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sleeper, courier, immobile, self-immolation,lightly, saboteur, kitchenette

BREAKING NEWS: French police have been told to erase their presence on social media and to carry their weapons at all times because terror sleeper cells have been activated over the last 24 hours in the country, a French police source who attended a briefing Saturday told CNN. http://cnn.it/17utyOe

Santa's other elves? No time to eat for China's busy courier workers

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"values underlying a way of life, as Charles Taylor points out, are only lightly open to "radical reflection." 4° They become incorporated in one's self identity ... "

"We have not made these proposed changes lightly and understand the impact they will have on our people," he added.

A Sleeper Scandal Awakens, Post-Election
A year ago, when the current Internal Revenue Service scandal that has swirled around Mr. Obama first emerged, Washington - and, apparently, the White House - shrugged.

不過作者張戎本人最重視的中文版,卻因書中直指國軍名將胡宗南是「紅色代理人」(red sleeper),導致胡的後人及舊部屬群起抗議。胡宗南之子、台灣駐新加坡代表胡為真在今年三月,透過遠流出版公司董事長王榮文表達對張戎出版《毛傳》的不滿稱:「為了維護父親名節,什麼事都可以做;出版前是朋友,出版後是敵人。」王榮文也指出,張戎並沒有直接證據,書中卻說「胡宗南是共諜,還把他的部屬一一送入虎口,這是品德上嚴厲的指控」。

Beckett's his role in the resistance, first as a courier, then later as a saboteur to the German army in France, continued throughout World War II. Still, he didn't allow the war to taint his affection for the country. Throughout his life, the writer returned to Berlin frequently, where he became close friends with his German translator Erika Tophoven and frequently staged his plays at the Schiller Theater.

kitchenette, sleeper

The LoneStar is designed with such couples in mind, with its wood floor and kitchenette in the sleeper compartment.
“We designed the LoneStar’s environment to be both highly functional and comfortable,” Mr. Allendorph said, adding that in an average week “a truck driver may spend 120 hours in his or her truck.
“They want it to be their home away from home. Many of our customers don’t have a home at all; they have a P.O. box somewhere.”

sleeping car noun [C] (ALSO sleeper)
a railway carriage containing beds for passengers to sleep in


━━ n. 眠る人; 寝台車; 〔英〕 まくら木 (tie); 〔米〕 (pl.) (子供の)寝巻き; スリーパー ((土地に同化し,活動せず将来に備えているスパイ)); 〔英〕 小さいピアス耳輪; 〔米話〕 ヒット商品[作品].

noun [C]
a room where food is kept, prepared and cooked and where the dishes are washed:
We usually eat breakfast in the kitchen.
the kitchen table
a new fitted kitchen (= cupboards that look the same fixed to the walls and floor in the kitchen)
See pictures , .

noun [C]━━ n. (アパートなどの)簡易台所.
a small room or area used as a kitchen

light (NOT STRONG) Show phonetics
1 not great in strength or amount:
A light wind was blowing.
The traffic was quite light so we got through London quickly.
It's only light rain - you don't need an umbrella.

2 describes alcoholic drinks that are not strong in flavour:
It's described on the label as 'light, fruity wine'.

light (NOT SERIOUS) Show phonetics
entertaining and easily understood, but not serious and not intended to make you think:
I want some light reading for the summer holidays - a romance or something.

lighten Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
to (cause to) become happier and less anxious:
His mood lightened after the phone call.
He tried to lighten the atmosphere by telling a joke.

Definition of lightly


  • 1gently, delicately or softly:she placed her hand lightly on my shoulder
  • 2in relatively small amounts or in low density; sparingly:it was snowing lightly
  • 3in a way that is not serious or solemn; carelessly:it is not something that should be taken lightly
4without severe punishment; leniently:some people are let off lightly

lightly Show phonetics
1 If you say something lightly, you are not serious when you say it:
"Anyway, it won't affect me because I'm leaving, " she said lightly.

2 not do sth lightly If something is not said or treated lightly, it is said or treated in a serious way, after great consideration:
Accusations like these from a top minister are not made lightly.

light (NOT SEVERE) Show phonetics
1 needing only a very small amount of effort:
light exercise, such as walking
a bit of light housework

2 A light sentence in prison is a short one:
He got off with a fairly light sentence because it was his first conviction.

lightly Show phonetics
get off lightly; let sb off lightly to be punished or punish someone less severely than might have been expected:
I think he got off quite lightly considering it's his third driving offence.

