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Being Green After You’ve Left the Scene

Just because you’ve shuffled of your mortal coil doesn’t mean you can’t continue to give the environment a helping hand.
In the UK, 70 percent of all funerals are cremations, a higher percentage than anywhere else in the world. This has turned into a pollution problem because of mercury emissions from dental fillings which melt in the process. Now “green” or “eco-burials” are gaining popularity in the UK. It is estimated that by the end of 2010 around 12 percent of all UK burials will be “green”. Living Planet pays a visit to Manchester, England, to find out what constitutes an “eco-funeral”, and why this industry is catching on.
Report: Lars Bevanger

Mortal coil is a poetic term that means the troubles of daily life and the strife and suffering of the world. It is used in the sense of a burden to be carried or abandoned, most famously in the phrase "shuffle[d] off this mortal coil" from Shakespeare's Hamlet. (For more context of the phrase, see To be, or not to be.)


━━ vt. 火葬にする, 荼毘(だび)に付する.
 cre・ma・tion ━━ n.
  ━━ n. (pl. cre・ma・to・ri・ums, cre・ma・to・ria) 〔英〕 =crematory.
 ━━ n. 火葬場.

 On May 22, 1947, the Truman Doctrine was enacted as Congress appropriated military and economic aid for Greece and Turkey.

今天讀到狄更斯 (CD)專家大力批評此書本著所謂 SIGNIFICANT FORM 想法,批評 CD的 艱難時世 Hard Times 等,特地找出它來, 2009。


