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to circle, do one's business

請問:阿拉貢"做事在法語中意謂大便"-- 這在英文為 business
正解 do one's business 排便する. (包括小便)

rl答: 大便小解都是正經事
(aller) faire ses besoins

do the business
1 INFORMAL to do what is wanted or needed in a situation:
As long as he does the business on the football field, the club is happy with him.

2 UK SLANG to have sex

business was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.


━━ n. 事務; 業務; 職業; 実業, 営業, 商業, 商売; 会社, 店; 仕事; 用事, 用件; 議事(日程); 本分; 関与; 事件; (劇の)しぐさ (action).
be in the business of …に従事している; ((否定文で)) …するつもりはない ((doing)).
Business is business. 商売は商売 ((人情は禁物)).
come [get] to business 仕事[要件]に取りかかる.
do business 商売[取り引き]する ((with)).
do one's business 排便する.
do …'s business / do the business for … (人を)やっつける, 殺す.
get down to business 本気で仕事にかかる.
get [give …] the business 〔米俗〕 ひどい目に遭う[人をひどい目に遭わす].
go about one's business 自分のすべき事をする.
go into business 事業を起こす, 実業界に入る.
Good business! よくやった.
have a head for business 商売上手だ.
have no business to (do) (…する)権利がない.
in business 商売をして; 準備ができて; 商売繁盛で.
(It's) none of your business. あなたの知ったことじゃない, 余計なお世話だ.
like nobody's business 〔話〕 驚くほど速く[うまく].
make a great business of …を持て余す.
mean business 本気である.
Mind your own business./Keep your nose out of my business. 大きなお世話だ.
on business 用事で.
open for business 営業中で.
out of business 破産して; 廃業[失業]して.
send … about his business 追払う; 解雇する.
set up in business 商売[事業]を始める.
business activity 事業活動[活性度].
business address 勤務先の住所.
business administration 経営学.
business agent 【商業】(労働組合の)交渉委員; (業務)代理店.
business card 業務用名刺.
business class (航空機の)ビジネスクラス.
business college 〔米〕 (簿記などの)実務学校.
business ccle 景気循環.
business data processing 【コンピュータ】事務データ処理.
business end (刃物の刃など道具の)役に立つ部分.
business nglish 商業英語.
business entity 企業実体.
business entity concept 企業実体概念[論] ((企業という組織を所有者と切り離す考え方)).
business environment 事業環境.
business game (コンピュータシミュレーションを利用した)ビジネスゲーム.
business graphics 【コンピュータ】ビジネス・グラフィックス.
business hours 執務[勤務,営業]時間.
business indicator 景気指標, 景気動向指数.
business law 商事法, 企業法.
business letter 商用文.
business・like ━━ a. 事務的[実際的]な; 能率的な; 本気の.
business lunch 商談しながらの昼食.
business machine 事務機器.
business・man 実業家, 会社役員; 実務家.
business meeting 仕事上の会議[打ち合わせ].
business park 会社街.
business・person (pl. ~・people) 実業家, 経営者, ビジネスパーソン.
business plan 経営[事業]計画.
business repl card (あて名印刷済みの)商用返信はがき.
business repl mail 〔米〕 (業務用)料金受信人払い郵便.
business school 実務学校; 〔米〕 経営学大学院.
business sense ビジネスセンス.
business software 【コンピュータ】ビジネス・ソフトウェア.
business studies (経営などの)実務研修.
business suit 〔米〕 ビジネススーツ, 背広.
business trip 商用旅行, 出張.
Business Week ビジネスウィーク ((米国の3大ビジネス誌の1つ)).
business・woman 女性実業家.

三省堂提供「EXCEED 英和辞典」より凡例はこちら

To circle 包圍
circle (SHAPE)
noun [C] a continuous curved line, the points of which are always the same distance away from a fixed central point, or the area enclosed by such a line:
Coloured paper was cut into circles, squares and triangles.
We sat in a circle.

circle Show phonetics
1 [I or T] to move in a circle, often around something:包圍
The plane circled for an hour before receiving permission to land.Security staff circled the grounds of the house with guard dogs every hour.

BHP-Rio: A Regulatory Maze
EU and Japanese authorities are circling BHP's proposed Rio Tinto deal due to antitrust concerns over iron-ore prices.
故事:"全球最大的礦業企業必和必拓(BHP Billiton)週三提高了對競爭對手力拓股份有限公司(RioTinto)的敵意收購報價。正是該公司此舉引爆了礦產行業中的一系列洗牌事件﹐若這兩家巨頭實現強強聯手﹐多種大宗商品的價格很可能會隨之大幅上揚。"bb

2 [T] to draw a circle around something:
Circle the answer you think is correct.
See also encircle.

circular Show phonetics
1 shaped like a circle:
a circular flowerbed/tablecloth
See also circular.

2 describes an argument which keeps returning to the same points and is not effective

circularity Show phonetics
noun [U]
the circularity of political arguments(

from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)