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June 1984, 人生第一張急救証書

When Panasonic’s Lumix G1 digital camera arrived last fall, it was a technical breakthrough that took a giant stride toward the holy grail of photography: gorgeous, professional-looking photos from a small camera. It was Popular Photography’s Camera of the Year, and it made plenty of hearts race.

Three Years On, Xbox 360 Slowly Gaining in Japan

Her water broke two hours into the journey.
Report: Woman miscarries after ambulance crash in Japan

TOKYO: A pregnant woman miscarried in western Japan on Wednesday after nine hospitals refused to admit her and the ambulance crashed on its way to the 10th, news reports said.
The incident triggered an immediate outcry in Japan, where the government has promised to improve medical care for expecting mothers as it struggles to reverse a declining birth rate. Last year, a pregnant woman from the same area died after being refused admission by about 20 hospitals that said they were full.
In Wednesday's incident, the 38-year-old woman, who was in the sixth month of her pregnancy, was being driven to a hospital near the western city of Osaka after she suffered from stomach cramps and bleeding, according to Kyodo News agency and other local media.
Nine hospitals closer to her home in Nara prefecture (state), over 40 kilometers (25 miles) away, had earlier refused to admit her, saying they were full, the reports said.
Her water broke two hours into the journey. Ten minutes later, the ambulance collided with a minivan.

plural noun
1 the area of sea near to and belonging to a particular country:
St Lucia depends on its clean coastal waters because fishing and tourism provide much of its income.

2 the water contained in a particular lake, river or section of sea:
In the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, oil rigs attract shoals of fish, and fishermen too.

3 UK (US waterthe liquid that surrounds a baby inside a pregnant woman's womb:
At 3 a.m. her waters broke, and the baby was born soon after.

4 murky/uncharted waters a situation which is not familiar and which may be dangerous:
In the last two chapters of the book, she enters the murky waters of male sexuality.
After the Wall Street crash, the American economy moved into uncharted waters.

She was transferred to another ambulance and reached the Osaka hospital three hours after she first contacted emergency services, Kyodo reported. Her baby was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, according to the reports.
"This is a very grave incident," Heath Minister Yoichi Masuzoe told public broadcaster NHK late Wednesday. "The Health Ministry will conduct a thorough investigation," Masuzoe said.
Police were quoted as saying they were not sure the accident caused the woman's miscarriage. The woman and ambulance staff were not injured in the accident.

11病院拒否 搬送3時間 奈良の女性流産

お産の医療現場で悲劇は繰り返された。29日朝、陣痛を訴える奈良県橿原市の妊婦(38)が相次いで病院に受け入れを拒まれ、途中で交通事故にも遭った 末に流産した。同県内では昨夏にも受け入れを拒まれた妊婦が死亡したばかり。行政が産科医療の受け入れシステムを主導していたが、機能しなかった。関係者 は「一刻も早く解消を」と訴えた。
 しかし、同医大病院には処置中であるなどとして受け入れを拒まれた。大阪府の大阪、和泉、寝屋川、高槻各市の計8病院にも電話をかけた が、満床や処置中などで受け入れられず、9カ所目で大阪府の高槻病院が受け入れ可能と判明した。救急車は午前4時20分ごろ、約40キロ離れた同病院に向 けて出発した。
 奈良県には、救急が一般の救急患者の受け入れ先を探すシステムと、医療機関がハイリスクの妊婦を別の医療機関に搬送する「周産期医療シス テム」がある。「周産期医療」では、県立医大などが窓口となって受け入れ先を探すため、比較的受け入れ先が見つかりやすい。だが今回は、医師からではな く、救急からの通報だったため、「ハイリスク」患者と認識されず、消防が単独で受け入れ先を探すことになった。

PC World - USA
Three years ago Wednesday Microsoft completed the initial worldwide launch of its Xbox 360 game console by putting it on sale in Japan...

"Three Years On" 這 ON 的確切解釋

St John Ambulance - the nation's leading first aid charity


St John Ambulance is a leading first aid charity in the United Kingdom. Information on training courses and free online first aid resources.


Pronunciation: /ˈambjʊl(ə)ns/ 


A vehicle equipped for taking sick or injured people to and from hospital, especially in emergencies:we called an ambulancehe taken by ambulance to the district hospital[AS MODIFIER]: the ambulance service


Convey in an ambulance:he was ambulanced to accident and emergency


Early 19th century: French, from hôpital ambulant 'mobile (horse-drawn) field hospital', from Latin ambulant- 'walking' (see ambulant).
  • First used in the Crimean War, an ambulance was originally a mobile temporary hospital—a field hospital—that followed an army from place to place. The term was later applied to a wagon or cart used for carrying wounded soldiers off the battlefield, which in turn led to its modern meaning. Ambulance comes from the French hôpital ambulant, literally ‘walking hospital’: the root is Latinambulare, ‘to walk’, which gave us words such as alley (Late Middle English), amble (Middle English), and early 17th-century ambulate (a formal way of saying ‘walk’). Ambulance chaser is a wry nickname for a lawyer. The first example of the term, from 1897, tells us that ‘In New York City there is a style of lawyers known to the profession as “ambulance chasers”, because they are on hand wherever there is a railway wreck, or a street-car collision…with…their offers of professional services.’

in a way which results in forward movement:
You cycle on and I'll meet you there.
Move on, please, and let the ambulance through.
When you've finished reading it would you pass it on to Paul?
They never spoke to each other from that day on (= after that day).
What are you doing later on?

race (HURRY) Show phonetics
verb [I or T; usually + adverb or preposition]
to move or go fast:
He raced down the street.
The ambulance raced (= quickly took) the injured to a nearby hospital.
The summer seems to have raced by (= passed very quickly).
He raced the car engine (= made it work faster than it needed to) as he sat impatiently at the traffic lights.

v., raced, rac·ing, rac·es. v.intr.
  1. Sports. To compete in a contest of speed.
  2. To move rapidly or at top speed: We raced home. My heart was racing with fear.
  3. To run too rapidly due to decreased resistance or unnecessary provision of fuel: adjusted the idle to keep the engine from racing.
  1. Sports.
    1. To compete against in a race.
    2. To cause to compete in a race: She races horses for a living.
  2. To transport rapidly or at top speed; rush: raced the injured motorist to the hospital.
  3. To cause (an engine with the gears disengaged, for example) to run swiftly or too swiftly.
[Middle English ras, from Old Norse rās, rush, running.]