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crap (BAD), slash, “slash and burn”, fanzine

Apple CEO calls EU tax ruling 'political crap'

Tim Cook has lashed out at the European Commission, saying that an anti-US bias may have played a role in the EU executive's decision to order Apple to pay Ireland 13 billion euros in back taxes.

The British Library
Punk 1976-78 opens in one week! Music, rare artefacts and fanzines tell the story of punk from the birth of the Sex Pistols at Malcolm McLaren to its impact on a generation of young people and beyond.http://bit.ly/1T4S3YL ‪#‎punk40‬

Starting with the impact of the Sex Pistols in 1976, the exhibition explores punk’s early days in the capital and reveals how its remarkable influence spread across music, fashion, print and graphic styles nationwide.…

95年的大卫仅以一只在英国发行的《Let’s Slash The Seats..This Film’s Crap》惊艳四座、

The New York Times leads with word that a confidential government report undermines recent claims by Medicare officials that they had slashed fraud and saved the agency billions of dollars in false payouts. According to a leaked draft of the report, senior Medicare officials told auditors not to bother comparing sales invoices with doctors' records; that meant that the audit failed to pick up on at least $2.8 billion in improper spending.

The Journal also reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission plans to examine trading records supplied by Bear, including data showing how Goldman Sachs, Citadel Investment Group and Paulson & Company slashed their exposure to the firm in the weeks before its downfall.

Last year, Airbus had to revise its delivery schedule, went through a major management shakeup, and announced plans to slash 10,000 jobs at its European plants - all of which will cost the company billions of euros over the coming years.

A key test for Carrefour could come during Chinese festivals at the beginning of May, when the chain has announced it will slash prices for a holiday promotion.rumor-stoked environment

crap (BAD)
something which is worthless, useless, nonsense or of bad quality:
I can't believe she's trying to pass off this crap as art!
I've only read one novel by him and it was a load of crap.

adjective crapper, crappest
1 INFORMAL OR OFFENSIVE of very bad quality:
A bad film? It was crap!
UK He watches a lot of crap TV.

2 UK INFORMAL OR OFFENSIVE not skilled or not organized:
He's totally crap at football.
I meant to call him and invite him, but I've been a bit crap about asking people.


KK: []
DJ: []
vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)
  1. (用刀,劍等)砍;砍擊;砍傷,割傷
  2. 傑克的臉被碎玻璃劃破了。
  3. 揮(劍,鞭等);鞭打
  4. 他住了手,不去鞭打他的馬了。
  5. 開叉於(衣服)[H][(+with)]
  6. 大幅度削減,減低,減少[H]
  7. 政府決定大幅度減稅。
  8. 嚴厲批評,猛烈抨擊
  9. 一些評論家嚴厲批評他的新書。
vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)
  1. 猛砍,亂砍;揮擊[(+at)]
  2. 獵人揮刀向熊猛烈砍去。
  3. (雨)猛烈衝打[Q]
  4. 大雨猛打窗戶。
  5. 嚴厲批評,抨擊[(+at/against)]
n. (名詞 noun)[C]
  1. 猛砍,亂砍;揮擊
  2. 砍傷,砍痕
  3. 刀在他的腿上劃出一道口子。
  4. (衣服的)叉口,長縫
  5. 大幅度的削減
  6. 消費者歡迎削減肉價。
  7. 【口】斜線
  8. 這兒你可以用斜線號。


KK: []
DJ: []
n. (名詞 noun)
  1. 【美】(灌木叢生的)沼澤低地[P]
  2. 沼澤低地通常是灌木叢生或長滿樹木。
slash1[ sl ]


1 …に(ナイフ・剣などで)深く切りつける, …をめった切りにする((with ...))(⇒CUT[類語]);…を切り払う, 切り落とす((off))

slash one's way through the underbrush

2 ((通例受身))〈衣服などに〉(…色の)切り込みを入れる((with ...))

a gown slashed through with green

3 〈人を〉むち打つ.

4 〈予算・物価などを〉大幅に削減する

slash the budget

slash the manuscript by one-third

Prices are slashed.

