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The travel advisory urged citizens of the Bahamas visiting the U.S. to avoid “political or other demonstrations under any circumstances.”

On the heels of nationwide protests against police violence, the Bahamas…

“The person who knew you best when you were seventeen will always have a claim on you, no matter how much you change. There's something seductive and magnetic about it, the feeling of being understood like that. I suppose it goes both ways.”
―Lauren Fox, Friends Like Us

Some Harvard students who come from under-resourced high schools struggle to find their footing on a campus with an overall wealthy student body that draws from a small number of private and magnet schools.

Benjamin C. Barnett ’17 was the first and only student from his public high...

‘We live in a 24/7 world and that's not how bodies and humans were geared to exist in a healthy state.’

On the heels of chefs and farmers came electricians, insurance workers and builders. Truck driver and call centre workers also made it into the top ten of unhealthiest professions.

The Other Side of the Falls

Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe has long been a
tourist magnet. But with Robert Mugabe at the helm of the Zimbabwean
government, many are avoiding this part of Africa.

The DW-WORLD Article

Also, hard on the heels of. Directly behind, immediately following, as in Mom's birthday comes on the heels of Mother's Day, or Hard on the heels of the flood there was a tornado. The hard in the variant acts as an intensifier, giving it the sense of "close on the heels of". [Early 1800s] Also see at one's heels.

on the heels of :片語,緊跟在……之後。例句:Mom’s birthday comes on the heels of Mother’s Day.(母親節之後不久就是媽媽的生日了。)

magnet (ATTRACTION) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a person, place or thing that other people feel strongly attracted to:
The United States has always acted as a magnet for people seeking fame and fortune.

magnetic Show phonetics
describes someone whose personality attracts a lot of people

magnetism Show phonetics
noun [U]
a quality that makes someone very attractive to other people:
The actress has a personal magnetism that is rare in someone so young.
his personal magnetism attracted men to the brotherhood

'Blood and Beauty: The Borgias'

The Renaissance Borgias and their Machiavellian magnetism.


━━ n. 磁石 (a bar ~ 棒磁石); 磁鉄(鉱); 人を引きつけるもの[人物].
 ━━ n. 磁気, 磁力; 磁気学; 魅力.
 ━━ n. 【鉱】磁鉄鉱.
mag・net・ize ━━ v. 磁力を帯びさせる[帯びる]; (人を)引きつける, (人心を)動かす.
mag・net・i・za・tion n. 磁化.
magnet school 〔米〕 (特定学科目に重点を置く)専門高校.

Line breaks: mag¦net
Pronunciation: /ˈmaɡnɪt/

Definition of magnet in English:


1A piece of iron or other material which has itscomponent atoms so ordered that the materialexhibits properties of magnetism, such as attractingother iron-containing objects or aligning itself in an external magnetic field.
1.1A person or thing that has a powerful attraction:the beautiful stretch of white sand is a magnet forsun-worshippers
1.2archaic term for lodestone.


Late Middle English (denoting lodestone): from Latinmagnesmagnet-, from Greek magnēs lithos'lodestone', probably influenced by Anglo-Norman Frenchmagnete (from Latin magnesmagnet-).

noun [C or U]
a device, often consisting of connecting sets of wheels with teeth around the edge, that controls how much power from an engine goes to the moving parts of a machine:
Does your car have four or five gears?
I couldn't find reverse gear.
The car should be in gear (= with its gears in position, allowing the vehicle to move).
When you start a car you need to be in first/US ALSO low gear.
FIGURATIVE After a slow start, the leadership campaign suddenly shifted into top gear (= started to advance very quickly).

be in [out of] gear ギヤがきく[きかない]; 調子がよい[悪い].
get into gear 順調に動き出す.
in high [low] gear 高速[低速]で[の]; 調子が最高[最低]で[の].

In October, as the holiday gift season was getting into gear, The Wall Street Journal purchased four recalled Mattel Inc. toys from sellers on Taobao.com, China's leading online consumer auction site. The toys included a Barbie kitchen set with lead paint, a Polly Pocket play set containing potentially deadly magnets and a Fisher-Price infant swing that was recalled world-wide because 60 infants suffered cuts, bruises and other injuries after getting trapped between the swing seat and its frame. On any given day that month, the site had listings for dozens of other recalled Mattel goods, with some sellers suggesting they had as many as 100 of each toy for sale.
《華 爾街日報》記者在去年10月聖誕購物季開始升溫時在中國領先的購物網站──淘寶網(Taobao.com)上買到四套美泰公司(Mattel Inc.)已宣佈召回的玩具。其中包括因涂料含鉛而被召回的芭比娃娃廚房套件(Barbie kitchen)、因帶有可能致命的磁石零件而被召回的芭莉口袋娃娃(Polly Pocket)套件﹐以及Fisher-Price的嬰兒鞦千。此前曾有60名嬰兒因為被卡在這種鞦千的座椅和構件之間而被割傷、擦傷或是受到其他傷害﹐ 因此該產品在全球範圍被召回。而在整個10月份﹐淘寶網上隨時都可以找到十幾種已宣佈召回的美泰產品﹐網站上的一些商家甚至暗示每一種商品的待售數量都達 到上百件。

gearLine breaks: gear

Definition of gear in English:


1(often gears) A toothed wheel that works with others to alter the relation between the speed of a drivingmechanism (such as the engine of a vehicle) and thespeed of the driven parts (the wheels):racing bike with ten-speed gears
1.1particular setting of engaged gears:he was belting along in fifth gear
1.2Used in reference to the level of effort orintensity expended in an activity or undertaking:from this weekend, the campaign is expected tostep up a gearnow the champions moved up a gearthe play moves down a gear whenever he walks off stage
2[MASS NOUNUSUALLY WITH MODIFIER] Equipment orapparatus that is used for a particular purpose:camping gear
2.1informal Clothing, especially of a specified kind:designer gear
2.2informal Personal possessions and clothes:told her to come back to my place with all her gear
2.3British informal Illegal drugs:Murray got him some gear


[WITH OBJECT]Back to top  
Design or adjust the gears in a machine to give a specified speed or power output:the vehicle’s geared too high for serious off-road use


Middle English: of Scandinavian origin; compare withOld Norse gervi. Early senses expressed the general meaning 'equipment or apparatus', later 'mechanism': hence sense 1 of the noun (early 19th century).

Line breaks: geared
Pronunciation: /ˈɡɪəd    /
Definition of geared in English:

1Fitted with gears:
a geared engine
[IN COMBINATION]: a multi-geared cycle
2 [WITH ADVERB] (Of a company) having a specified ratio of loan capital (debt) to the value of its ordinary shares (equity):
highly geared companies

at (or on) the heels of

Following closely after:he headed off with Sammy at his heels