2016年8月9日 星期二

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China’s turbulent west is unlikely to be calmed by plans for economic development

Xinjiang: Let them shoot hoops

'Hot Springs'

A woman kidnaps her own 5-year-old and heads south with her boyfriend, causing headaches for all involved in this taut novel about letting go.

“I have 1,000 stories that I can never tell,” he said conspiratorially, and then offered a few choice words to describe those who blocked his way — and those who have promoted the demise of Old Beijing. But then he corrected himself. “The Communist Party has improved Beijing immeasurably,” he said with a taut smile. “They are doing a wonderful job.”

Turkey edges Japan for first win in women's hoops tournament
After starting the tournament 0-2, Turkey earned their first victory of the tournament Tuesday with a 76-62 win over Japan. Turkey jumped out to a 24-9 ...

《中英對照讀新聞》White House visitor logs show up famous names白宮訪客紀錄簿出現名人大名
White House visitor logs show up famous names
Did Barack Obama’s controversial ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright visit the White House? Or did the great Michael Jordan shoot some hoops with the president on his basketball court?
The answer to both questions is no.
But those famous names, and others, were thrown up in an exercise in government transparency Friday, when the Obama administration released the first 500 names on a list of the 100,000 people cleared to visit the White House every year.
Though the administration touted the release as evidence of "transparency like you’ve never seen before," the list did spark confusion, as some people with famous names were listed on the visitor logs.
The White House said several "false positives" of people saddled with famous names were on the list of 500 guest entrances to the White House, including that of one Jeremiah Wright.
show up:片語,出現,露面;暴露。例句:When will the train show up?(火車什麼時候會來?)
false positive:在醫學上指的是「偽陽性」,在阻擋垃圾郵件的程式中,指的是真正的訊息被誤判為垃圾郵件,因此遭到程式阻擋並退回給寄件者。
saddle someone with someone or something:讓某人肩負重擔。saddle,名詞,馬鞍;動詞,加馬鞍;使負擔。例句:I didn’t mean to saddle you with my problems.(我無意拿我的問題來增加你的負擔。)


noun [C]
a ring of wood, metal or plastic, or sometimes a half ring:
The dogs had been trained to jump through hoops.

  1. A circular band of metal or wood put around a cask or barrel to bind the staves together.
  2. A large wooden, plastic, or metal ring, especially one used as a plaything or for trained animals to jump through.
  3. One of the lightweight circular supports for a hoop skirt.
  4. A circular, ringlike earring.
  5. One of a pair of circular wooden or metal frames used to hold material taut for embroidery or similar needlework.
  6. Basketball. The basket. A field goal: hit a big hoop.also hoops The  game of basketball.

  7. Sports. A croquet wicket.
tr.v., hooped, hoop·ing, hoops.
  1. To hold together or support with or as if with a hoop.
  2. To encircle.
jump (or go) through the hoop
  1. To undergo a rigorous trial or examination.
[Middle English hop.]

━━ n. たが, (輪回し遊びの)輪; (サーカスで動物がくぐり抜ける)輪; (スカートを広げる)張り骨; (croquetの)柱門; (バスケットボールの網をつるす)リング.
go through the hoop(s) 苦労する.
put … through the hoop(s) 人をつらい目に遭わせる.
━━ vt. たがを掛ける; 取り巻く; 輪をはめる.
hoop・er ━━ n. おけ屋.
hoop・man, hoop・ster 〔俗〕 バスケットボール選手.

“How are you going to shoot a couple of hoops with your son if you can’t even find the basketball?”

hoop・skirt hoopでふくらませたスカート.

  • 発音記号[húːpstər]

1 tight or completely stretched:
a taut rope
He kept his eyes on the road ahead, his face taut with concentration.
Compare slack (NOT TIGHT).

2 LITERARY tense and excited or nervous:
His latest film was described in today's paper as a taut thriller.
There was a taut edge to Niall 's voice.

3 LITERARY describes writing or speech which is controlled, clear and brief:
taut prose

verb [I or T]
The muscles in his face suddenly tautened.

1 relating to a secret plan to do something bad, illegal or against someone's wishes

2 showing that you share a secret:
They exchanged conspiratorial glances.

She heard them whispering conspiratorially in the bedroom.