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They were one of the richest couples in the world until they were found dead in December. Now investigators believe they were murdered in an incredibly grisly way by multiple people.

Not every classical composer was tried for witchcraft, but he was.

He murdered his wife and her lover. But it is for glorious music, not grisly crimes, that we should remember Gesualdo.

A look inside the world of the castrati.

Young countertenors are the new superstars of the classical world. But the 20th Century phenomenon has a disturbing history. Clemency Burton-Hill takes a look.

"Les Fleurs du Mal" was published on June 25th 1857. A collection of poetry dedicated to exploring eroticism and decadence, it was categorised by themes such as "wine", "death" and "revolt". It was deemed "an insult to public decency"; Baudelaire was fined and dissemination of the volume was prohibited until 1949

Japan's gossipy tabloids step in where other media fear to tread. What makes them so special? Thanks to exposures of high-profile names and grisly tales of child murderers, gangsters and sumo wrestling, Japan’s weeklies continue to thrive with over 2 million copies sold each week

Defeating the Taliban proved impossible; preventing them from winning is probably easier

The Taliban is gaining territory but its long-term prospects remain dim

BBC Culture
Young countertenors are the new superstars of the classical world – but the phenomenon has a disturbing history.

That such an act of barbarism could be legitimated in the name of art beggars belief in our modern age.

The terrifying stampede left a grisly aftermath: http://cnn.it/1Bk9Duy

Witnesses describe scene at New Year's stampede
36 people were killed and 47 others injured

The defective air bags, made by Japanese manufacturer Takata, can rupture and blast out metal shards, particularly in humid conditions, government officials have said. While the rate of reported incidents is low, linked to four deaths and more than 100 injuries so far, their grisly severity has spurred an urgent debate about the matter in Washington.

A Mexican Cartel's Swift and Grisly Climb
APATZINGAN, Mexico -- In farm towns across the hot, fertile state of Michoacan, famous for its mangos and marijuana, residents are used to seeing military patrols rumbling through their streets. But until late last month, they had never seen soldiers descending on City Hall.

Working paper: Phenomenological Assumptions and Knowledge Dissemination within Organizational Studies

Download the PDF. Field-wide integration of knowledge generated by subfield specialists is critical for new discoveries and for a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of complex phenomena. In spite of the value of broadly disseminating knowledge within the social and physical sciences, scholarly discourse tends to be contained within subfields of research. UCLA professor Corinne Bendersky and HBS professor Kathleen L. McGinn introduce "phenomenological assumptions"—revealed beliefs about the fundamental qualities of the phenomenon under investigation and its relationship to the environment in which it occurs—as barriers limiting the integration of knowledge generated within a subfield into the broader intellectual discourse of its field.

, the name given since the 19th century to a kind of small, cheaply printed book or pamphlet hawked by chapmen (i.e. pedlars) from the 16th century to the early 19th century, and containing ballads, fairy‐tales, old romances, accounts of famous criminals, and other popular entertainments.

━━ n. 【史】(物語や歌の)呼売り本 ((昔,行商人が売り歩いた)); 小冊子, (しばしば詩の)パンフレット.

verb [T] FORMAL
to spread or give out something, especially news, information, ideas, etc., to a lot of people:
One of the organization's aims is to disseminate information about the disease.

What is one word that means 'sharing/spreading knowledge'? - Quora

“Disseminate” is a verb that means to spread something, especially information, widely. Noun form is “Dissemination”. “Promulgate”, a verb, can also be used at ...
noun [U] FORMAL
the dissemination of information

adj., -li·er, -li·est.
Inspiring repugnance; gruesome. See synonyms at ghastly.
[Middle English grisli, from Old English grislīc.]
grisliness gris'li·ness n.


Line breaks: grisly
Pronunciation: /ˈɡrɪzli /

ADJECTIVE (grisliergrisliest)

Causing horror or disgust:the town was shaken by a series of grisly crimes


old english grislic 'terrifying', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch griezelig.
For over two centuries, from the 17th to the 19th, street literature in the form of chapbooks and broadsides provided the basic reading matter of the poor in Britain. Chapbooks were paper-covered booklets, usually of eight to 24 pages, and they were cheaply, often crudely, printed in their hundreds of thousands by specialist printers all over the country and sold in town streets, at country fairs, and by travelling hawkers for a halfpenny or a penny a time. They contained ballads, romances, folk tales, jokes, riddles, superstitions, news both true and fabricated, reports of trials, grisly murders, last dying speeches of condemned criminals, amazing wonders, sermons, squibs, catchpennies, and whatever else the printers and hawkers thought would take the public fancy. Whenever possible they were illustrated by woodcut illustrations. Chapbooks also provided the first real children's literature, and they proved an excellent means by which folklore could be disseminated across the land. Favourite items were reprinted again and again over the years. Most towns had their printers, but London was the acknowledged centre of the trade. Edinburgh-born James Boswell records in his London Journal for 10 July 1763:
some days ago I went to the old printing-office in Bow Church-yard kept by Dicey, whose family have kept it fourscore years. There are ushered into the world of literature Jack and the Giants, The Seven Wise Men of Gotham, and other story-books which in my dawning years amused me as much as Rasselas does now. I saw the whole scheme with a kind of pleasing romantic feeling to find myself really where all my old darlings were printed. I bought two dozen of the story-books and had them bound up with this title, Curious Productions
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