2015年12月22日 星期二

lift, uplift, uplifting, pump up, neutralizing, elevate, lockup,open up

Hospital Medical Devices to Go Wireless
The FCC is expected to vote to open up spectrum, easing patient monitoring and making corporate product development less risky.

Facebook's stock may have issues, but its lockup expiration on Aug. 19 may not be one of them.

“The Passage of Power,” the fourth installment of Robert Caro’s brilliant series on Lyndon Johnson, spans roughly five years, beginning shortly before the 1960 presidential contest, including the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban missile crisis and other seminal events of the Kennedy years, and ending a few months after the awful afternoon in Dallas that elevated L.B.J. to the presidency. 

In Saudi Arabia, Royal Funds Buy Peace for Now
By NEIL MacFARQUHAR 21 minutes ago

This oil-rich kingdom is spending $130 billion to pump up salaries, build housing and finance religious organizations, effectively neutralizing any opposition.

Local Votes Lift Taiwan Leader's Policy
New York Times
By AP TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwan's governing Nationalist Party won three out of five mayoral races in elections Saturday in the nation's biggest cities, ...

UAW's Sacrifices Look to Some Like Surrender
For decades after its founding in 1935, the United Auto Workers stood as a powerful model for the American labor movement, an influential organization that historians credit with uplifting living standards for all working Americans.
(By Peter Whoriskey, The Washington Post)

In a world of change, there were many uplifting moments provided by classical music in 2015. There were also moments of drama and turmoil inside the concert venue, as well.

improvement of a person's moral or spiritual condition:
We are counting on your speech, bishop, to give some moral uplift to the delegates.

uplifting adjective SLIGHTLY FORMAL
For me it was a marvellously uplifting performance/experience.

uplift (RAISE)
to raise something to a higher position

noun [U]
support for a woman's breasts that is provided by her clothes

With uplifted (= stretching up) arms, he ran towards them.

(lŏk'ŭp') pronunciation
  1. Informal. A jail, especially one in which offenders are held while awaiting a court hearing.
    1. The act or an instance of locking.
    2. The state of being locked.

(ĕl'ə-vāt') pronunciation
tr.v., -vat·ed, -vat·ing, -vates.
  1. To move (something) to a higher place or position from a lower one; lift.
  2. To increase the amplitude, intensity, or volume of.
  3. To promote to a higher rank.
  4. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level.
  5. To lift the spirits of; elate. See synonyms at lift.
[Middle English elevaten, from Latin ēlevāre, ēlevāt- : ē-, ex-, up; see ex- + levāre, to raise.]


v., lift·ed, lift·ing, lifts. v.tr.
    1. To direct or carry from a lower to a higher position; raise: lift one's eyes; lifted the suitcase.
    2. To transport by air: The helicopter lifted the entire team to the meet.
    1. To revoke by taking back; rescind: lifted the embargo.
    2. To bring an end to (a blockade or siege) by removing forces.
  1. To cease (artillery fire) in an area.
    1. To raise in condition, rank, or esteem.
    2. To uplift; elate: Your telephone call really lifted my spirits.
  2. To remove (plants) from the ground for transplanting.
  3. To project or sound in loud, clear tones: lifted their voices in song.
  4. Informal. To steal; pilfer: A thief lifted my wallet.
  5. Informal. To copy from something already published; plagiarize: lifted whole paragraphs from the encyclopedia.
  6. To pay off or clear (a debt or mortgage, for example).
  7. To perform cosmetic surgery on (the face, for example), especially in order to remove wrinkles or sagging skin.
    1. Sports. To hit (a golf ball) very high into the air.
    2. To pick up (a golf ball) to place it in a better lie.
    3. To shoot or flip (a puck) so that it rises sharply off the ice.
    1. To rise; ascend.
    2. To yield to upward pressure: These windows lift easily.
    1. To disappear or disperse by or as if by rising: By afternoon the smog had lifted.
    2. To stop temporarily: The rain lifted by morning.
  1. To become elevated; soar: Their spirits lifted when help came.
  1. The act or process of rising or raising to a higher position.
  2. Power or force available for raising: the lift of a pump.
  3. An amount or a weight raised or capable of being raised at one time; a load.
    1. The extent or height to which something is raised or rises; the amount of elevation.
    2. The distance or space through which something is raised or rises.
  4. A rise or an elevation in the level of the ground.
  5. An elevation of the spirits: The good news gave us a lift.
  6. A raised, high, or erect position, as of a part of the body: the lift of his chin.
  7. A machine or device designed to pick up, raise, or carry something.
  8. One of the layers of leather, rubber, or other material making up the heel of a shoe.
  9. Chiefly British. A passenger or cargo elevator.
  10. A ride in a vehicle given to help someone reach a destination: gave my friend a lift into town.
  11. Assistance or help: gave her a lift with her heavy packages.
  12. A set of pumps used in a mine.
  13. The component of the total aerodynamic force acting on an airfoil or on an entire aircraft or winged missile perpendicular to the relative wind and normally exerted in an upward direction, opposing the pull of gravity.
phrasal verb:
lift off
  1. To begin flight: The spacecraft lifted off at noon.
lift fire
  1. To increase the range of artillery fire by elevating the muzzle of a piece.
[Middle English liften, from Old Norse lypta.]
liftable lift'a·ble adj.
lifter lift'er n.
SYNONYMS lift, raise, elevate, hoist, heave, boost. These verbs mean to move something from a lower to a higher level or position. Lift sometimes stresses the expenditure of effort: a trunk too heavy to lift. Raise often implies movement to an approximately vertical position: raised my hand so I could ask a question. Elevate is sometimes synonymous with the preceding terms (elevated his sprained ankle), but it more often suggests exalting, ennobling, or raising morally or intellectually: "A generous and elevated mind is distinguished by nothing more certainly than an eminent degree of curiosity" (Samuel Johnson). Hoist is applied principally to the lifting of heavy objects, often by mechanical means: hoist a sunken ship. To heave is to lift or raise with great effort or force: heaved the pack onto his back. Boost suggests upward movement effected by or as if by pushing from below: boosted the child into the saddle. See also synonyms at steal.