【美】彼得·蓋伊著『歷史小說』劉森堯譯,北京大出版社, 2006,定價: 18.00
「狄更斯、福樓拜、湯瑪斯·曼是讀者熟悉現實主義小說但他們真是在"寫實"嗎?在歷史看來,真相遠非如此簡單。美國文化史彼得·蓋伊認為,這幾位 19 世紀偉大作都具有一種共同特性:對他們各自社會憤世嫉俗。狄更斯在作品中所展現與其說是個歷史,倒不如說是個宣傳,在他《荒涼屋》一書中,英國司法以及整體社會改革必要性被嚴重誇大了。在《包法利夫人》中,福樓拜憑藉其令人目眩神移獨特風格,施展了他對當時法國中產階級社會報復。至於湯瑪斯·曼,他在《布登勃洛克一》裡,為讀者勾勒出幾乎就是一幅諷刺漫畫:一個正在式微高傲中產階級文化。」
[ 原書名:SAVAGE REPRISALS : Bleak House, Madame Bovary, Buddenbrooks by Gay, Peter ]
台灣版:彼得‧蓋伊 / 歷史小說》( Savage Reprisals: Bleak House, Ma dame Bovary, Buddenbrooks 2002))劉森堯譯,台北:立緒, 2004
日本版: 小説から歴史へディケンズ、フロベール、トーマス・マン
金子 幸男【訳】,東京:岩波書店 (2004-09-28出版)
台灣版和日本版都未將原書名: SAVAGE REPRISALS翻譯出來,也沒解釋原題目之意思 其實在第一、二、章之內文都舉出各作之「怒」之創作之「報復」意圖。介紹文中談到「細緻之報復」,可是不敢用,所以各取書名之別名。這方面,日本較老實,台灣版花招 ---如果硬要讓 Peter Gay說教,實際五」,因為「序曲」和「結語」都自成一「」。還有未翻譯參考資料來源和索引。
彼得‧蓋伊著作都值得一讀。不過劉森堯先生譯文雖然通順,有問題可能百處以上。(我是在 http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0393325091/002-7097857-0210450?
)讀和用字 search-inside--尤其「序曲」和「結語」問題可能特別多,因為它們牽涉到「歷史 - -……」等問。台北立緒出版社翻譯品質很不穩定,因人而異。
1章 怒れるアナーキスト『荒涼館』におけるチャールズ・ディケンズ
2章 恐怖症に挑む解剖学者 『ボヴァリー夫人』におけるギュスターヴ・フロベール
3章 反抗な名門市民 『ブッデンブロークの人 々 』におけるトーマス・マン
用「」翻譯「 in」是錯誤,因為原文為Charles Dickens in Bleak House 等等。
雖然改成類似『巴金在巴黎』『狄更斯在《荒涼屋》』有點奇,但是習慣就好,因為大作們作品多,其時間之跨度長,投入每部作品「心」「力」都可能不同 ….
「從柏拉圖時代以至十九世紀初瑞士教育改革者斐 …….時代」其中educators 漏掉,意思差多(p.13
"... the Victorians; it had been no news to the ancient Greeks and to educators in the centuries from Plato to Pestalozzi. A hundred years before Freud made a theory of it, Wordsworth had famously proclaimed that the Child is father of ..."
34頁:「這其中最精彩莫過於對於柯魯克突然暴斃描寫,這是一個畏瑣而卑鄙專收破爛小商人,有一天他突然倒斃在他那堆破爛當中,這個特別死亡方式未必能夠贏得讀者一掬同情之淚 ……」( . But none of these can rival the sudden exit of Krook, the coarse, mean- spirited owner of a wretched junkshop, who shuffles off his mortal coil by collapsing into dust. This particular death did not play on the reading public's love of a good cry but on its credulousness. Krook's end, Dickens expected his vast readership to believe, was."
我自己了英文: shuffles off his mortal coil 典出『哈姆雷特』,表示一命嗚呼。
對於將 coarse, mean- spirited owner of a wretched junkshop翻譯成「一個畏瑣而卑鄙專收破爛小商人」不滿意。 Junkshop日文解釋「(安物の)古物商」,不知道是否真為「破爛東西」,其修飾詞 wretched翻譯成什麼? Krook 是否真死在破爛中(這是原文沒)?
對於coarse mean-spirited 翻譯也不解?
許多名詞完全直譯、不加注,可能讓讀者不知所云。譬如說,第 36heart of hold Newgate novel(「新門小說」)【案:我印象中這是監獄之所在】。
以下關於 paradigm shifts之句有數處錯:翻譯成「圖例變動理論曾被相對論者評為不適」( p.207
Even Thomas Kuhn, probably the twentieth century's most influential historian and philosopher of science, whose brave talk of paradigm shifts has been misappropriated by relativists, maintained that the external world is real, neither constructed nor invented.
其他哲術語如什麼「理想主義」(案:通常稱為「唯心觀」? p.205
They have nothing in common except their severity with the devotees of Clio. The first holds that novelists and poets reach higher-which is to say deeper-truths, truths that historians, pedestrian, document- ridden fact grubbers that they are, can never even approach.
翻譯:「這兩個方法除了一樣對史詩與歷史女神克萊歐特別熱衷之外,並無共同之處 ……….」【p.206
「史詩」不之來自何處?「特別熱衷」應為「特別熱衷者(們)」( devotees);原文 severities with (嚴厲待之)漏譯…….
漏譯: multiplep.210
The delightful stories a historian can tell, in Simon Schama's words, "dissolve the certainty of events into the multiple possibilities of alternative narrations." Such cheerfulness runs counter to the ..."
誤會:不知道為什麼 "Objectivity is not neutrality." 翻譯為「客關性並不等於公正性」( p. 215
The American his- torian Thomas L. Haskell has put it trenchantly: "Objectivity is not neutrality." In fact, in the right hands, a certain way of look- ing ..."
翻譯成:「一般人會發生對於一場戰役錯誤觀念」( p.217
Fabrice erring about the battlefield of Waterloo in Stendhal's La Chartreuse de Parme unfolds a confusing, almost incomprehensible scene of battle, typical of most battles; but it is through Fabrice's consciousness that ..." 


[形] 〔próuprit〕 (…に)適した, ふさわしい, 妥当な((to, for ...))
an appropriate comment
a speech appropriate toforthe occasion
The dishes are appropriate for a wedding gift.
It is appropriate that he (should) arrive tomorrow.
━━[動] 〔próuprièit〕 (他)[III[名]([副])]
1 〈物・金を〉(特定の目的に)当てる, 充当する, 使用する((to, for, as ...))
appropriate the extra income to the payment of the debt
The piece of land was appropriated for a car park.
2 〈議会が〉…の支出を(特定の目的のために)認める;〈政府が〉〈予算を〉(特定の目的のために)計上する((for ...))
Congress appropriated money for the program.
3 …を私物化する;着服する, 横領する;盗用する;〈土地を〉収用する
appropriate another person's umbrella
He appropriated the trust funds for himself.
[ラテン語appropriatus(ap-に+proprius自身+-ATE1=自身のものとする). △PROPER



Top view of a shuffleboard

A shuffleboard game being prepared on the deck of the MV Aurora