5 …を酷評する.

6 〈剣などを〉振り回す((about)).


1 めった切りにする;切り払う;(…に)切りつける((at ...));切り進む;むち打つ;さっと…する

The cat slashed at the dog's face with its claws.

2 〈雨などが〉(…に)激しく打ちつける((against ...)).


1 (剣などで)すっと切りつけること;一撃, 深い傷;(ペンなどで)一書きすること[されたもの].

2 (衣服の)スラッシュ, 切り込み.

3 (森林地帯で)切り枝などの散乱しているあき地;((米))散乱している切り枝など.

4 削減, 節減.

5 ((米))《印》斜線, スラッシュ(/)(virgule).

6 スラッシュ(フィクション)(slash fiction):特にファンジン(fanzine)で発表されるポピュラー小説のジャンル;男性キャラクター同士が同性愛行為を繰り広げる. ▼登場する男性キャラクター2人の名前またはイニシャルがスタートレックのKirk/Spock, K/Sのようにスラッシュで結ばれることから.

    fanzine (blend of fan and magazine or -zine) is a nonprofessional and nonofficial publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre) for the pleasure of others who share their interest.

    Fanzine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


fanzine (blend of fan and magazine or -zine) is a nonprofessional and nonofficial publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre) for the pleasure of others who share their interest. The term was coined in an October 1940 science fiction fanzine by Russ Chauvenet and first popularized within science fiction fandom, from whom it was adopted by others.


Pronunciation: /ˈfanziːn/ 


A magazine, usually produced by amateurs, for fans of a particular performer, group, or form of entertainment:[WITH MODIFIER]: football fanzine


1940s (originally US): blend of fan2 and magazine.

slash (CUT)
1 [I or T] to cut with a sharp blade using a quick strong swinging action:
The museum was broken into last night and several paintings were slashed.
She tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists.
We had to slash (our way) through the long grass to clear a path.

2 [T] INFORMAL to greatly reduce something, such as money or jobs:
Prices have been slashed by 50%!

slash Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a long, deep cut

2 a long swinging hit:
Ben took a wild slash at the ball and luckily managed to hit it.

3 a decorative opening in a piece of clothing, often with a different colour showing through it:
My new dress is pale blue, with a dark blue slash in the sleeves.

slasher Show phonetics
a person who kills or injures people using a knife

當今管理學有所謂 “slash and burn” 型領導者。他們短視(求短線績效)、對於買進的企業,採取的經營手段如淘空公司資源、大幅裁員等等,殺雞取卵之方式等等。這“slash and burn”,不知道有沒恰當之中文名詞 ?

50年代寫{全面品管}(TQC)的A. V. Fegenbaum,幾年前與他老弟合寫一本『經營資本之力』(The Power of Management Capital),書中應用有五處”slash and burn”,讀者可利用Amazon 的全文搜索去讀一下。

“slash and burn” 在陸谷孫《英文大詞典》說法,類似:" 刀耕火種"的耕作方法:砍伐林木,焚燒做為肥料,然後就地耕耨下種的耕種方法。 另外的解釋為
slash and burn :刀耕火種法, 指把地上的草木燒成灰做成肥料就地挖坑下種的原始耕作方法

slash and burn (日文: 焼き畑式の.;完璧に破壊する)
這 "刀耕火種" ,在「教育部國語辭典」有進一步例:宋˙陸游˙雍熙請錫老疏:山宿山行,平日只成露布,刀耕火種,從今別是生涯。亦作刀耕火耨、火耨刀耕。

換句話說,”slash and burn”在管理學上採取比喻說法,有趕盡殺絕的意思。原 slash and burn「 傳統落後的刀耕火種生産方式每年要燒掉大量樹種、嚴重破壞了水源林等問題 」。

“slash and burn的二個英文解說為: “Of or being a form of agriculture in which an area of forest is cleared by cutting and burning and is then planted, usually for several seasons, before being left to return to forest. “

或是:"Drastic or destructive: "The past few years of painful, slash-and-burn expense cutting have made top brokerage executives reluctant to revert to their former, profligate ways" (David Henry).”

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