(1) …を引き[持ち]上げる(⇔lower)((up));…をとっておろす((down));〈ふた・帽子などを〉(持ち上げて)取る((off));〈数量・水準・割合などを〉ふやす, 上げる
lift up a chair
lift a child in one's arms
lift a box down from the shelf
(2) 〈手・目・顔などを〉上げる((up))
lift one's face
lift up one's head
lift a hand against a person
(3) 〈風が波を〉立てる((up)).
[類語]「より高い位置へ移す」という意味で共通するが, liftは空中に, 特に努力して, 持ち上げるという意味合い. raiseは(たとえば, 帽子や手などを)ある特定の位置や場所に, 短時間上げるという意味合い.
2 〈禁止令・税金などを〉撤廃する;〈封鎖・妨害などを〉解く;〈砲火を〉一時中止する;〈痛みなどを〉取り除く
lift the ban on the book
The mountain lifts (up) its head above the clouds.
4III[名]([副])]((時に〜 -self))〈人の地位・境遇・品位などを〉高める, 〈人を〉向上させる;〈気分・意気などを〉高める, 高揚させる
lift one's spirits
lift oneself up from poverty
lift a person to fame
5 ((文))〈声・叫びを〉張り上げる((up))
lift (up) one's voice against a person
They lifted (up) their voices in song.
6 〈文章などを〉(…から)盗用する;((略式))〈金・品物を〉(…から)盗む, 万引きする((from ...))
lift a dress from the store
7 〈人・物を〉(ある場所へ)空輸する;〈人を〉(乗り物に)乗せてやる.
8 〈植物・塊茎などを〉掘り出す, 注意して移す.
9 《時計》〈がんぎ車がアンクルを〉動かす.
10 ((米))〈抵当・約束手形を〉請け出す, 〈負債を〉弁済する;〈家賃などを〉集金する.
11 《ゴルフ》〈球を〉(打球できない位置から)拾い上げる;《ゴルフ・クリケット》〈球を〉高く打ち上げる.
12 〈顔の〉しわ取り手術をする;〈指紋を〉採取する.
13 《船》〈模型・図面の縮尺を〉建造中の実物部品に当てはめる;〈型板を〉(図面・模型に基づいて)作る.
14 〈番犬が羊を〉管理する;《キツネ狩り》〈猟犬を〉(キツネの臭線から)遠ざける.
15 〈人を〉逮捕する, 監禁する.
1 (←(他)1)〈物が〉上がる, 持ち上がる((off)). ▼ふつう否定文で用いる
The cover doesn't lift.
2 (…を)持ち上げようと力を入れる((at ...)).
3 〈雲・霧などが〉晴れる, 〈闇(やみ)などが〉明るむ, 〈雨が〉一時やむ;〈心・気分が〉晴れる;〈気分が〉高揚する.
4 〈陸が〉水平線上に見えてくる;〈山・塔などが〉そびえる.
5 〈床・敷物などが〉ふくれ上がる, そる;〈船が〉波に乗って持ち上がる.
6 〈飛行機・ミサイルなどが〉離陸する((off)).
1 持ち上げる[上がる]こと
a lift of a hand
a lift in the minimum wage
2 (物が)持ち上がる[持ち上げる]距離;[U][C]浮き上がる力, 揚力;持ち上げた重量[分量, 荷].
3 ((通例a 〜))(車などに乗る際に)手を貸してやること;((英))(特に歩行者を)車に乗せてやること(((米))ride);(一般に)助力, 手助け(help)
give a person a lift
人を車に乗せてやる, 人に手を貸してやる.
4 感情の高揚, 気持ちの高まり
give a person a lift
5 昇降機;スキー[チェア]リフト;((主に英))エレベーター(((米))elevator)
take the lift
press the button to call the lift
6 土地の隆起.
7 貨物船の積載能力.
8 積み重ねて作る靴のかかと革の1枚;靴の上げ底.
9 《採鉱》(1回で採掘した)鉱石量, 石炭量;《印刷》(1回の)紙量.
10 空輸(airlift).
11 盗むこと.
12 昇進.
13 顔のしわ取り手術(face lift).
on the lift
((米南部・中部))(病気・飢えなどで)弱って;(支えなしには)立ち上がれないで, 立っていられないで.
[スカンジナビア語. △LOFT(屋根裏部屋)]