3 light eater/drinker/smoker someone who eats/drinks/smokes only a little

4 light sleeper someone who is easily woken up by noise, etc.

lightly Show phonetics
1 gently or using very little of something:
She patted him lightly on the shoulder.
Dust the cake lightly with icing sugar.

2 If food is lightly cooked, it is cooked for only a short time:
lightly cooked vegetables


  1. One that sleeps: a heavy sleeper who was not wakened by the burglar.
  2. A sleeping car.
  3. Children's pajamas, usually with legs that cover the feet. Often used in the plural.
    1. One that achieves unexpected recognition or success, as a racehorse or movie.
    2. A spy or saboteur who is planted in an enemy country and who lives unobtrusively as a citizen of that country until activated into clandestine operations by a prearranged signal.
  4. A horizontal structural member on or near the ground that supports weight.
  5. Chiefly British. A railroad crosstie.
  6. Any of various usually small marine and freshwater fishes of the family Eleotridae, related to the gobies but lacking a sucking disk and noted for their habit of lying immobile.

Definition of sleeper


  • 1a person or animal who is asleep or who sleeps in a specified way:he was a light sleeper, for long periods an insomniac
  • 2a thing used for or connected with sleeping, in particular:
  • a train carrying sleeping cars: we were waiting for the Inverness-London sleeper [as modifier]:a sleeper train
  • a sleeping car, or a berth in one.
  • informal a sleeping pill: he gave me tranquillizers in addition to the sleepers I was already on
  • (usually sleepers) chiefly North American a sleep suit for a baby or small child.
  • North American a sofa or chair that converts into a bed.
  • 3a film, book, play, etc. that eventually achieves unexpected success after initially attracting very little attention: this low-budget, black-and-white American sleeper concerns two brothers [as modifier]: it became one of the sleeper hits of the year
  • an antique whose true value goes unrecognized for some time: photographed after it proved to be a sleeper, this Regency table took £8,600 instead of £1,500 as anticipated
  • (also sleeper agent) a secret agent who remains inactive for a long period while establishing a secure position: a KGB plot to uncover his sleepers
  • 4British a ring or post worn in a pierced ear to keep the hole from closing.
  • 5British a wooden or concrete beam laid transversely under railway track to support it.
6a stocky fish with mottled coloration which occurs widely in warm seas and fresh water.
  • Dormitator and other genera, family Gobiidae (or Eleotridae): many species. See also cockabully

(săb'ə-tûr') pronunciation
One who commits sabotage.

[French, from saboter, to sabotage. See sabotage.]

(kʊr'ē-ər, kûr'-, kŭr'-) pronunciation
    1. A messenger, especially one on official diplomatic business.
    2. A spy carrying secret information.
    1. A personal attendant hired to make arrangements for a journey.
    2. An employee of a travel agency serving as a guide for tourists.
[French courrier, from Old French, from Old Italian corriere, from correre, to run, from Latin currere.]
  • [kə'ːriər | kúr-]

[名]1 (手紙・小包などの)運搬[配達]人;急送[宅配]便業者
a motorcycle courier
a private courier firm
2 ((主に英))旅行世話人;(旅行社の)ガイド, 添乗員.
(1) (外交文書・重要書類などを携行する)急使.
(2) 急使が利用する輸送機関(飛行機・船など).
4 ((C-))((新聞・雑誌等の名称に用いて))…クーリア, …新報
the Liverpool Courier

Pronunciation: /ˈkʊrɪə

Definition of courier in English:


1A company or employee of a company that transportscommercial packages and documents:the cheque was dispatched by courier[AS MODIFIER]: a courier service
1.1messenger for an underground or espionageorganization:a courier disguised as a commercial traveller
2chiefly British A person employed to guide and assistgroup of tourists:he worked as a courier on a package holiday toMajorca


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Send (goods or documents) by courier:your order can be couriered to you in three days


late Middle English (denoting a person sent to run with a message): originally from Old French coreor; later fromFrench courier (now courrier), from Italian corriere; based on Latin currere 'to run'.


Line breaks: self-immola¦tion
Pronunciation: /sɛlfɪməˈleɪʃ(ə)n


The offering of oneself as a sacrifice, especially byburning:70 people died in the unrest, mainly by gunfire and self-immolation


Line breaks: im|mo¦bile
Pronunciation: /ɪˈməʊbʌɪl


1Not moving; motionless:she sat immobile for a long time
1.1Incapable of moving or being moved:an immobile workforce


Middle English: from Old French, from Latin immobilis, from in- 'not' + mobilis (see mobile).