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suit, lawsuit, to top, nominal, alongside, honk

He added: “Here the wearisome traits of much contemporary art, its honking rhetoric, its unconvincing urgency, its arid ‘appropriations’ of motifs, are left at the door, and the slow-surfacing complexities of mature, articulate painting greet the eye.”

IBM blame other for suit costs
Wall Street Journal
AP INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana's legal bill in its lawsuit with IBM Corp. over a canceled welfare outsourcing contract could grow by more than half its original value, topping $8 million by the end of next June, state documents reveal. ...

Chinese Consider Bid for Repsol Assets
CNPC is considering a bid for some of the Argentine assets of Repsol alongside other potential deals in South America.

describes a sum of money which is very small compared to an expected price or value:
a nominal sum/charge
For a nominal fee, they will deliver orders to customers' homes.Healthcare in Sweden: Information and Much More from Answers.com
The state finances the bulk of health care costs, with the patient paying a
nominal fee for examinations and some tests.

With the help of her brother, Ms. Devers found lawyers willing to take on the case for a nominal fee. Their planned legal strategy is to argue various technicalities such as a loophole for imperial scales that predate the law. They plan to lean on what they see as a recent softening in Brussels. After pressure from U.K. companies as well as others that trade with Britain and the U.S., the European parliament recently adopted legislation that would let the U.K. continue to use imperial alongside metric measures indefinitely, instead of phasing it out by next year. The measure is awaiting European Council approval.
在 哥哥的幫助下﹐戴沃斯太太找到一些願意只收取象徵性費用為她提供法律援助的律師。他們的辯護策略是爭論各種法律細節﹐比如以前頒佈法律中關於英制計量的 一個漏洞等。此外﹐歐盟近期對英制計量的寬鬆態度也讓他們看到了希望。迫於英國企業以及與英美有貿易關係的公司所施加的壓力﹐歐盟議會最近提出一項議案﹐ 允許英國無限期地同時使用英制和公制單位﹐而不是於2009年逐步廢除英制計量體系。該項議案還在等待歐盟委員會批准。

nominal (NOT IN REALITY)  
in name or thought but not reality:
She's the nominal head of our college - the real work is done by her deputy.

The province is nominally independent.

━━ a. 名の; 名ばかりの, わずかな; 名前を載せた; 【文法】名詞の.
━━ n. 名詞相当語句.
nominal account 【会計】名目(上支出)勘定.
nominal capital 【株】=authorized share capital.
nom・i・nal・ism ━━ n. 【哲】唯名(ゆいめい)論, 名目論.
nom・i・nal・ist ━━ n.
nominal ledger 【会計】名目元帳, 総勘定元帳 ((企業の損益計算の元帳)).
nom・i・nal・ly ━━ ad.
nominal partner 【経営】名目社員.
nominal price 【株】唱え値 ((新規発行株式に名目的に与えられる価額)); 名目値段 ((物品の実質価格よりもかなり低くつけられた値段)).
nominal value 額面価格.
nominal wages 名目賃金.
nominal yield 【株】名目利回り.

preposition, adverb
beside, or together with
A car pulled up alongside (ours).
The new pill will be used alongside existing medicines.
Most of the staff refused to work alongside the new team.
Britain fought alongside France, Turkey and Sardinia during the Crimean War.
Her latest novel does not rank alongside (=is not as good as) her earlier ones.
The stock market's burst of optimism sits uneasily alongside (=does not suit) the country's economic problems.
Mr. Friedman, 64, is a former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs who once ran the investment banking firm alongside Robert E. Rubin. Mr. Rubin became President Bill Clinton's chief economic adviser and later his Treasury secretary.

Along, near, at, or to the side: stood with a bodyguard alongside; honked and drove up alongside.
By the side of; side by side with.
USAGE NOTE Both alongside and alongside of are acceptable as prepositions: The barge lay alongside (or alongside of) the pier.



honk (third-person singular simple present honkspresent participle honkingsimple past and past participle honked)
  1. (transitive, intransitive) To use a car horn.
    They stood and observed how long it took for the other cars to honk.
  2. (intransitive) To make a sound like a car horn.
  3. (intransitive) To make the sound of a goose.
  4. (informal) To vomitregurgitate the contents of one's stomach.
  5. (informal) To have a bad smell.

  • [súːt | sjúːt]

(1) (服の)一そろい, 一着;スーツ
a suit of black
a two-piece [a three-piece] suit
a suit of clothing
(2) ((ふつう複合語で))…服, …着(ぎ). ▼特定目的の衣服の一品または一組の衣服
a swimsuit
a spacesuit
2 (武具・馬具などの)一そろい, 一組.
3 [U][C]《法律》(ふつう民事の)訴訟(lawsuit)
bring [file, enter] a suit against ...
win [lose] a damage suit
4 [C][U]願い, 要請, 請願, 嘆願
make suit
have a suit to ...
5 ((文))(女性への)求婚, 言い寄り
press [plead] one's suit
6 《トランプ》スーツ(spades, hearts, clubs, diamondsのいずれか);同じスーツの札. ⇒DECK 3
7 ((俗))ビジネスマン.
follow suit
(1) 《トランプ》前に出た札と同種の札を出す.
(2) 先例にならう, 人のまねをする.
in [out of] suit with ...
The furniture is out of suit with the room.
of a suit with ...
1 〈事が〉〈人などに〉都合がよい, 満足できる, 気に入る
“Will it suit you if I come around two?” “Yes, that'll suit me fine. ”
「2時ごろ伺っていいでしょうか」「ええ, 結構です」
What day would suit you?
2 〈衣服・名前などが〉〈人・物などに〉似合う(▼受身不可)
The name suited her.
3 〈気候・食べ物などが〉〈人・物などに〉適している, ふさわしい
This climate doesn't suit me.
4 ((形式))〈人が〉…を(…に)合わせる, ふさわしくする((to ...))
suit the tie to the shirt
5 〈人に〉衣服を着せる[整える]
The kids were all suited up.
━━(自)(←(他))合う, 適する, 似合う;都合がよい
The proposal does not suit.
That date suits well.
Suit yourself.
[アングロフランス語←ラテン語secta(従うもの→一そろい). △SECT