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Africa's poaching crisis shows little sign of abating. But tracker dogs at least offer a workable solution

The stench of rotting flesh hangs heavy over the half-eaten carcass of a…
Has the fall in crude oil prices stopped the US shale industry in its tracks? We hear the arguments from industry leaders.

Their analysis, published in Defense One, examines the ship’s layout in startling detail. With a digital tape measure they sized up different parts of the ship, and with each measurement they reveal a new layer of meaning about its potential capabilities. An opening in the carrier’s hangar, for example, measures from 6 m to 7 m in height, a tight squeeze for a J-15 fighter jet, but too narrow for bombers with heavier payloads. The slide show, below, offers a condensed display of their findings.

Last week, LAN, the Argentine subsidiary of LATAM airlines which is headquartered in Chile, received a hostile message. On August 21st, Argentina's airport regulator sent the airline a memorandum demanding that it evacuate its hangar at Buenos Aires's Jorge Newberry domestic airport within ten days

 Bloggers are claiming victory nonetheless. (That’s already spawned its own tit-for-tat debate in the community.) It’s unlikely Apple changed the font because of needling from bloggers, and even less likely anyone outside of the company’s inner design circle will know for sure. Still, it has certainly gotten the Apple-watching community more excited about iOS 7. An Apple spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

He had been among the first, back in the 1970s, to see the potential that lay in the idea of selling computers to ordinary people. In those days of green-on-black displays, when floppy discs were still floppy, the notion that computers might soon become ubiquitous seemed fanciful.

Homemade frisbee launching jig.


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in one's tracks

informal Where one or something is at that moment; suddenly:Turner immediately stopped dead in his tracks


(flŏp'ē) pronunciation
adj., -pi·er, -pi·est.
Tending to flop; loose and flexible. See synonyms at limp.

n., pl., -pies.
A floppy disk.

floppily flop'pi·ly adv.
floppiness flop'pi·ness n.
[形](-pi・er, -pi・est)
1 〈衣服などが〉ばたつきやすい;柔軟な.
2 ((略式))いくじ[元気]のない.
3 〈文体などが〉締まりのない.
━━[名]《コンピュータ》フロッピー(floppy disk).

As volcanic ash from Iceland heads toward Europe once again, the continent's airlines are desperate not to see the same impact as last year, when hundreds of flights had to be canceled.

The disruption cost millions of dollars, and airline shares have already suffered heavy falls in Europe as investors fear a repeat of the 2010 mayhem.

No chief executive is more zealously trying to keep the skies open than Ryanair's Michael O'Leary, a man not averse to a bit of publicity.

Seeking evidence that the ash above Scotland posed no hazard, his company sent a test flight over the country Tuesday, claiming on its return that there was no evidence of volcanic ash on the plane.

The U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority wasn't impressed, however. It concluded that Ryanair's claim of flying through "high-density ash isn't accurate"—after retracing the flight's route on radar.

As a growing number of nonprofit colleges hire for-profit companies to lay tracks for their new online programs, academics generally have been the third rail. Technology and information systems are one thing, the colleges say; to outsource teaching and curriculum is quite another. Now, two major e-learning companies have teamed up to disprove that truism. Blackboard and K12, Inc. announced last week that they will begin selling online remedial courses to community colleges beginning next year. The details will be hashed out over the next few months, but the basic outline is this: The companies will design the courses and provide the instructors from K12’s stable, and the colleges will offer the courses through their normal catalogs. The article is in inside Higher Ed.

    1. A mark or succession of marks left by something that has passed.
    2. A path, route, or course indicated by such marks: an old wagon track through the mountains.
  1. A path along which something moves; a course: following the track of an airplane on radar.
    1. A course of action; a method of proceeding: on the right track for solving the puzzle.
    2. An intended or proper course: putting a stalled project back on track.
  2. A succession of ideas; a train of thought.
  3. Awareness of something occurring or passing: keeping track of the score; lost all track of time.
  4. Sports.
    1. A course laid out for running or racing.
    2. Athletic competition on such a course; track events.
    3. Track and field.
  5. A rail or set of parallel rails upon which railroad cars or other vehicles run.
  6. tracks The boundary, formerly often delineated by train tracks, that separates two neighborhoods of different social class: grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.
  7. Either of the continuous metal belts with which vehicles such as bulldozers and tanks move over the ground.
  8. A metal groove or ridge that holds, guides, and reduces friction for a moving device or apparatus.
  9. Any of several courses of study to which students are assigned according to ability, achievement, or needs: academic, vocational, and general tracks.
    1. A distinct path, as along a length of film or magnetic tape, on which sound, images, or other information is recorded.
    2. A distinct selection from a sound recording, such as a phonograph record or compact disk, usually containing an individual work or part of a larger work: the title track of an album.
    3. One of the separate sound recordings that are combined so as to be heard simultaneously, as in stereophonic sound reproduction: mixed the vocal track and instrumental track.
  10. Computer Science. One of the concentric magnetic rings that form the separate data storage areas on a floppy disk or a hard disk.
  11. tracks Slang. Needle marks on the skin from multiple intravenous injections, considered an indication of habitual drug use.

v., tracked, track·ing, tracks. v.tr.
  1. To follow the tracks of; trail: tracking game through the forest.
  2. To move over or along; traverse.
  3. To carry on the shoes and deposit: tracked mud on the rug.
  4. To observe or monitor the course of (aircraft, for example), as by radar.
  5. To observe the progress of; follow: tracking the company's performance daily.
  6. To equip with a track.
  7. To assign (a student) to a curricular track.
  1. To move along a track.
  2. To follow a course; travel.
  3. To keep a constant distance apart. Used of a pair of wheels.
  4. To be in alignment.
    1. To follow the undulations in the groove of a phonograph record. Used of a needle.
    2. To move across magnetic heads. Used of magnetic tape.
phrasal verb:
track down
  1. To pursue until found or captured: "When, like a running grave, time tracks you down" (Dylan Thomas).
in (one's) tracks
  1. Exactly where one is standing: stopped him right in his tracks.
[Middle English trak, from Old French trac, perhaps of Germanic origin.]
trackable track'a·ble adj.
tracker track'er n.



[with object]
  • 1 prick or pierce (something) with or as if with a needle:dust needled his eyes
2 informal provoke or annoy (someone), especially by continual criticism or questioning:I just said that to Charlie to needle him


Pronunciation: /ˈhaŋə/
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  • a large building with an extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraft.


[with object]
  • house (an aircraft) in a hangar.





late 17th century (in the sense 'shelter'): from French; probably from Germanic bases meaning 'hamlet' and 'enclosure'


hang • ar
hangars (複数形)