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This is clearly a technology flush with possibility. But with the limits of the current science and human bladder capacity, are pee-powered vehicles just a well-plumbed pipe dream?

BRUSSELS—The European Union's executive body is raising pressure to reduce U.S. influence on the plumbing of the Internet, after revelations of widespread U.S. surveillance activities have caused what it calls a "loss of confidence" in the global network's current structure.
The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, will propose Wednesday the adoption of "concrete and actionable steps" to globalize essential Web functions—like the assignment of so-called top-level domain names, for example, used...

So, what is all the fuss about? Oracle's copyright-related accusations centred on two bits of software plumbing: application programming interfaces (APIs) and Java virtual machines (JVMs).

Willard Dickerman Straight Photograph Album, Peking Photographs



spending power, internet's plumbing

Editorial: Health Care and the States
It would be a serious mistake for the Supreme Court to use the states’ rights argument in the reform case to restrict Congress’s spending power.

Spending power is conferred to state and federal legislatures through their constitution. Judicial review of legislative spending varies from state to state, but the law of federal spending informs courts in all states.

Spending Soars on Internet's Plumbing
The need to reach customers and employees over the Web is driving furious demand for server systems, the machines that power corporate computer rooms.

Dr., Dr n. - 醫生, 學者, 博士
v. tr. -
授以博士學位, 修改, 診斷
v. intr. -
日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 医者, 医師, …先生, 博士, 修理屋, 先生
v. - 治療する, 手を加える, 混ぜ物をする

〔主に英〕 Doctor; debtor; Drive.
━━ n. 医師; 博士; 博士号 (( Dr.)); ((呼びかけで)) 先生; 〔俗〕 船の料理人; 〔話〕 修繕屋.
be under the doctor
 〔英話〕 加療中である ((for)).
You're the doctor.
 あなたの言う通りにします.━━ vt. 〔話〕 治療[修繕]する; (文書などを)改ざんする ((up)); (飲食物に)混ぜ物をする ((up)); (動物を)去勢する.

Dr Martens 【商標】ドクターマーテン(ズ) ((英国製の靴底)).
Dr Pepper 【商標】ドクターペッパー ((米国製の甘口ルートビア)).
Dr Scholl's 【商標】ドクター・ショール ((米国製の足の手入れ用品(靴の中敷など))).
Dr Who 『フー博士』 ((英国の連続テレビSFドラマ)).
━━ n. 試験官; 検査人, 審査官; 【法】証人尋問者.


PLUMBER鉛管工.、水電工、水暖工 ?

plumb (WATER) verb [T]
to supply a building or a device with water pipes, or to connect a building or a device to a water pipe:
We've discovered that our house isn't plumbed properly.
I think we can plumb the new bath into the existing pipes.
Have you plumbed the dishwasher in yet?
plumber noun [C]
a person whose job is to supply and connect, or repair water pipes, baths, toilets, etc:
When is the plumber coming to mend the burst pipe?
plumbing noun [U]
1 the water pipes and similar systems in a building:
There's something wrong with the plumbing.
2 the work of connecting water and other pipes in a building:
We did all the plumbing (work) in our house ourselves.


Line breaks: plumb|ing
Pronunciation: /ˈplʌmɪŋ/


[mass noun]
  • 1the system of pipes, tanks, fittings, and other apparatus required for the water supply, heating, and sanitation in a building: you may be able to get a grant to install proper plumbing and bathrooms the kitchen has a gas cooker point and plumbing for an automatic washing machine
  • 1.1 the work of installing and maintaining a plumbing system: the magazine gives a guide to the tools needed for home plumbing
  • 1.2 informal used as a humorous euphemism for the excretory tracts and urinary system: I’d never discuss my plumbing with ladies
    More example sentences
    • Tomorrow's tests are to check that there's no kidney damage and to check that her 'plumbing' is right.
    • I will be taking her to a pediatric urologist after Christmas, to check out her plumbing.

━━ n. おもり; 下げ振り; 測鉛; 垂直.
off [out of] plumb 垂直で[正しく]ない. not straight vertically:
The external wall is out of plumb by half a metre.
━━ a., ad. 垂直の[に]; 〔話〕 全く(の); 正確に; 鉛管を敷設する, 配管工事を施す.
━━ v. plumberとして働く; 垂直度を調べる; 垂直にする ((up)); (水深を)測る; 見通す, 測り知る.
plumb (DEEP) verb [T]
1 SPECIALIZED to measure how deep something is, especially water
2 to understand or discover all about something:
Now that she had begun, she wanted to plumb her own childhood further.
plumb (EXACTLY) adverb INFORMAL
The hotel is plumb in the middle of the town.
He hit me plumb on the nose.
I plumb forgot your birthday.

plumb in (洗濯機などを)(排水管につないで)設置する.
plumb the depths (絶望などの)極みを経験する ((of)). to reach the lowest point:
Roy plumbed the depths of despair when his wife left him.
HUMOROUS They must be really plumbing the depths (= must have been unable to find anyone better) if they're offering the job to her.

plumb bob 下げ振り, おもり.
plumb・er ━━ n. 鉛管工.
plumber's friend [helper] 〔米〕 (管掃除用)プランジャー.
plumb・ing ━━ n. 鉛工業; 鉛管工事; 鉛管類; (建物内の)配管(系統).
plum・bism ━━ n. 鉛中毒.
plumb line 下げ振り線.

plumb·ing (plŭm'ĭng) pronunciation
  1. The pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus of a water, gas, or sewage system in a building.
  2. The work or trade of a plumber.
  3. Informal. An arrangement of bodily vessels or ducts: "treating stroke victims by reversing the plumbing of the body's circulatory system" (Associated Press).

spending money


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[ǽlbəm]
1 アルバム, 写真[切手, サイン, 新聞切り抜き]帳
a photograph [a stamp] album
2 (いくつかの曲などを収録した)レコード, アルバム, LP[CD](盤), 抜粋集, (全)曲集;(レコードを入れる)ブック型レコード入れ, ジャケット
the Kennedy Memorial album
3 ((米))訪問客名簿, 芳名録(((英))visitor's book).
[ラテン語albus(白い)+-um(中性単数語尾). 「白いもの」→「白いとじたもの」]

in situ (in SY-too, SEE-, -tyoo, -choo)

adverb: In the original place.

From Latin in situ (in place). The word is used in medicine to indicate a condition in a localized state, not spread beyond. First recorded use: 1740.

"The sound engineers came to record the nuns in situ." — Louette Harding; Sing out, Sisters: How a Closed Order of Benedictine Nuns Recorded an Album; Daily Mail (London, UK); Oct 9, 2010.