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climax, apogee, feel-good. procure, anti-climactic positioning, Historic Recall Election

In his own day, Beethoven's string quartets were met with incomprehension and dismay. Now they are regarded as the apogee of the chamber-music repertoire

The ICP exhibition, meanwhile, Roman Vishniac Rediscovered, will feature largely unpublished photos, with the stated aim not only of introducing Vishniac to an audience that knows little or nothing of his work, but of positioning him as one of the great social documentarians of the mid-20th century, whose pictures stand comparison with Cartier-Bresson or Eugene Atget.

Wisconsin Prepares for Historic Recall Election

Some call it the second most important race of 2012, but others caution against reading too much into the results.

In one of the most anti-climactic announcements we can recall, Microsoft this week revealed that the official name of the operating system code-named Windows 7 is…Windows 7. Apparently Microsoft decided to spend its creativity trying to decide how to position the new OS, which is probably a good thing considering [...]

Obama Rallies Democrats in Final Push for Health Bill
President Obama, in an extraordinary session with the Democratic caucus a day before the climactic vote, made a case for the health legislation on policy and political grounds.

Government Procurement Agreement


noun  apo·gee  \ˈa-pə-(ˌ)jē\

: the highest point of something
: the point in outer space where an object traveling around the Earth (such as a satellite or the moon) is farthest away from the Earth


high tide.
最~に達する reach the climax.

━━ n., v. 【修辞】漸層法; 最高潮(に達する[達せしめる]) ((in, of, to, with)); 性的快感の絶頂, オルガスム (orgasm).
 climax community 【植】極相群落.
procure Show phonetics
1 [T] to obtain something, especially after an effort:
She's managed somehow to procure his telephone number.
[+ two objects] He'd procured us seats in the front row.

2 [I or T] to obtain a prostitute for someone else to have sex with

procurement Show phonetics
noun [U] FORMAL
the obtaining of supplies:
They are reported to have a substantial budget for the procurement of military supplies.

procurer Show phonetics
noun [C] FORMAL
a person who obtains prostitutes for people who want to have sex with them

媒體報導,台灣將在明天加入世界貿易組織(WTO)架構下的政府採購協定(GPA),預計明年元月生效,行政院工程會估算,台灣廠商可前往國外投標的金額 多達3900億美元(相當於新台幣12.87兆元),也就是商機多達12兆元,其中以資訊電子業,是台灣廠商最有機會爭取到的商機。




至於加入(GPA),政府所扮演的角色為何?國貿局長黃志鵬表示,為了協助業者,爭取40個政府採購協定簽署國的採購商機,國貿局將與外貿協會整理簽署國 的政府採購網站,提供業者搜尋商機,並將成立任務編組,協助廠商爭取可能機會,例如美國政府推動節能減碳政策,就有可能增加腳踏車採購量。

feel bad
to feel ashamed and sorry:
Knowing that I hurt her makes me feel really bad.
I feel bad about letting them down.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)



Characterized by or designed to encourage a feeling of often superficial happiness or satisfaction: “Everything about Fassbinder ran contrary to Hollywood notions of feel-good entertainment” (Edward Guthmann).

More than 60 per cent said that a smooch made them feel more attractive.New underwear came second on the list, followed by having sex — already known to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins.


  1. The point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series or progression; a culmination. See synonyms at summit.
    1. A series of statements or ideas in an ascending order of rhetorical force or intensity.
    2. The final statement in such a series.
    1. A moment of great or culminating intensity in a narrative or drama, especially the conclusion of a crisis.
    2. The turning point in a plot or dramatic action.
  2. See orgasm (sense 1).
  3. A stage in ecological development in which a community of organisms, especially plants, is stable and capable of perpetuating itself. Also called climax community.
tr. & intr.v.-maxed-max·ing-max·es.
To bring to or reach a climax.
[Latin clīmax, rhetorical climax, from Greek klīmax, ladder.]

climax Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 the most important or exciting point in a story or situation, which usually happens near the end:
The climax of the air show was a daring flying display.
The election campaign reaches its climax next week.
See also anticlimax.

2 the highest point of sexual pleasure

climax Show phonetics
verb [I]
1 to reach the most important or exciting part:
The show climaxed with all the performers singing on stage together.
The Olympics climaxed in a spectacular closing ceremony.

2 to reach the highest point of sexual pleasure

climactic Show phonetics
The third movement of the symphony ends in a climactic crescendo (= has a loud and exciting ending).anticlimax 
noun [C or U]
an event or experience which causes disappointment because it is less exciting than was expected or because it happens immediately after a much more interesting or exciting event:
When you really look forward to something it's often an anticlimax when it actually happens.
Coming home after a trip somewhere is always a bit of an anticlimax.
Even when you win a match there's often a sense of anticlimax - you always feel you could have played better.

There was so much publicity and hype beforehand, that the performance itself was a touch anticlimactic.

http://www.answers.com/topic/anticlimax 潮,是一種等待,由時間的推進醞釀情緒,延後滿足產生焦躁不安,更大、更多的期待帶來更焦灼的氛圍,但循環的向度漸漸尋到出口,終於,最後一刻即將迸發,身心得到解放。.....反高潮

 ━━ n., v. 【修辞】漸層法; 最高潮(に達する[達せしめる]) ((in, of, to, with)); 性的快感の絶頂, オルガスム (orgasm).
 climax community 【植】極相群落.


━━ n. 【修辞】漸降法; あっけない結末, 竜頭蛇尾.

 anti・climactic ━━ a.


 Recall Election 罷免


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[rikɔ'ːl]
1III[名]([副])]…を思い出す;…を(人・心に)思い起こさせる((to ...));[III that節/wh-節/wh- to do/doing]〈…であったと〉想起する(▼進行形不可)
recall ... to mindone's memory
as I recall [=as you might recall]
((話))確か, ほら
I can recall seeing [having seenthose pictures.
She recalled that she had forgotten to send the letter.
I cannot recall what he said.
(1) …を呼び戻す;〈人・心などを〉(事に)向ける((to ...)).
(2) 〈人を〉呼び返す, (…から;…に)召還する((from ...;to ...));〈外交官を〉召還して解任する
recall a person from exile
3 〈物を〉回収する;…を取り消す, 撤回する.
4 …を蘇生(そせい)[回復, 復活]させる.
5 《コンピュータ》〈データを〉画面上に呼び出す.
1 [U]回想, 追想, 思い出;想起能力
powers of recall
2 [U][C]呼び戻すこと, 召還
the recall of an ambassador from abroad
3 [U]取り消し, 撤回;リコール.
4 [U]不良製品回収.
5 [U]《コンピュータ》再現能力.
beyond [past] recall
取り消すことのできない, 今さらどうにもならない;思い出せない.