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reach, uncover, uncovered, uncounted, glacier, archaeologist

漫畫來源: Ted Goff

In February 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised $6 million in donations, including $1 million from his own pocket, to charities along his campaign trail. Months later, he had donated far less than he pledged. Post reporter David A. Fahrenthold went in search of the missing money and found a bigger story than he ever expected.

George Frideric Handel was born on February 23rd 1685; Beethoven described him as "the greatest composer that ever lived". From the archive

Composer George Frideric Handel was born on February 23rd 1685

'The Cost of Hope'

Amanda Bennett uncovers the medical and financial facts of her husband's illness.

According to the latest International Monetary Fund forecasts, that milestone was likely to be reached at the end of 2010. But then China revised up its figure for 2008 gross domestic product, after its economic census uncovered previously uncounted activity in the service sector.

Spectrum | 26.08.2008 | 04:30
Prehistoric Finds in the Swiss Alps

Melting glaciers and ice fields in the Swiss Alps have uncovered spectacular archaeological finds that have been in the ice for thousands of years.

Besides the well-known and unique "Ötzi" in the Eastern Alps, comparable discoveries have recently been made also in Scandinavia and Alaska. What did prehistoric people do in the high mountains? Where did they come from? How did they use the resources and the environment? And what do these finds tell us regarding past, current and future climate change? A conference in Berne brought together climate specialists, glaciologists and archaeologists from all over Europe and Alaska, looking at what melting glaciers reveal about prehistoric life in the mountains. Imogen Foulkes reports from Berne.

verb [T]
1 to discover something secret or hidden or remove something covering something else:
The investigation uncovered evidence of a large-scale illegal trade in wild birds.
The biography is an attempt to uncover the inner man.

2 to find something buried under the ground by removing the earth on top of it:
Digging in her garden, she uncovered a hoard of gold dating back to the 9th century.

  • uncover
    [他動詞]1 〈秘密などを〉暴く,暴露する(reveal);…を打ち明ける,明かす(disclose) uncover a plot陰謀を暴露する uncover one's heart to…...

  • uncover
    《自動詞》(1)覆いを取る;ふたを取る (2)〔文語〕(敬意を示すために)帽子を脱ぐ《他動詞》(1)(容器などの)覆いを

  • ar・chae・ol・o・gy

    ━━ n. 考古学.
     ar・chae・o・log・i・cal ━━ a.
     ar・chae・ol・o・gist ━━ n. 考古学者.


    ━━ n. 氷河.
     Glacier National Park グレーシャー国立公園 ((Montana州北西部の氷河や湖に富む地域)).

    v., reached, reach·ing, reach·es. v.tr.
    1. To stretch out or put forth (a body part); extend: reached out an arm.
    2. To touch or grasp by stretching out or extending: can't reach the shelf.
    3. To arrive at; attain: reached a conclusion; reached their destination.
      1. To succeed in getting in contact with or communicating with: They reached us by phone. Our newsletter reaches a specialized readership.
      2. To succeed in having an effect on: No one seems able to reach her anymore.
      1. To extend as far as: The property reaches the shore.
      2. To project as far as: A distant cry reached our ears.
      3. To travel as far as: a long fly ball that reached the stadium's wall.
    4. To aggregate or amount to: Sales reached the millions.
    5. Informal. To grasp and hand over to another: Reach me the sugar.
    1. To thrust out or extend something.
    2. To try to grasp or touch something: reached for a book.
      1. To have extension in space or time: a coat that reaches to the knee; a career that reached over several decades.
      2. To be extensive in influence or effect.
    3. To make an excessive effort, as in drawing a conclusion or making a joke; overreach.
    4. Nautical. To sail with the wind abeam.
    1. The act or an instance of stretching or thrusting out.
    2. The extent or distance something can reach.
      1. Range of understanding; comprehension: a subject beyond my reach.
      2. Range or scope of influence or effect.
    3. An expanse: a reach of prairie; the lower reaches of the food chain.
    4. A pole connecting the rear axle of a vehicle with the front.
    5. Nautical. The tack of a sailing vessel with the wind abeam.
    6. The stretch of water visible between bends in a river or channel.
    [Middle English rechen, from Old English rǣcan.]
    reachable reach'a·ble adj.
    reacher reach'er n.
    SYNONYMS reach, achieve, attain, gain, compass. These verbs mean to succeed in arriving at a goal or objective. Reach is the least specific: reached home before dark; reach an understanding. Achieve suggests the application of skill or initiative: achieved national recognition. Attain implies the impelling force of ambition, principle, or ideals: trying to attain self-confidence. Gain connotes considerable effort in surmounting obstacles: gained the workers' trust. Compass implies succeeding by circumventing impediments: will compass the task. See also synonyms at range.

    [動](他)1 〈容器などの〉おおい[ふた]を取る The box was uncovered.その箱のふたが取られた.▼「その箱はふたがしてなかった」の意ともなる;その場合のuncovered...
    [形]おおいのない, むき出しの;無帽の;〈手形などが〉無担保の;保険の対象でない;社会保障のない;取材されていない an uncovered porch屋根のないポーチ.