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stick, stick to, stick up for, giving the finger, sticking point, draw concerns

Stop it now

For President Erdogan, Gaza remains the sticking point

Israel takes a tough stance on Turkish demands over the Gaza strip

The progenitor of Japan’s imperial line, supposedly 2,600 years ago, was female: Amaterasu, goddess of the sun. But for most of the time since, its emperors have all been male

The United Nations fails to stick up for the rights of empresses

Negotiations between the CIA and the Senate over how much of the Senate’s CIA torture report can be released blew up Tuesday night when the CIA refused to budge. "It appeared to our side they weren't actually looking for a compromise," said a Senate aide briefed on the negotiations. The sticking point is the inclusion of pseudonyms in the report. The CIA thinks the faked names might enable the media and the public to determine the actual identities of officials involved in sanctioning or carrying out the torture.
My suggestion to the Senate: Use their real names instead, and release the report right now. You don’t need the CIA’s approval. You're our elected representatives and this is supposed to be a democracy. (Remember when the CIA hacked your computers to get this report?) Torture is illegal under our own laws and under the Geneva Conventions, which we signed. The public has a right to know the names of likely war criminals.

HTC Resists Push Toward Low-End Phones
Smartphone maker HTC will stick to its strategy of selling medium- to high-price phones, where Apple and Samsung dominate.

Millions of people have flocked to Pinterest to create virtual scrapbooks of images they "pin" to their website. But the ease at which users post photos from the Web is drawing copyright concerns.

One potential sticking point is concerns about overfishing. Total fishery production has risen 13 per cent between 2000 and 2008, according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organisation. That growth has come from farmed fish, and there has been a decrease in captured fish, according to the data.
该基金有可能会受到过度捕捞问题的拖累。联合国粮农组织(Food and Agriculture Organisation)的数据显示,2000年至2008年,渔业总产量增长了13%;这一增长是由养殖鱼产量贡献的,捕捞鱼产量则出现了下降。

A German police chief has come under fire after arresting a five-year-old girl for playing too roughly with his son - and then charging her for giving him the finger.

But the furious cop arrested her again a few days later when she saw him in uniform and allegedly stuck a finger up at him.

Boxing Day 以前有人用 "償節日"稱呼它

(bŏk'sĭng) pronunciation
The first weekday after Christmas, celebrated as a holiday in parts of the British Commonwealth, when Christmas gifts are traditionally given to service workers.

December 26

The term "Boxing Day" comes from the little earthenware boxes that servants, tradespeople, and others who rendered services to the public used to carry around on the day after Christmas to collect tips and year-end bonuses. Although the custom of distributing gifts (usually money) to public servants and employees has continued, it often takes place before Christmas rather than after, and boxes have nothing to do with it. But the name has remained, and Boxing Day is still observed in England, Canada, Australia, and many other nations. In South Africa, it is known as the Day of Good Will . If December 26 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday or Tuesday is usually observed as a public or Bank Holiday.

Make an obscene gesture by closing one's fist and extending one's middle finger upward, generally interpreted as fuck you. For example, Herb has a dangerous habit of giving the finger to motorists who cut in front of him. Although from about 1890 to 1920 this term was used in the sense of "disappoint or snub someone," that meaning seems to have died out. [Second half of 1900s]

While the boards of both companies agreed to the broad outlines of the deal and its price before the weekend, these people said, one issue was still a sticking point: whether Pfizer would be allowed to back out of the deal if the economy worsened or Wyeth's prospects faded.

sticking point noun [C]
A sticking point in a discussion is a point on which it is not possible to reach an agreement:
Exactly how the land is to be divided up is the main sticking point of the peace talks.
sticking point
Meaning #1: a point at which an impasse arises in progress toward and agreement or a goal
A point, issue, or situation that causes or is likely to cause an impasse.

give ~ the finger:片語,向某人伸出中指。例句: It is very impolite to give someone the finger.(對某人比出中指是非常不禮貌的。)

stick v.intr.
To be or become fixed or embedded in place by having the point thrust in.
To become or remain attached or in close association by or as if by adhesion; cling: stick together in a crowd.
To remain firm, determined, or resolute: stuck to basic principles.
To remain loyal or faithful: stuck by her through hard times.
To persist or endure: a bad name that has stuck.
To scruple or hesitate: She sticks at nothing—no matter how difficult.
To become fixed, blocked, checked, or obstructed: The drawer stuck and would not open.
To project or protrude: hair sticking out on his head.
Sports. To throw a jab in boxing.
phrasal verbs:
stick around Informal.
To remain; linger.
stick out
To be prominent.
Informal. To put up with: stick out a bad situation.
stick up
To rob, especially at gunpoint.


informal, chiefly US
An armed robbery in which a gun is used to threaten people:I had strolled into a genuine stick-up
stick up for
Support or defend (a person or cause):they pick on her and she won’t stick up for herself
stick to ..[stick to ...]

    (1)STICK by
    (2) ⇒(自)2
    (3) 〈決意・主義などを〉捨てない;〈約束を〉守り通す
    stick fast to a belief
    stick to the rules
    (4) 〈人などを〉手放さない, 〈人に〉味方する, 〈主題から〉それない, 脱線しない
    stick to the point
    (5) 〈仕事などを〉最後までやりとげる, 〈仕事・勉強に〉専念する.

gerund or present participle: sticking
  1. 1.
    push a sharp or pointed object into or through (something).
    "he stuck his fork into the sausage"

  2. 2.
    insert, thrust, or push.
    "a youth with a cigarette stuck behind one ear"

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Seven months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev invited Chancellor Helmut Kohl to the Caucasus, where together they worked out the final sticking points of German unification.