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The Beethoven Apartment in the Pasqualatihaus is currently in the process of a partial redesign. Some objects are being exchanged, signage updated, etc. Visitor access might be affected at times, for example when particular areas need to be closed off. We ask for your understanding.


This was a tough question; and George staggered under it for a moment; but quickly recovered himself: and looking at his father, with the sweet face of youth brightened with the inexpressible charm of all-conquering truth, he bravely cried out, "I can't tell a lie, Pa; you know I can't tell a lie. I did cut it with my hatchet." "Run to my arms, you dearest boy," cried his father in transports, "run to my arms; glad am I, George, that you killed my tree; for you have paid me for it a thousand fold. Such an act of heroism in my son is more worth than a thousand trees, though blossomed with silver, and their fruits of purest gold."

 In the midst of the cares of government, Montaigne found time to revise and enlarge his Essays, which, since their appearance in 1580, were continually receiving augmentation in the form of additional chapters or papers. Two more editions were printed in 1582 and 1587; and during this time the author, while making alterations in the original text, had composed part of the Third Book. He went to Paris to make arrangements for the publication of his enlarged labours, and a fourth impression in 1588 was the result. He remained in the capital some time on this occasion, and it was now that he met for the first time Mademoiselle de Gournay. Gifted with an active and inquiring spirit, and, above all, possessing a sound and healthy tone of mind, Mademoiselle de Gournay had been carried from her childhood with that tide which set in with sixteenth century towards controversy, learning, and knowledge. She learnt Latin without a master; and when, the age of eighteen, she accidentally became possessor of a copy of the Essays, she was transported with delight and admiration.

 A rapidly disappearing world—the surreal attractions, handmade signage and playful buildings of roadside Americana, from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Modular Windows plan 'welcomed'
BBC News - UK
Plans to introduce modular features in Windows 7 have been welcomed by the European Commission's former Microsoft monitoring trustee. ...

2月27~28日美國拉斯維加斯舉辦的“Digital Signage Expo”上,提高了耐熱、耐水、耐灰塵性以及太陽光下的視認性的室外顯示器展示接連不斷。為适應“顯示器的設置場所、使用顯示器的信息發送不再局限于普通家庭電視机,而是向室外發展”的趨勢,各公司紛紛開發、制造外顯示器……

PLM領域での業務改革を短期間で行いたいという企業の声に応えたもので提供するのは、不具合などに起因する品質コストを最大50%削減する「品質改革ビジネステンプレート」、モジュール中間品)の組み合わせ設計への変革で、開発設計期間を従来比30%以上短縮 ...

hacks  or hicks,

 Well,  when I think about critics in general, I divide the
family of critics into three subfamilies.  First,  professional
reviewers,  mainly  hacks  or hicks, regularly filling up their
allotted space in the cemeteries of  Sunday  papers. 

台湾の 怡鑫科技(EcafTech)は、リアルタイムで観客の数を測定する自動測定器の製造を行っている会社だが、近頃、屋外用小型デジタルサイネージ 『DSVC(Digital Signage Viewer Counter)』を発表した。 小売店、ショッピングセンター、キオスク、地下鉄の駅など様々な ...

A person regarded as gullible or provincial: "New Yorkers had a horrid way of making people feel like hicks" (Louis Auchincloss).

Provincial; unsophisticated: a hick town.

[After Hick, a nickname for Richard, from Middle English Hikke.]

noun [C]
1 one of a set of separate parts which, when combined, form a complete whole:
The emergency building is transported in individual modules, such as bedrooms and a kitchen, which are put together on site.
The full computer program is made up of several modules (= small programs) which should be individually tested before being integrated.

2 one of the units which together make a complete course taught especially at a college or university

3 a part of a spacecraft which can operate independently of the other parts, especially when separate from them:
a lunar landing module

Many colleges and universities now offer modular degree courses.

signage[名][U]((集合的))記号, マーク.

對於力拚轉型的宏碁來說,今年數位看板(Digital Signage)也將是重要佈局。宏碁自建雲智慧產品事業群總經理施宣輝認為,數位看板是個已經發展20年的產業,不需要再去創造新需求,毛利率至少在2、3成以上,「絕對比傳統PC多。」


━━ n. ((集合的)) (警告・指示などを示す)標識, 信号.

  1. Signs considered as a group.
  2. The design or use of signs and symbols.

Signage is any kind of graphics created to display information to a particular audience, typically wayfinding information on streets, outside and inside of buildings.
Types of signage:
  • Street signage - signs stamped out of metal with lettering embossed or printed (or both).
  • Neon signage - Electric lighting
  • Modular signage - A signage system that consists of pre designed elementary units.
  • Custom made signage - Signs that are built from scratch to suit a specific requirement presented by a client or a specific project.
  • MCFT (Modular Curved Frame Technology) - A contemporary fusion between custom-made signage and modular sign systems.

Statutory signage



Syllabification: (trans·port)
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Pronunciation: /transˈpôrt/
[with object]
  • 1take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship:the bulk of freight traffic was transported by truck
  • cause (someone) to feel that they are in another place or time:for a moment she was transported to a warm summer garden on the night of a ball
  • historical send (a convict) to a penal colony.
  • 2  overwhelm (someone) with a strong emotion, especially joy:she was transported with pleasure


Pronunciation: /ˈtransˌpôrt/
  • 1a system or means of conveying people or goods from place to place by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship:many possess their own forms of transport air transport
  • the action of transporting something or the state of being transported:the transport of crude oil
  • a large vehicle, ship, or aircraft used to carry troops or stores.
  • historical a convict who was transported to a penal colony.
  • 2 (usually transports) an overwhelmingly strong emotion:art can send people into transports of delight


late Middle English: from Old French transporter or Latin transportare, from trans- 'across' + portare 'carry'



  • レベル:最重要

[動] 〔trænsprt〕 (他)[III[名]([副])]
1 〈人・物を〉(…へ)運ぶ, 移す, 輸送する((to ...))
transport goods to London by plane
2 ((通例受身))〈人を〉(別の時・場所へ)思いを馳せさせる((back/to ...)).
3 《歴史》〈罪人を〉(遠隔地へ)追放する, 流刑に処す((to ...)).
4 ((受身))((文))…を(歓喜などで)夢中[有頂天]にする((with ...))
He was transported with rapture by her letter.
━━[名] 〔–〕
1 [U]移送, 運送, 輸送;運送業;輸送機関[手段](((米))transportation);[C]持ち運びできる物
public transport
means of transport
transport of goods
2 (軍用)輸送船[機];大型輸送機.
3 ((しばしば〜s))((文))有頂天, 夢中, 恍惚(こうこつ)状態
in transports [a transport] of joy
listen with transport to the sermon
4 《歴史》追放者;流刑囚.
5 《コンピュータ》駆動機構.