2018年3月2日 星期五

transfix, typecast, grieve, rehabilitated, minute of silence, break silence

She has been typecast as a jealous madwoman. And much of the blame must lay with her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald. From The Economist’s 1843 magazine
Durga, the supreme form of the goddess, is seen here transfixing the buffalo demon Mahishasura. The goddess is armed with the magical weapons lent to her by the assembly of male gods.
Featured Artwork of the Day: The Goddess Durga Slaying Mahishasura | 14th century | Nepal

Durga, the supreme form of the goddess, is seen here transfixing the buffalo…

Mother of British Businessman Murdered in China Breaks Her Silence8

Belgium holds minute of silence for Swiss coach crash victims

There is also a wider issue for the European authorities. The rules on labelling for meat products are fairly straightforward. But the rules are less clear on the provenance of meat when it comes to the ingredients of processed products. And food analysts are now calling for a review.

While Belgium grieves for the victims of the school bus crash, questions about what caused the tragedy remain unanswered. White balloons were released as a minute of silence was observed thoughout the nation.

動車事故揭示中國治理困境Rail crash is a human tragedy and a disaster for Beijing 英國《金融時報》 吉密歐 北京報導
The crash of two Chinese bullet trains is, first and foremost, a human tragedy. The ordeal of Xiang Weiyi, a two-year-old girl who lay for 21 hours in the twisted wreckage near the corpses of her parents, has transfixed China's public .
兩列中國動車組列車追尾的事故首先是、也主要是一場人間慘劇。年僅兩歲的小女孩項煒伊在扭曲的列車殘骸中困了21個小時,身邊不遠處就是父母的遺體,她的苦難刺痛了中國公眾的心。So has the story of Yang Feng, who lost his seven-month pregnant wife and three other relatives in the collision and has questioned the accuracy of the official death toll, at least 39, according to state media reports.
楊峰的故事也讓人痛心,他在這起追尾事故中失去了懷孕七個月的妻子和另外三位家人。他曾對官方死亡數據的準確性提出疑問。官方媒體報導,死亡人數至少39人。As families grieve and demand answers beyond the official explanation that lightning caused the crash, there are many in the railway industry who are quietly shaking their heads and whispering that they saw this coming.
官方稱是雷電造成了追尾事故,但悲痛欲絕的遇難者家屬要求政府進一步做出解釋。與此同時,也有許多鐵路業內人士默默搖頭,暗下里說,早就料到了這一天。Many rail experts have warned that China's rush to build the world's longest and fastest high speed rail network in record time was a recipe for disaster. As well as proving them tragically right, this crash ends Beijing's ambitions to sell its nascent high-speed rail technology to the world, at least for the foreseeable future.
許多鐵路專家曾警告過,中國在創紀錄的時間內,匆忙趕建世界最長、最快的高速鐵路網絡,可能會導致災難。這起追尾事故不僅悲劇性地證明他們的警告是正確的,更終結了北京向全世界出售它剛剛成型的高速鐵路技術的雄心,至少在可預見的未來如此。The crash came barely four years after China's first high-speed trains began operating.
這起追尾事故距離中國第一批動車組高速列車開始運行才剛剛四年。Compare that to Japan, where the bullet train network has not had any big accidents involving injuries or deaths since it started running in 1964, say Japanese officials. They were the ones who spoke out the loudest about safety concerns in China and the Chinese rail industry's industrial scale copying of rail technology bought over the past decade from foreign companies such as Japan's Kawasaki, Germany's Siemens, France's Alstom and Canada's Bombardier.
而與此相比,日本官員指出,日本的新幹線高速鐵路網絡從1964年開始運營以來,從未發生過任何造成傷亡的重大事故。日本人對中國鐵路安全問題的公開質疑也最為強烈,並公開反對中國鐵路全產業在過去十年中,抄襲從外國企業購買的鐵路技術的做法。這些外國企業包括日本川崎重工(Kawasaki)、德國西門子(Siemens)、法國阿爾斯通(Alstom)和加拿大龐巴迪(Bombardier)。The Chinese railway ministry and state-owned rail companies have repeatedly said China owns nearly all the intellectual property for its high-speed train technology, which it acquired through a process they describe as “technology importation, digestive absorption, independent reinnovation and localisation”.
中國鐵道部和國有的鐵路企業曾反复表示,高鐵技術幾乎所有的知識產權都為中國自己所有,稱中國高鐵技術是通過一種被他們稱作“技術引進消化吸收再創新”以及“本地化”的過程而獲得的。But executives at foreign rail companies have long complained that trains meant to run at up to 200kph (124mph) have been copied, modified and then made to run at speeds for which they were never designed, potentially compromising their safety. Some of these executives told the Financial Times they refused to ride on China's high-speed trains because of safety concerns.
然而長期以來,一些外國鐵路企業的高級管理人員一直在抱怨,原本最高設計時速為200公里的列車被抄襲後加以修改,製成的列車運行時速遠超最初的設計,從而產生安全隱患。這些高管中有一些向英國《金融時報》表示,出於安全方面的顧慮,他們拒絕乘坐中國的高速列車。Given the serious questions that hang over the provenance of China's high-speed rail technology, it seems unlikely that any other country will risk the lives of its citizens on imported Chinese bullet trains, no matter how cheap they are.
鑑於中國高速鐵路技術的來源存在嚴重問題,似乎不會有哪個國家願意冒著讓公民失去生命的風險,進口中國的高速列車,無論價格多便宜。The crash and the way it has been handled by Beijing have also raised wider questions about governance in China.
這起追尾事故本身,以及中國政府的善後處理,也對中國的公共治理提出了更廣泛的質疑。China's railways minister was fired in February for “disciplinary violations” that apparently involved taking huge bribes but nobody expects that his dismissal has solved the problem of corruption at the ministry.
今年2月中國鐵道部部長劉志軍因“涉嫌嚴重違紀”被撤職,其罪行看上去包括收取巨額賄賂,但沒有人認為把他撤職就能解決鐵道部的腐敗問題。After Saturday's crash, the authorities sacked three senior railway officials from the Shanghai Railway Bureau, including its head. But the Chinese public was outraged when the government named as his replacement An Lusheng, the railway ministry's general chief of command and control.
週六的追尾事故發生後,上海鐵路局(Shanghai Railway Bureau)三名高級官員被撤職,包括上海鐵路局局長。然而在獲悉政府任命的局長繼任者為鐵道部總調度長安路生之後,中國公眾感到憤怒。It turns out that Mr An was demoted in connection with China's last large train disaster, when two trains collided in April 2008 in Shandong province, killing 71 people. He was moved to a regional post, shuffled around different jobs and then restored to his old position within two years.
原來,安路生曾因中國上一起鐵路重大災難事故而被降職。 2008年4月,兩輛列車在山東省境內相撞,導致71人死亡。事故發生後安路生被調往地方任職,期間轉任多個職務,兩年後官復原職。Further outrages include the sight of wrecked carriages being buried next to the track less than 24 hours after Saturday's crash and a video online of what appear to be bodies falling out of those carriages.
在周六事故發生後不到24小時,毀壞的列車車廂在鐵道附近被就地掩埋,網上還有一段視頻顯示這些車廂中有疑似屍體的物體墜落,這些都激起了民眾更大的憤怒。Coming after scandals involving tainted Chinese products, the crash will tarnish the image of China Inc in the global marketplace.
由於此前已經傳出過中國產品被污染的醜聞,這次事故將會在國際市場上損害中國企業的形象。But probably the bigger damage to perceptions will be done in China, where on Monday one citizen microblogger summed up the sentiment in a widely circulated posting: “Today's China is a bullet train racing through a thunderstorm – and we are all passengers on board.”

