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"I cringed when I heard them. It’s so not cool - as well as being downright counter-productive - for older women to try to shame younger women." Why Anne Taylor Fleming says you can't shame female voters into voting Clinton: http://reut.rs/1TcXcg9

Playing the shame game with younger women is troubling, particularly…

'Tis true, for those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest, and those that she makes honest she makes very ill- favoredly.
It’s true: the women she makes beautiful she also makes slutty, and the women she makes pure and virginal she also makes ugly.

Some college-age women maintain their social status by name-calling.
A new study finds that girls police social hierarchies by slut-shaming one another
A student at Duke University in America just underwent an unfortunate experience. After deciding to pay her tuition by working in porn, she was outed by one of her male classmates and shamed across campus and the web. She lost all anonymity, and was forced to tell her story on her own terms before everyone else did.

<strong>BIG FUND-RAISING </strong> Rachel Laiserin and Rebecca Levey of Public School 87’s parents’ association, which brought in $1.57 million.
Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Beyond Bake Sales: The $1 Million PTA

At wealthy New York City schools, fund-raising helps fill a budget gap. Above, Rachel Laiserin and Rebecca Levey of Public School 87’s PTA, which raised $1.57 million.

英國倫敦在當地時間11日,舉行「蕩婦遊行」(Slut Walk),許多女性穿著火辣上街。(路透社) 英國女性為了爭取穿衣自由,將近7000多名的女性穿著性感走上街頭。(路透社) 〔本報訊〕繼澳洲布里斯本的「蕩婦遊行」(Slut Walk)後,英國倫敦也在當地時間11日,舉行同樣 ...

Japanese prime minister apologizes for scandal
Washington PostBy Blaine Harden TOKYO -- For politicians in Japan, the road to scandal usually winds through construction companies, defense contractors or a mistress. ...

Oxford Dictionary of English:

Parent-Teacher Association

→ noun Brit. a local organization of parents and teachers for promoting closer relations and improving educational facilities at a school.

Self-absorbed, emasculating sluts? Or brave, funny role models? The four ladies of Sex and the City have aroused debate since they premiered on HBO, 10 years ago today.

self-absorbed Show phonetics
adjective USUALLY DISAPPROVING ━━ a. 余念のない; 自分のことに夢中の.
only interested in yourself and your own activities

self-absorption Show phonetics
noun [U] ━━ n. (自己)没頭.
Her self-absorption is total - she talks you to death about her health problems.

美國最新公布 2015~2020 年最新健康飲食指南,取消了膽固醇上限,這消息已讓愛吃蛋的美國人雀躍不已,以「蛋」為名的料理和商機頓時爆發,Eggslut成了美國流行食尚排隊人氣蛋料理竄紅 NO.1!


(slŭt) pronunciation
    1. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.
    2. A woman prostitute.
  1. A slovenly woman; a slattern.
[Middle English slutte.]
• derogatory
  • 1A woman who has many casual sexual partners.
    • "People think I'm just a slut having sex on screen but I didn't do it simply to jumpstart my career," she adds in the Express.
    • You're dressing like a slut.
    • Girls still can be labeled sluts if they're sexually free, whereas boys aren't.

sluttish slut'tish adj.
sluttishly slut'tish·ly adv.
sluttishness slut'tish·ness n.
slutty slut'ty adj.


  1. A woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a usually married man who is not her husband and from whom she generally receives material support.
  2. A woman in a position of authority, control, or ownership, as the head of a household: "Thirteen years had seen her mistress of Kellynch Hall" (Jane Austen).
    1. A woman who owns or keeps an animal: a cat sitting in its mistress's lap.
    2. A woman who owns a slave.
  3. A woman with ultimate control over something: the mistress of her own mind.
    1. A nation or country that has supremacy over others: Great Britain, once the mistress of the seas.
    2. Something personified as female that directs or reigns: "my mistress . . . the open road" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
  4. A woman who has mastered a skill or branch of learning: a mistress of the culinary art.
  5. Mistress Used formerly as a courtesy title when speaking to or of a woman.
  6. Chiefly British. A woman schoolteacher.
[Middle English maistresse, from Old French, feminine of maistre, master, from Latin magister. See master.]
USAGE NOTE English has no shortage of terms for women whose behavior is viewed as licentious, but it is difficult to come up with a list of comparable terms used of men. One researcher, Julia Penelope, stopped counting after she reached 220 such labels for women, both current and historical, but managed to locate only 20 names for promiscuous men. Murial R. Schultz found more than 500 slang terms for prostitute but could find just 65 for the male terms whoremonger and pimp. A further imbalance appears in the connotations of many of these terms. While the terms generally applying only to women, like tramp and slut, are almost always strongly negative, corresponding terms used for men, such as stud and Casanova, often carry positive associations.
• Curiously, many of the negative terms used for women derive from words that once had neutral or even positive associations. For instance, the word mistress, now mainly used to refer to a woman who is involved in an extramarital sexual relationship, originally served simply as a neutral counterpart to mister or master. The term madam, while still a respectful form of address, has had sexual connotations since the early 1700s and has been used to refer to the owner of a brothel since the early 1900s.

━━ n. 女主人, 主婦; (時にM-) ((比喩的に)) 女王 ((強国など)); 女性の名人[大家]; 〔古〕 (M-) …夫人 ((通例Mrs. と略す)); 〔古〕 (M-) …嬢; 〔英〕 女教師; 愛人; 情婦; 女支配者.
be mistress of (女性が)…を自由にできる; …を制御[支配]できる.
be one's own mistress 独立している; 自分の思い通りにできる.
mistress of the situation 局面を左右するもの.