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indent, indenture, snowline, snowball, avalanche, barge in/into sth, cadet

“He opened the book at random, or so he believed, but a book is like a sandy path which keeps the indent of footsteps.” 
―THE HUMAN FACTOR by Graham Greene

In North America, the crustacean was so plentiful and cheap that it was used to feed prisoners and indentured servants

Hannibal tried a detour on the terrifying slopes to the side of the path, but the snow and mud were too slippery. So instead he set his troops to construct a road from the rubble, and after backbreaking labour he got the men, horses and mules down the slope and below the snowline. The elephants were another matter – it took three days to make a road wide enough. Finally, says Polybius, Hannibal “succeeded in getting his elephants across, but the animals were in a miserable condition from hunger”.

YouTube Bans Videos That Incite Violence (By Peter Whoriskey)

Nine climbers die on K-2

At least nine climbers from a South Korean team have been confirmed dead during an expedition to climb K-2, the world's second highest mountain in Pakistan. A spokesman from one of the companies that organised the expedition said an avalanche hit the group as they were making their descent. It is feared several other climbing parties may also have been hit by the falling ice which broke off from near the summit of the 8,611m peak. K-2 sits on the border between Pakistan and China, and is notoriously difficult to climb. Weather patterns in the area are also extremely volatile.

"Out of protection for my followers, I said they were only some new friends," recalled Dorje, a lama from Sichuan province who said he was chatting with followers in a hotel room in Wuxi, in coastal Jiangsu province, last year when officials from the local religious affairs bureau barged in and announced that it was not permitted to promote Tibetan Buddhism among Han Chinese. "I knew this was ridiculous, so I asked which central government regulation said so," Dorje said. "They could not answer, and they eventually left."

Pardoned By Bush, But Still In Court

In 1985, authorities barged into an Air Force Academy dormitory room and arrested cadet Andrew F. Harley on marijuana and cocaine charges. Harley, who had followed his brother to the academy, was convicted in a court-martial, expelled and sentenced to military confinement.
(By Ian Shapira, The Washington Post)

On the same islands where thousands of convicts, army deserters and Chinese indentured servants died collecting guano a century and a half ago, teams of Quechua-speaking laborers from the highlands now scrape the dung off the hard soil and place it on barges destined for the mainland.

snow line 

Pronunciation: /ˈsnəʊ ˌlʌɪn/ 


The altitude in a particular place above which some snow remains on the ground throughout the year.
  1. 1.
    start (a line of text) or position (a block of text) further from the margin than the main part of the text.
    "type a paragraph of text and indent the first line"
    synonyms:move to the right, move further from the margin, start in from the margin
    "the first line of a paragraph is indented by using the tab key"
  2. 2.
    form deep recesses or notches in (a line or surface).
    "a coastline indented by many fjords"
    synonyms:notchnick, make an indentation in, make notches/nicks in, scallopserratepinkcutscratchgashslitsnickgougegroovefurrowdentMore
  1. 1.
    an official order or requisition for goods.
    "Hawthorn refused to approve the indent for silk scarves"
  2. 2.
    a space left by indenting text.
    "six-character indents"

to officially agree that someone, often a young person, will work for someone else, especially in order to learn a job:
He was indentured to a carpenter.
The land was worked on by indentured labourers.


Pronunciation: /ɪnˈdɛntʃə/ 


1A legal agreementcontract, or document, in particular:
1.1historical A deed or contract of which copies were made for the contracting parties with the edges indented for identification and to prevent forgery.
1.2A formal list, certificate, or inventory:indentures recording the number of 1377 taxpayers
1.3An agreement binding an apprentice to a master:the 30 apprentices have received their indentures on completion of their training
1.4[MASS NOUN] The state of being bound to service by an indenture:the bracelet on his wrist represented his indenture to his master
1.5historical A contract by which a person agreed to work for a set period for alandowner in a British colony in exchange for passage to the colony.


[WITH OBJECT] (usually be indentured to) chiefly historical
Bind (someone) by an indenture as an apprentice or labourer:Dick was indentured to the Company in 1917(as adjective indenturedindentured labourers





Late Middle English endenture, via Anglo-Norman French from medieval Latin indentura, from indentatus, past participle of indentare (see indent1).



━━ n. 陸海空軍学校生徒; 士官候補生; 警察学校の生徒; cadet corpsの一員; 弟, 次子.
 cadet corps 〔英〕 (一般の学校での)軍事教練部隊.

barge (BOAT)
noun [C]
a long boat with a flat bottom, used for carrying heavy loads on rivers or canalsbarge in/into sth (ENTER) phrasal verb INFORMAL
to walk into a room quickly, without being invited:
I wish he'd knock instead of just barging in.


noun [C]
a ball of snow pressed together in the hands, especially for throwing

snowball verb [I]
If a plan, problem, idea, etc. snowballs, it quickly grows bigger and more important:
I suggested a few drinks after work, and the whole thing snowballed into a company party.avalanche
noun [C]
1 a large amount of ice, snow and rock falling quickly down the side of a mountain

2 the sudden arrival of too many things:
We were swamped by an avalanche of letters/phone calls/complaintsincite 
verb [T]
to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent:
She incited racial hatred by distributing anti-Semitic leaflets.
[+ to infinitive] She was expelled for inciting her classmates to rebel against their teachers.
They denied inciting the crowd to violence.

noun [U]
[+ to infinitive] They were imprisoned for incitement to commit grievous bodily harm.


━━ vt. 刺激[扇動,激励]する ((to; to do)); 誘発する.
in・cite・ment, in・ci・ta・tion ━━ n. 刺激[激励,扇動](する言動), 誘因 ((to)).

Société Générale’s Sales May Have Incited Market Plunge
The bank’s abrupt reversal of positions on Monday contributed to a decline that snowballed into an avalanche of sell orders around the world, some traders said.