2018年4月17日 星期二

concierge, afoot, Passé, envision, visage, envisage, pull out all the stops

Yale Alumni Magazine 新增了 1 張相片。
For several years, Yale has adorned its shuttle buses with a stock photo of a bulldog. We’re happy to see that they've been replacing these with the visage of the real Handsome Dan XVIII, aka Walter.
By the end of the year Taisei will have a similar tool -- a "forest concierge" program that will keep a database of plant species fit for habitation in a certain region.

From Espresso: Smartphones are so passé. It's all about VR at the Mobile World Congress ‪#‎MWC16‬

At Samsung’s press event, its new S7 handsets were overshadowed by VR

G.M.’s Latest Plan Envisions a Much Smaller Automaker
G.M. expects to pare its American workforce to 38,000 union employees, compared with 395,000 at its peak in 1970.

Where technology is concerned, Edgerton argues, "We live in a world of old and new that doesn't conform to cliches" - particularly the cliche he calls, venomously, "passe futurism".

Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand
The White House plan to rescue the financial system is far bigger than predicted and envisions a far greater government role in markets and banks than at any time since the 1930s.

Animators Envision 3-D TV at Home
Companies are making an ardent push to deliver 3-D versions of television shows, movies and videogames to the living room.

Are Books Passé? Web Giants Envision the Next Chapter

Two new offerings this fall — including an electronic book reader from Amazon.com — will test if consumers are ready to leave the paper book behind.

We're asking some leading specialists in Six Sigma, Lean and Op Ex to comment on the recent Business Week article that concluded Six Sigma was passe and "wrong" for innovation-based companies (which would, of course, include pharma). 2007 09

Poet John Milton strove to be the national voice of England. "Paradise Lost", his great biblical epic about the fall of man, good and evil, reason, free will and authority, has immortalised him. Milton died on this day 1674

The Book Concierge is back and bigger than ever! Allow us to guide you through more than 300 titles to your next great read.

John Milton envisaged himself as destined for great things
Poet John Milton died on November 8th 1674

Inside Europe | 08.03.2008 | 07:05 
Has the door closed on the French concierge?

In times gone by, life in many a dusty old apartment building there was dominated by the formidable figure of La Concierge.

The ever-present, live-in caretaker would clean the stairs, keep everything in order and – above all – keep a watchful eye on everything that moved. But is it a tradition – and a profession – that’s dying?
The number of concierges – or "gardiens" as they’re known today – has steadily dwindled in recent years, as people have preferred employing outside contractors and automatic security systems. But now moves are afoot to save the caretaker: a hundred gardiens lobbied parliament recently, and a new bill envisages tax breaks and other measures to halt the decline.

Alasdair Sandford has this report from Paris on the role of the modern-day concierge.

But few—even among dissidents—envisage upheaval on the scale of the pro-democracy protests in 1989. Hu Xingdou of the Beijing Institute of Technology says the public appetite for rapid political change still seems low. This month China’s police chief, Meng Jianzhu, said that as long as Beijing was stable, the whole country would be stable. To mark the anniversary festivities of the founding of the People’s Republic, the authorities will pull out every stop to ensure a trouble-free capital.

pull out all the stops
to do everything you can to make something successful:
They pulled out all the stops for their daughter's wedding.

adjective [after verb]
happening or being planned or prepared:
There are plans afoot to launch a new radio station.

  1. A staff member of a hotel or apartment complex who assists guests or residents, as by handling the storage of luggage, taking and delivering messages, and making reservations for tours.
  2. A person, especially in France, who lives in an apartment house, attends the entrance, and serves as a janitor.
[French, from Old French cumcerges, from Vulgar Latin *cōnservius, alteration of Latin cōnservus, fellow slave : com-, com- + servus, slave.]


[F.] n. 門衛; (アパートの)管理人; ホテルの接客係.




  1. a person's face, with reference to the form or proportions of the features.
    "an elegant, angular visage"
    • a person's facial expression.
      "there was something hidden behind his visage of cheerfulness"
    • the manifestation, image, or aspect of something.
      "the moonlit visage of the port's whitewashed buildings"


past tense: envisaged; past participle: envisaged
  1. contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event.
    "the Rome Treaty envisaged free movement across frontiers"

verb [T] (US ALSO envision) SLIGHTLY FORMAL
1 to imagine or expect as a likely or desirable possibility in the future:
Train fare increases of 5% are envisaged for the next year.
[+ that] It's envisaged that the building will start at the end of this year.
[+ ing form of verb] When do you envisage finishing the project?
[+ question word] It's hard to envisage how it could have happened.

2 to form a mental picture of something or someone you have never seen:
He wasn't what I'd expected - I'd envisaged someone much taller.
envisage:動詞,想像、設想。例句:Train fare increases of 5% are envisaged for the next year.(火車車資明年預估將上漲5%。)

passé adjective DISAPPROVING
no longer fashionable:
Wines from that region were quite popular for a while, but now they're rather passé.