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One-upping Samsung's $10,000 "world's largest" 15TB drive.

Last week, Samsung announced that it had created the world's largest SSD, a 15.36TB drive that cost $10,000. This week, Seagate quadrupled that. The company has created a 60TB SAS SSD in a...

Has someone been sprinkling meth on New Zealand money?

Sony Console Hype Amped on YouTube, Ads and Twitter

Our Animal Natures
We get the same diseases, and share habits like getting high and obsessively grooming.

Risky Rise of the Good-Grade Pill
Pressure over grades and college admissions are encouraging American high-school students to abuse stimulants. 

One of her friends, Chloe Davis, 16, said that some girls would "gang up" on Holly, and that others posted abusive messages on her Facebook page.

Amping up zero-emission power in Japan
Washington Post
Despite being one of the largest users of electricity, Japan is projected to have one of the lowest electricity demand growth rates in the region. Officials say the percentage of Japan's zero emission power sources, led by nuclear, will double by 2030. ...

Meet-Ups Polish Up Their Acts
Many tech meet-ups have left behind their humbler origins as bull sessions around pitchers of beer. For an increasing number of entrepreneurs, they are places to recruit employees, prospect for clients and keep abreast of the latest tech trends and tools.

Google: Rivals Are Ganging Up
Google accused rivals Oracle, Microsoft and Apple of waging an "organized, hostile campaign" against the Internet search giant's Android mobile phone software, using questionable patents.

Encounter, especially by accident, as in We hadn't gone far along the trail when we met up with another mule train. [Colloquial; late 1800s]

Kraft, From Roll-Up to Spinoff Kraft's decision to split in two is the latest in a long history of deal-making involving the food manufacturer and its corporate siblings.

But though colleagues call Mr. Orszag something of a presidential favorite, his relative power among the gigantic personalities on the Obama economic team is still uncertain. Although the budget touches everything, he has no particular subject-area portfolio, and on the topics that most draw his interest, the administration is already well stocked, maybe even overstocked, with expertise and opinions.

OTTAWA — Canada’s parliamentary opposition reacted with outrage on Thursday after Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down the legislature until Jan. 26, seeking to forestall a no-confidence vote that he was sure to lose and, possibly, provoking a constitutional crisis.

As the 2008 presidential election approaches, state and local election officials are increasingly concerned about having enough ballots, workers and equipment to handle the predicted high turnout. And with millions of new voters expected to head to the polls, ballot design will be more important than ever.

Overstock is a company that some people love to hate. The short sellers have ganged up on it, and the company has begun what Patrick Byrne, the chief executive, calls his "jihad" against naked short selling, which includes a lawsuit against a hedge fund and analyst who thought the stock overvalued. Mr. Byrne also has time to promote his solution for public education, which is on the ballot in Colorado tomorrow. (It involves ordering schools to cut overhead costs.)

