on an upper floor of a quiet building, was a row of putty heads that a Hollywood makeup artist had designed so that Kavowras and his staff could experiment with disguises: hats, sunglasses, beards and mustaches, fake teeth. “I’m the only working actor who’s not waiting tables on the weekend,” Kavowras joked. A half-dozen fax machines were programmed to display the country codes and phone numbers of the overseas companies that Kavowras and his colleagues pretended to represent. Each employee kept a tray stacked with various business cards to corroborate their multiple identities. “The bigger the lie, the more they believe,” said Kavowras, who also rents four shell offices around Hong Kong where he meets “targets.”

Police: Zimmerman's Account of Shooting Corroborated

Officers say that large parts of his version of events has been backed up by witnesses. 



On a Tightrope
On a Tightrope

Did The Flying Wallendas use a net? No, The Flying Wallendas never used a net. Their high-wire act began in the 1920s, initiated by circus acrobat Karl Wallenda. Born on January 21, 1905, into a circus family, Wallenda was already performing by the age of six. In his signature act, he stacked several chairs and did a handstand on the top one. The Flying Wallendas became famous for their four- and seven-person pyramids balanced on a tightrope. Karl Wallenda said, "Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting." He fell to his death from a 37-meter (40.5-yard) high wire strung between two towers in San Juan, Puerto Rico, when he was 73 years old. Other members of the troupe had met similar fates. In 1962, the seven-man pyramid collapsed; two of the performers were killed and one ended up paralyzed from the waist down. Wallenda's sister-in-law fell to her death a year later. But, the show goes on, with several of the Wallendas, including some of Karl's grandchildren, continuing to perform today.
"Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope." Edith Wharton


noun (plural pasties)

chiefly British
  • a folded pastry case with a savoury filling, typically of seasoned meat and vegetables.


Middle English: from Old French paste(e), based on late Latin pasta 'paste'


Syllabification: (past·y)
Pronunciation: /ˈpāstē/
adjective (pastier, pastiest)

  • 1(of a person’s face) unhealthily pale:a pasty complexion
  • 2of or like paste:a pasty mixture



Pronunciation: /-stēnis/


Pronunciation: /stakt/

Definition of stacked


  • 1(of a number of things) put or arranged in a stack or stacks:the stacked chairs
  • (of a place or surface) filled or covered with goods:the stacked shelves
  • having sections that are arranged vertically:full-sized washer/dryers are replacing stacked units
  • (of a heel) made from thin layers of material glued one on top of the other: the new boots you buy will be leather with stacked heels
  • 2(of a pack of cards) shuffled or arranged dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage: you were playing against a stacked deck figurativea stacked deck of a political system
  • 3 informal (of a woman) having large breasts: she’s really stacked she was a vivacious and well-stacked young woman
  • 4 Computing (of a task) placed in a queue for subsequent processing: an operating system that allows for stacked jobs
  • (of a stream of data) stored in such a way that the most recently stored item is the first to be retrieved: MIDI interface featuring stacked MIDI note numbers




  • [kərɑ'bərèit | -rɔ'b-]
1 〈事実・陳述・考え・人などを〉確証する, 傍証する, 裏づける;〈法律などを〉確認する
corroborate a rumor [a report]
2 〈信念などを〉強める.


n., pl., -ties.
    1. A doughlike cement made by mixing whiting and linseed oil, used to fill holes in woodwork and secure panes of glass.
    2. A substance with a similar consistency or function.
  1. A fine lime cement used as a finishing coat on plaster.
  2. A yellowish or light brownish gray to grayish yellow or light grayish brown.
tr.v., -tied, -ty·ing, -ties.
To fill, cover, or secure with putty.

[French potée, polishing powder, from Old French, a potful, from pot, pot, from Vulgar Latin *pottus.]

someone who tries to act cool to impress others, but generally ends up looking like an idiot.

"oh gosh, check her out! strutting around like she's audrey hepburn- she's such a putty!"




  • 発音記号[péisti]
[形](-i・er, -i・est)
1 のり[練り粉]のような.
2 〈人・顔色などが〉青白い, 生気のない;しまりのない.
pasty 1  (ˈpeɪstɪ)
adj  , pastier , pastiest
1. of or like the colour, texture, etc, of paste
2. (esp of the complexion) pale or unhealthy-looking
n  , pastier , pastiest , pasties
3. either one of a pair of small round coverings for the nipples used by striptease dancers
'pastily 1
'pastiness 1