I have always been transfixed by those who lead multiple careers. They are the ones who refuse to be typecast but instead break convention by embracing a variety of roles, sometimes simultaneously, more often consecutively. To me they are among the most impressive businesspeople, switching vocations and accumulating new skills as they go, achieving great feats across different disciplines. Undoubtedly one of the true joys of being an entrepreneur is that you are not trapped in one stifling occupation but are free to roam.
我一向对那些从事过多重职业的人啧啧称叹。他们是一群拒绝定型的人,一群乐于体验各种 角色(有时是同时体验不同角色,更多的时候是先后体验)以打破常规的人。对我而言,他们属于最令人印象深刻的那类商人——他们不断变换着职业,在转行时积 累下新的技能,在不同领域取得巨大的成绩。毫无疑问,作为一位企业家的真正乐趣之一是,你不会困在一个令人窒息的职业里,你可以自由翱翔。


(tīp'kăst') pronunciation
tr.v., -cast, -cast·ing, -casts.
  1. To cast in an acting role akin or natural to one's own personality or fitted to one's physical appearance.
  2. To assign (a performer) repeatedly to the same kind of part.

[動](〜, 〜・ing)(他)
1 〈俳優に〉同じような役[はまり役]を割り当てる.
2 〈人に〉同じような仕事[役目]を与える.


(trăns-fĭks') pronunciation
tr.v., -fixed, -fix·ing, -fix·es.
  1. To pierce with or as if with a pointed weapon.
Pierce with a sharp implement or weapon:field mouse is transfixed by the curved talons of an owl

  1. To fix fast; impale.
  2. To render motionless, as with terror, amazement, or awe.
[Latin trānsfīgere, trānsfīx- : trāns-, trans- + fīgere, to pierce, fasten.]
transfixion trans·fix'ion (-fĭk'shən) n.
[動](〜ed or 〜t)(他)((文))
1 …を(先のとがったもので)突き通す, 刺し通す;…をくぎづけにする, 刺し通して留める.
2 …を(驚き・恐れで)立ちすくませる, その場にくぎづけにする;((受身))(…で)立ちすくむ((with ...))
be transfixed with wonder
[名]transfix (UNABLE TO MOVE)
to make a person or animal seem unable to move or stop looking at something because they are so interested, surprised or frightened, usually because their interest in or fear of something is so strong:
The conference delegates were transfixed by her speech.

Rabbits transfixed in the glare of car headlights are common victims on the roads.


prov • e • nance
prɑ'vənəns | prɔ'v-
provenances (複数形)
[名][U]((形式))起源, 出自, 由来.