2016年9月16日 星期五

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CNN Anchors Have Finally Had It With Donald Trump’s Lies

They really got riled up about his birther-announcement fiasco.

More mammoth news this ‪#‎FossilFriday‬ - the Ilford mammoth skull has returned home, following a donation of a cast to the London community where the fossil was found: http://bit.ly/NHM-Ilford-mammoth-news
The original 200,000-year-old steppe mammoth skull, currently on display in our Hintze Hall, is the most complete mammoth skull ever found in Britain. The cast, an exact replica, is now on display atRedbridge Museum, as part of the Ice Age Ilford exhibition.

Could the pressure from mobile, and the internal tensions, tear Wikipedia apart? A world without it seems unimaginable, but consider the fate of other online communities. Founded in 1985, at the dawn of the Internet, the Well, the self-proclaimed “birthplace of the online community movement,” hosted an influential cast of dot-com luminaries on its electronic bulletin board discussion forums. By 1995, it was in steep decline, and today it is a shell of its former self. Blogging, celebrated a decade ago as pioneering an exciting new form of personal writing, has decreased significantly in the social-media age.

來自移動領域的壓力,以及內部的緊張關係會最終摧毀維基百科嗎?世界沒了維基百科似乎無法想像,但想想其他在線社區的命運吧。自稱「網絡社區運動的發源地」的The Well創立於1985年,時值互聯網時代的黎明。在它的電子公告論壇上,曾有一眾頗具影響力的傑出網絡人物出沒。到了1995年,它急劇衰落。到今天,它已是空有其名了。在社交媒體時代,十年前被譽為開創了一種激動人心的個人寫作新形式的博客,已大幅衰落。https://nyt9.azurewebsites.net/opinion/20150624/c24wikipedia/dual/

  an influential cast of dot-com luminaries 一群各類有影響力的網路高手

Wanted: A Boring Leader for the Fed


Instead of casting about for a new maestro, we need to return the Fed to dullness and its chairman to obscurity.

Washington has expressed concern at China's increasing maritime assertiveness, while Beijing fears that the U.S. is trying to contain it with its recently adopted military "pivot" toward the region. 

cast of mind叫"思考模式"*嗎 ?

cast of mind 的用法兩例: 它們不像一般說的"思考模式"*嗎 ?

"OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES'S cast of mind, and especially his chilly juridical belief that in historical fact might does make right, Wilson traces persuasively to Holmes's military adventures, his injuries and narrow escapes from death during the Civil War battles of Ball's Bluff and Antietam. Indeed, Wilson's honor roll was composed mostly of the wounded. "--Books Birdviews 書海: Edmund Wilson    2008年7月4日 ...

One half of one's sensibility is in a cast of mind that comes from belonging to a place, an ancestry, a history, a culture, whatever one wants to call it. ---Books Birdviews 書海: 希尼詩文集Seamus Heaney2010年3月30日 ...

總之 ,cast of mind叫"心智之形/傾向/癖性"* 可能比較好

*"胡適是二十世紀中國思想界的第一人。有名的中日古典文學名著翻譯大家英國人韋利(Arthur Waley, 1889-1966)說得好。他在1927年10月18日在《北京導報》(The Peking Leader)上所發表的一篇文章裡,稱許胡適是當世六大天才之一。他說:
首先,他絕頂聰明,可以說是當今世界上最聰明的六個人之一。同時,他天生異類,他的思考模式(cast of mind)完全是歐洲式的。任何人只要跟他作幾分鐘的交談,就會心服口服,說他的聰明絕不只是教育和後天的產物,而只能說是天生的異稟。"

noun. informal. A person who doubts the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency because of a conspiracy theory that Obama is not a natural-born US citizen.

birther - definition of birther in English | Oxford Dictionaries


cast about (or around or round)

search far and wide (physically or mentally):he is restlessly casting about for novelties

    1. The act or an instance of casting or throwing.
    2. The distance thrown.
    1. A throwing of a fishing line or net into the water.
    2. The line or net thrown.
    1. A throw of dice.
    2. The number thrown.
  1. A stroke of fortune or fate; lot.
    1. A direction or expression of the eyes.
    2. A slight squint.
  2. Something, such as molted skin, that is thrown off, out, or away.
  3. The addition of a column of figures; calculation.
  4. A conjecture; a forecast.
    1. The act of pouring molten material into a mold.
    2. The amount of molten material poured into a mold at a single operation.
    3. Something formed by this means: The sculpture was a bronze cast.
  5. An impression formed in a mold or matrix; a mold: a cast of her face made in plaster.
  6. A rigid dressing, usually made of gauze and plaster of Paris, used to immobilize an injured body part, as in a fracture or dislocation. Also called plaster cast.
  7. The form in which something is made or constructed; arrangement: the close-set cast of her features.
  8. Outward form or look; appearance: a suit of stylish cast.
  9. Sort; type: fancied himself to be of a macho cast.
  10. An inclination; tendency: her thoughtful cast of mind.
  11. The actors in a play, movie, or other theatrical presentation.
  12. A slight trace of color; a tinge.
  13. A distortion of shape.
  14. The circling of hounds to pick up a scent in hunting.
  15. A pair of hawks released by a falconer at one time. See synonyms at flock1.

1 投げること;(目の)一瞥(べつ), 視線, まなざし.
2 投げられたもの;(脱ぎ)捨てられたもの, (蛇・昆虫の)抜けがら;(ミミズによる)盛り上がった土;糞(ふん).
3 投げた物の届く範囲;(矢の)射程距離.
4 さいの一振り;(振って出た)さいの目
5 (釣り糸・網などの)投げ入れ, 網打ち;投げられた釣り糸[網];釣り場;《狩り》臭跡を捜すため猟犬を散開させること
make a cast
6 運, 巡り合わせ;運だめし. ▼さいころを振ってでる偶然の目, の意から.
7 ((a 〜))車に乗せてやる[もらう]こと. ▼ride, liftが普通.
(1) (物の作られた)形;(文章などの)形態, 配置, 配合.
(2) ((形式))外形, 外観;種類, タイプ;性癖, 傾向
a cast of dejection
She is of a serious cast.
9 ((単数・複数扱い))キャスト;配役
a play with an all-star cast
10 鋳造, 鋳込み;鋳造物;彫り型;ギプス(包帯)
set a broken leg in a (plaster) cast
11 ((a 〜))軽度の斜視, やぶにらみ;ゆがみ, そり
have a cast in one's eye
12 色合い, 色調;気味
red with a purple cast
13 計算;足し算;推測;予測.


  • 発音記号[əsə'ːrtiv]

[形]自分の意見[希望・権利など]をはっきり述べる, はきはきした, 積極的に主張する.
[副]はきはきと, 自信をもって.