2016年11月30日 星期三

tale, reckon, reckoning, tally, tall tale, the day of reckoning

Of monarchs who e’en have merry been
the something I have reckoned
For never was seen a King or Queen
as potty as Charles the Second. 
The something is fine in wenches and wine
Whatever their age or shade is
And none can surpass our play with the glass
Or out-tickle us with the ladies 
 wenches and wine是「酒色」


Is Alex Tsipras about to announce a U-turn and accept Europe's last-last-minute offer? Perhaps http://econ.st/1Ns2rTs

The man may be for turning

BY ANY reckoning today is a crucial moment in the extraordinary Greek debt-crisis drama, as two deadlines pass, with fateful consequences. The first is a payment...

Jay Wang Reckoning with Colin Rowe: Ten Architects Take Position
ISBN-13: 978-0415741552查看翻譯

Having known for months that America's debt ceiling had to be raised in the autumn to avoid a default, and having known for a few weeks that the Treasury reckoned that October 17th was the magic day, Senators have struck a deal. Disaster appears to have been averted, for now http://econ.st/1bXk3I7

The bishop of London, Richard Chartres, presiding at the funeral, said that while Mrs. Thatcher had become “a symbolic figure — even an ‘ism’ ” in her 11 years in power, the funeral was “neither the time nor the place” for a political reckoning.
 主持葬禮的倫敦主教理乍得·查特斯(Richard Chartres)說,在11年的執政生涯中,撒切爾夫人已經成為了“一位具有象徵意義的人物,甚至誕生了撒切爾主義”,葬禮不是“合適的時機或場所”來 對她進行政治上的評判。

Japan could face "the day of reckoning" sooner than expected if the government fails to raise the sales tax and investors demand higher returns on government bonds, Moody's Investors Service said on Wednesday, ...

Take no pleasure in Toyota's reckoning
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
As recounted in David Halberstam's 1988 book "The Reckoning," this was the company, inspired by the post-war quality-control theories of W. Edwards Deming, ...
"Early Christmas shopping could explain part of the strength, but it doesn't really tally with the weakness in consumer confidence nor the data seen in the CBI and British Retail Consortium (BRC) surveys," said James Knightley, an economist at ING.
BRC director general Stephen Robertson said the rise in the official figure for November was "hard to explain".


欧盟食品安全警报去年创新高--hc案 少"總數"

Mr Reader's tale ends with the modern efforts to understand the genetics of the potato, which could lead to more disease-resistant varieties. The propitious esculent, he explains, is likely to feature in the diets of space-farers who will have to grow their own food.

  1. A recital of events or happenings; a report or revelation: told us a long tale of woe.
  2. A malicious story, piece of gossip, or petty complaint.
  3. A deliberate lie; a falsehood.
  4. A narrative of real or imaginary events; a story.
  5. Archaic. A tally or reckoning; a total.
[Middle English, from Old English talu.]
tell tales (out of school) 告げ口する, 秘密を言いふらす; うそをつく.揭人隱私, 散佈流言
Thereby hangs a tale. それにはいささかわけがある.
tale・bearer, tale・teller 告げ口屋.
tale・bearing a., n.
old wives' tale たわいもない話[考え,迷信].

Archaic. A tally or reckoning; a total.
TALE 【古文】 計算;總計,總額
• The shepherd tells his tale [the tale of his sheep].
• The tale is complete.
數目不錯 ,並無短缺.
2. A number told or counted off; a reckoning by count; an enumeration; a count, in distinction from measure or weight; a number reckoned or stated.

The ignorant, . . . who measure by tale, and not by weight. --Hooker.
And every shepherd tells his tale, Under the hawthornn in the dale.
In packing, they keep a just tale of the number --Carew.典故:There shall no straw be given you, yet shall ye deliver the tale of bricks.「強人所難」「逼人做無米之炊」

tall tale ほら話.說大話。

a teller of tall tales.

reck·on·ing (rĕk'ə-nĭng) pronunciation
  1. The act of counting or computing.
  2. An itemized bill or statement of a sum due.
  3. A settlement of accounts: a day of reckoning.
    1. The act or process of calculating the position of a ship or an aircraft.
    2. The position so calculated.
━━ n. 計算; 勘定(書); 清算; 【海事】船位推算.
out in one's reckoning 計算を間違えて; 当てが外れて.
the day of reckoning 悪事の清算日; 最後の審判の日.
v., -oned, -on·ing, -ons. v.tr.
  1. To count or compute: reckon the cost. See synonyms at calculate.
  2. To consider as being; regard as. See synonyms at consider.
  3. Informal. To think or assume.
  1. To make a calculation; figure.
  2. To rely with confident expectancy. See synonyms at rely.
  3. Informal. To think or assume.
phrasal verbs:
reckon with
  1. To take into account or deal with: a man to be reckoned with.
reckon without
  1. To fail to consider or deal with; ignore.
[Middle English reknen, from Old English gerecenian, to recount, arrange.]

reckon with someone or something

to deal with someone or something; to cope with someone or something. have to reckon with the troublesome Mr. Johnson thisafternoon. Mary knew just exactly how she had to reckon with the bill collector.

tally (COUNT) Show phonetics
noun [C usually singular] SLIGHTLY OLD-FASHIONED
a record or count of a number of items:
Will you keep a tally of the number of customers going in and out?

tally (AGREE)
verb [I]
to match or agree with something else:
Our figures don't tally - you've made it twenty pounds more than me.
Your plans don't tally with mine.