2016年8月20日 星期六

leaven, lair, unequivocal, dissuade, tick sb off, tick, run out, hide-out, overtly or covertly,

Ever visited Bryant Park? Millions of treasured books live beneath it.
(via Atlas Obscura)

The books will live highly organised lives underneath Bryant Park.

I will leaven this with a fun review by the Prune owner and chef Gabrielle Hamiltonof Stephanie Danler's new novel, "Sweetbitter," a coming-of-age story set in the cutthroat, hard-partying world of New York City restaurants.

Changing Climate Numbers
Research shows that there is unequivocal evidence that the earth is warming and without a global prescription it is likely to get worse.

For a man who catapulted into political royalty in large part thanks to his powerful speeches, Obama's inaugural address was "notable for its sober tone as much as its soaring rhetoric," observes the Washington Post. Indeed, throughout the address, Obama "leavened idealism with realism," as the Wall Street Journal puts it, and outlined the challenges that the country faces in what he called "this winter of our hardship."

From the country's viewpoint, it is even harder to see why Mr Brown needs the coup de grâce just yet. Britain is not being overtly misgoverned, and nobody else in Labour is promising anything radically different. And Mr Brown may yet improve. To do so, he needs to articulate his basic political creed—essentially a meritocracy leavened with egalitarianism—better than he has managed to do so far. And, from this newspaper's point of view, he needs to commit unequivocally to the course of public-service reform eventually set by Mr Blair, then pursue it with dogged competence.

The Los Angeles Times reports that arrests of illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border have dropped to numbers last seen in the 1970s. Poor economic prospects and increased law enforcement in the U.S. both seem to be dissuading Mexicans from attempting covert border crossings.

Not to mention No. 62: “Do you know anyone or any organization ... that might take steps, overtly or covertly, fairly or unfairly, to criticize your nomination, including any news organization?”

My Top 10! Paris

Models are leaving the runways in Milan this week, in preparation for
Paris. But as the fashion people overrun the city’s trendy Marais
district, we wonder where a style expert and people watcher goes to

The DW-WORLD Article

Clock Is Ticking for EMI
Time may be running out for Guy Hands, the British private-equity chief who bought EMI Group in one of the last big deals before the credit crunch.

hat's Next for Google?
Motley Fool - USA Somewhere in the Google lair, there has to be a list of ways for Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) to tick off Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT). One by one, Big G is c

tick (SOUND)
verb [I]
When a clock or watch ticks, it makes a sound every second.

noun [C]
the sound clocks and watches make every second

tick sb off (ANNOY) phrasal verb [M] US INFORMAL
to annoy someone:
It really ticks me off when she doesn't keep her promises.hecking ...

run out (FINISH) phrasal verb
1 to finish, use or sell all of something, so that there is none left:
I've run out of milk/money/ideas/patience.
"Have you got any milk?" "Sorry, I've run out."

2 If a supply of something runs out, all of it has been used or it is completely finished:
The milk has run out.
My patience is beginning to run out.

3 If a document or official agreement runs out, the period of time for which it lasts finishes:
My passport runs out next month - I must get it renewed.

lair is a place that animals use to hide themselves, while at sleephibernation or when they take part in reproduction. Some lair-using animals build their lairs, others use hollows which occur naturally, like caves.

lair 1 

Pronunciation: /lɛː/ 


1A place where a wild animal lives:the badgers carried the food back to their lair
1.1secret or private place in which a person seeks concealment or seclusion:he led the police to the criminals' lair

verb [T]
to persuade someone not to do something:
I tried to dissuade her from leaving.

hidden or secret:
covert actions
The government was accused of covert military operations against the regime.
Compare overt.

noun [C]
a group of bushes and small trees growing close together in which animals can hide, especially from hunters

secretly, or in a hidden way:
Terrorists have been operating covertly in England for several years.

done or shown publicly or in an obvious way; not secret:
overt criticism
overt racism
He shows no overt signs of his unhappiness.
Compare covert.

It was an overtly sexual advertising campaign.

    A hiding place: covertdenhideawaylairSeeplaceshow/hide.

    Full Definition of lair

    1. 1dial British :  a resting or sleeping place :  bed
    2. 2a :  the resting or living place of a wild animal :  denb :  a refuge or place for hiding

verb [T]
1 to add a substance to bread or another food made with flour to make it get bigger when it is cooked

2 FORMAL to make something less boring:
Even a speech on a serious subject should be leavened with a little humour.unequivocal 
total, or expressed in a clear and certain way:
The Prime Minister, he said, had the party's unequivocal support.
The church has been unequivocal in its condemnation of the violence.


1(usually as adjective leavened) Cause (dough or bread) to ferment and rise by adding leaven:leavened breads are forbidden during Passover

2Permeate and modify or transform (something) for the better:the proceedings should be leavened by humour(as noun leaveningunderneath the frills and fuss there’s a leavening of serious intent

New Living Translation (©2007)
As they were crossing the lake, Jesus warned them, "Watch out! Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod."
English Standard Version (©2001)
And he cautioned them, saying, “Watch out; beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.”


leav • en
leavens (複数形) • leavened (過去形) • leavened (過去分詞) • leavening (現在分詞) • leavens (三人称単数現在)
of the same leaven, the old leaven, (全2件)
1 [U]パン種(ふくらし粉, イーストなど).
2 [C][U]((文))徐々に変化[影響, 感化]を与えるもの[力, 要素]〈《聖書》マタイ書13:33, 16:6〉.
3 (性質などの)気味, 色合い((of ...)).
of the same leaven
the old leaven
1 ((古風))…にパン種を加える.
2 ((形式))…に(…で)徐々に変化[影響]を与える((with, by ...)).

 leaven: 2 [C][U]((文))徐々に変化[影響, 感化]を与えるもの[力, 要素]〈《聖書》マタイ書13:33, 16:6〉.馬太13:33 衪又給他們講了一個比喻:「天國好像酵母,女人取來藏在三斗麵裏,直到全部發了酵。」

leavening POWER/AGENT

Main Entry: leavening
Function: noun
Date: circa 1626
: a leavening agent : leaven

bread, toast


  1. 法利塞人出來,開始和他辯論,向他要求一個來自天上的徵兆,想試探他。
  2. 耶穌從心裏嘆息說:「為什麼這一世代要求徵兆﹖我實在告訴你們,必不給這世代一個徵兆!」
  3. 他就離開他們,再上船往對岸去了。
  4. 門徒忘了帶餅,在船上除了一個餅外,隨身沒有帶別的食物。
  5. 耶穌囑咐他們說:「你們應當謹慎, 提防法利塞人的酵母和黑落德的酵母。」
  6. 他們彼此議論:他們沒有餅了。
  7. 耶穌看出來了,就對他們說:「為什麼你們議論沒有餅了﹖你們還不明白,還不瞭解嗎﹖你們的心仍然遲鈍嗎﹖
  8. 你們有眼看不見,有耳聽不見嗎﹖你們不記得:
  9. 當我擘開五個餅給五千人的時候,你們收滿了幾筐碎塊﹖」他們回答說:「十二筐。」
  10. 「還有,七個餅給四千人的時候,你們收滿了幾籃碎塊﹖」他們回答說:「七籃。」
  11. 於是耶穌對他們說:「你們還不瞭解嗎﹖」