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litany, submerged, invocation, confession, supplication, revelation, reconciliation

Each session of these therapeutic gatherings, known as a "Familienaufstellung," follows roughly the same order, like a religious ritual: confession, supplication, revelation, reconciliation.

Through a practice that is part therapy and part séance, children of war come to terms with their history.

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Google unveils a litany of products at the developers' conference, including…

I said unto the Lord, Thou art my God: hear the voice of my supplications, OLord.

Before Fatal Midland Train Crash, a Litany of Errors
Federal Probe Reveals Numerous Factors in 2012 Tragedy Involving Wounded Veterans
Doctor Faustus is constructed in richly allusive and symbolic terms. H.T. Lowe-Porter refers to the three strands of the book:
'the German scene from within, and its broader, its universal origins; the depiction of an art not German alone but vital to our whole civilization; music as one instance of the arts and the state in which the arts find themselves today [sc. 1949]; and, finally, the invocation of the daemonic.' (Translator's note, vi.)
Mann wrote a book about the writing of this novel, 'The Genesis of Doctor Faustus' (1949).

Vietnam Finds Itself Vulnerable if Sea Rises
In a worse-case projection, a Vietnamese government report says that more than one-third of the Mekong Delta could be submerged if sea levels were to rise by three feet.

The letter outlined a litany of bad bets and problems, some of which the fund managers blamed on the massive selling by other funds as credit suddenly dried up in early August and investors in some funds started asking for their money to be returned.

Statistics on Children in Newark: Grim, With a Ray of Hope
Amid the grim litany of statistics about Newark released on Wednesday by a children’s advocacy group, there was a handful of encouraging surprises.

When Miss Gilot was living with Picasso in Paris, she found that one of her most difficult tasks was to get him started on his day. "He always woke up submerged in pessimism, and there was a definite ritual to be followed, a litany that had to be repeated every day," she recalled in her book, "Life With Picasso," published in 1964 by McGraw-Hill.

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 Deutsche Bank Lists Litany of Legal Risks
Germany's Deutsche Bank for the first time put one number on its legal risks: as much as €3 billion, or nearly $4 billion. And some analysts say that total may be conservative. It also disclosed 2011 pay for its executives.


[Middle English letanie, from Old French, from Medieval Latin letanīa, from Late Latin litanīa, from Late Greek litaneia, from Greek, entreaty, from litaneuein, to entreat, from litanos, entreating, from litē, supplication.]



1 (神への)祈り, 祈願((to ...));(儀式の初めに唱える)祈祷(きとう)(文);(一般に救いを求める)嘆願, 懇願, 請願.
2 (叙事詩などの冒頭での)詩神ミューズへの祈り;呪文(じゅもん)(で霊を呼び出すこと).
3 (正当化のため文書などを)引き合いに出すこと;(法に)訴えること, (法の)発動.

King James Bible
These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.
  1. 這些人同一些婦女及耶穌的母親瑪利亞並他的兄弟, 都同心合意地專務祈禱。

prayers and supplications

  1. An earnest or urgent request: appeal, entreaty, imploration, plea, prayer1. See ask/answer.
  2. The act of praying: invocation, prayer1. See religion. 祈求


━━ v. 嘆願する ((to, for)); 懇願する ((for)).
sup・pli・ca・tion ━━ n.

sub·merge (səb-mûrj'pronunciation

  1. To place under water.
  2. To cover with water; inundate.
  3. To hide from view; obscure.
To go under or as if under water.
[Latin submergere : sub-, sub- + mergere, to plunge.]
submergence sub·mer'gence n.


n.pl. -nies.
  1. A liturgical prayer consisting of a series of petitions recited by a leader alternating with fixed responses by the congregation.
  2. A repetitive or incantatory recital: “the litany of layoffs in recent months by corporate giants” (Sylvia Nasar).


noun \ˈli-tə-nē, ˈlit-nē\
plural lit·a·nies

Definition of LITANY

: a prayer consisting of a series of invocations and supplications by the leader with alternate responses by the congregation

aro Tanikawa. 幼年連祷 YONEN RENTOH,

れんとう ―たう 0 【連祷】


litany:禱文:連續呼求天主及天朝諸聖的祈禱方式,由教會批准可用於公開禮儀者共七則:即聖母德敘禱文、耶穌聖名禱文、耶穌聖心禱文、聖人列品禱文、耶穌寶血禱文、聖若瑟禱文、臨終禱文。禱文開始均用:上主,求祢垂憐(天主矜憐我等);基督,求祢垂憐(基督矜憐我等)…。拉丁文稱作 litaniae。

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At $24.09, Thursday’s closing price, Yahoo has a market capitalization of $32 billion. When Mr. Lindsay looks at the company’s $2 billion in cash, along with its holdings in Yahoo Japan, Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce firm) and other entities it doesn’t run, he comes up with a value of $13.24 a share. That leaves a value of $10.51 a share for the actual business of Yahoo, making the value of Yahoo’s core business about $14 billion, or 7 percent of Google’s $200 billion market value.

Mr. Lindsay runs through a litany of problems with Yahoo’s core business that reduce its value in his calculations. The company’s overall audience is stagnant and its share of Web searches is falling. And it is losing lucrative revenue from providing e-mail and other services to phone company broadband systems.