Google and Friends to Gang Up on Facebook

Published: October 31, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30 — Google and some of the Web’s leading social networks are teaming up to take on the new kid on the block — Facebook.
On Thursday, an alliance of companies led by Google plans to begin introducing a common set of standards to allow software developers to write programs for Google’s social network, Orkut, as well as others, including LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo and Ning.
The strategy is aimed at one-upping Facebook, which last spring opened its service to outside developers. Since then, more than 5,000 small programs have been built to run on the Facebook site, and some have been adopted by millions of the site’s users. Most of those programs tap into connections among Facebook friends and spread themselves through those connections, as well as through a “news feed” that alerts Facebook users about what their friends are doing.
The New York Times learned of the alliance’s plan from people briefed on the matter. Google, which had planned to introduce the alliance at a party on Thursday evening, later confirmed the plan.
“It is going to forestall Facebook’s ability to get everyone writing just for Facebook,” said a person with knowledge of the plans who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the alliance. The group’s platform, which is called OpenSocial, is “compatible across all the companies,” that person said.
“Facebook got the jump by announcing the Facebook platform and getting the traction they got. This is an open alternative to that,” the person also said.
The alliance includes business software makers Salesforce.com and Oracle, who are moving to let third-party programmers write applications that can be accessed by their customers. The start of OpenSocial comes just a week after Google lost to Microsoft in a bid to invest in Facebook and sell advertising on the social network’s pages outside the United States. And it comes just before the expected introduction by Facebook of an advertising system next week, which some analysts believe could compete with Google’s.
Joe Kraus, director of product management at Google, said that the alliance’s conversations preceded Microsoft’s investment in Facebook. “Obviously, we would love for them to be part of it,” Mr. Kraus said of Facebook. Facebook declined to comment.
Facebook’s success with its platform has proved that the combination of social data and news feeds is a powerful mechanism to help developers distribute their software. They are now seen as must-have functions for many Internet companies. Other social networks and Web companies, including MySpace and the instant messaging service Meebo.com, have announced plans to open their sites in similar ways.
For now, however, Facebook has become the preferred platform for software developers.
By teaming with others, Google hopes to create a rival platform that could have broad appeal to developers. A person briefed on the plans said the sites in the alliance had a combined 100 million users, more than double the size of Facebook.
The developers of some of the most popular Facebook applications, including iLike, Slide, Frixter and RockYou, are expected to be present Thursday evening at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., where they will announce that they will tailor their programs to run on the OpenSocial sites.
The effort faces several hurdles. Developers may not see the advantage to writing programs that run across such remarkably different networks as, for example, LinkedIn, which caters to business professionals, and hi5, which is popular in Central America.
For Google, the effort could breathe new life into Orkut, which is popular in Brazil and other countries, but not in the United States. While the move could also help some rival social networks, Google could benefit from their success, in part, by helping to sell advertising on those sites.
Indeed, that strategy would fit into a model that Google has begun talking about recently. Vic Gundotra, who heads Google’s developer programs, said last week that Google would soon begin an aggressive project to create software tools and give them away free in an open-source format.
The goal, he said, is to improve not just Google’s applications, but any software that runs on the Web. That, in turn, would drive more Internet use, and Google would benefit indirectly by selling advertising, he said.
Google has not been able to establish itself as a force in social networking, and it clearly wants to. “One of the things to say, very clearly, is that social networks as a phenomenon are very real,” Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, said in a recent interview. “If you are of a certain age, you sort of dismiss this as college kids or teenagers. But it is very real.”
Google said it has advertising relationships with several social networks, including a $900 million partnership to sell ads on MySpace, which the company said is performing well. Google is also making some money on Facebook, through ads that run inside applications that are used on that network.
A person familiar with Google’s efforts said that those applications have been far more effective for advertisers on social networks than users’ personal pages. “It is early, but those ads work very well, whereas the ads in overall social media platforms have shown less performance,” the person said. Mr. Kraus said that over time Google hoped to bring other social elements to Web applications, whether or not they run inside social networks. Analysts expect other Google services, including iGoogle, to be equipped with social features eventually.

gang up phrasal verb DISAPPROVING
to unite as a group against someone:
They all ganged up to try and get him to change his decision.
The whole class ganged up against/on her because she was the teacher's pet.


━━ n. (無記名)投票用紙[小球]; (無記名)投票(総数); (普通the ~) 投票権; 立候補者名簿; くじ; 【株】(抽選による)新株の割り当て.
━━ v. (無記名)投票する ((for, against)); 投票を求める; くじで…を決める ((for)).
 ballot box 投票箱; 秘密[無記名]投票.
 ballot paper 投票用紙.
 ballot rigging 投票操作.

forestall Show phonetics
verb [T]
to prevent something from happening by acting first:
The government forestalled criticism by holding a public enquiry into the matter.

roll up
1. Accumulate, as in He rolled up a fortune in commodity trading, or She rolled up a huge number of votes in this district. [Mid-1800s]
2. Arrive in a vehicle, as in They rolled up in a taxi at exactly eight o'clock.

noun, orig prisoners'

A hand-rolled cigarette. (1950 —) .

amped up 



  • all of the senses of amped can be used with "amped up." This entry introduces another sense which is not used with simply "amped."


get high: (vb) Slang. achieve euphoria or other drug-induced state

gang up
1. Also, gang up with. Act together as a group. For example, The residents ganged up to make the neighborhood safer. [Colloquial; c. 1920]
2. gang up on or against. Join in opposition or attack against, as in The big kids were always ganging up on the little ones, or They all ganged up against the substitute teacher. [1920s]
gang up on somebody:動詞片語,聯合起來對付(某人)。例句:Microsoft and Yahoo gang up on Google.(微軟和雅虎聯手對付Google。)

one up
gerund or present participle: one-upping
  1. gain an advantage over.
    "he deftly one-upped the interrogator"


Pronunciation: /mɛθ/ 


[MASS NOUN] informal
1The drug methamphetamine:he started taking meth to keep up with younger people in sports and at work
2short for methadone.
3chiefly US another term for meths.


  • 発音記号[stímjulənt]
1 興奮剤, 刺激剤;覚醒(かくせい)剤. ⇒DEPRESSANT
2 興奮性飲料;コーヒー, 茶, 酒類
take stimulants
3 ((しばしばa 〜))刺激[励まし]となるもの, 動機
Ambition is his chief stimulant.
1 刺激[興奮]性の.
2 励ます, 鼓舞する.