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dripping gore, gored, tusk, mammoth, narwhal, get a person's goat, chimping, groin

Warning: graphic

A Spanish bullfighter has been gored to death in front of horrified spectators. He was the first to be killed in the ring in more than 30 years.

"Something will come of this. I hope it mayn’t be human gore!"
--from "Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of Eighty" (1841) by Charles Dickens

A 320-page book, with every scene drawn from a single vantage point: the corner of one room. Cute characters, taking tea, suddenly surrounded by dripping gore. A Punch and Judy story, as told by Neil Gaiman.
Cartoonist Ian Williams recommends his favourite eerie, spooky graphic novels.

From Neil Gaiman’s evil Mr Punch to Hannah Berry’s characters in eerie peril on a night train, these are stories full of seasonal unease
A Spanish bullfighter has been gored in the groin

With every step, the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it seemed likely that he'd sure enough get gored before he reached safety. The officer was clearly terrified.

Far Away From Wall Street, a Herd Gets Gored

Some of the world's biggest banks and law firms are fighting over what's left of Lehman Brothers. And so are the owners of 1,000 goats.

中英對照讀新聞 - It really gets my goat when I miss a great shot! 我錯過一個大好鏡頭真令我抓狂

One Russian wildlife photographer captured this perfect Kodak moment at a reserve in Kabardino-Balkaria - but another didn’t.
As the fellow photographer was checking his camera a goat poked its head up from behind a rock and...he missed it.
Igor Shpilenok did manage to snap it though, and his picture perfectly illustrates the dangers of "chimping" too much.
Chimping is a colloquial term used in digital photography to describe the habit of checking every photo on the camera display (LCD) immediately after capture.
Stare too much at the back of your camera and you might miss a great photo opportunity - like this man.

get a person's goat
((話))〈人を〉怒らせる.get one’s goat:動詞片語,激怒某人、使生氣。Your attitude really gets my goat.(你的態度令我很火大。)
Kodak moment:俚語,名詞,僅此一次、值得留下紀錄的珍貴時刻。例句:They had a very touching reunion after being separated for 10 years. What a Kodak moment.(分離十年後,他們很感人地團圓。真是珍貴的一刻。)
chimping:俚語,以數位相機拍照後立即檢視照片的動作,原形chimp,動詞。例句:He chimped his shots nervously to make sure he didn’t miss that Kodak moment.(他緊張地檢視他拍的照片,以確定他沒有錯過那珍貴的時刻。)

《中英對照讀新聞》New tusk test could help stop ivory trade 新的象牙檢測可能有助於阻止象牙交易
Forensic experts have developed an unusual way of dating elephant tusks in a bid to stop the illegal trade of ivory.
Only the sale of antique ivory from before 1947 is permitted in the EU but there is no accurate method of identifying it from modern ivory.
Now a scientist at Edinburgh Zoo has come up with the test which, it could be said, owes its success to the Cold War.
The 1950s saw widespread nuclear weapons testing which caused a rise in the levels of a certain chemical in the atmosphere. The amount of carbon 14 doubled by 1965 and can be found in the bones and tusks of animals.
If an ivory sample displays a high level of the matter then it proves it came from an animal alive after the introduction of nuclear testing in the 50s and is therefore being sold illegally.

Herman Melville, who died September 28th 1891, joked that narwhals' tusks are used to open letters. He was quite wrong: they are actually used to attract mates. (Narwhals with big tusks are well endowed at the other end too.) From the archive:
赫爾曼 · 梅爾維爾,1891 年 9 月 28 日去世,享年開玩笑說,獨角鯨的長牙用來打開信件。他完全錯了: 他們實際上用來吸引伴侶。(獨角鯨的大獠牙好天生的另一端也。)從存檔:

EVER since Europeans began trading the whorled ivory tusk of the narwhal in the 12th century, people have puzzled over its purpose. Early research was hampered...

extremely large:
Cleaning up the city-wide mess is going to be a mammoth task.
It's a mammoth undertaking - are you sure you have the resources to cope?

noun [C]
a type of large hairy elephant with tusks which no longer exists

━━ n. 【動】マンモス; 巨大なもの.
━━ a. 巨大な.
 Mammoth Cave National Park マッモス・ケーブ国立公園 ((Kentucky州南西部の国立公園;鍾乳洞で有名)).

三省堂提供「EXCEED 英和辞典」より凡例はこちら

Chinese Unveil Mammoth Arts Center

Peter Parks/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images 2007
The new National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing is meant to establish a cultural core next to Tiananmen Square, a political center.




1The area between the abdomen and the upper thighon either side of the body.
1.1informal The region of the genitals:she kicked him in the groin

2Architecture curved edge formed by twointersecting vaults.

date︰動詞,確定…年代。名詞有(口語)預約的活動之意,例句︰It’s a date.(就這麼說定、一言為定。)
in a bid to︰片語,企圖、爭取。AOL revamped its logo in a bid to revive the brand. (美國線上為了提振品牌,改換了形象標章。)
owe(to)︰動詞,應歸功於。例句︰She owes her success to hard work.(她把成功歸因於辛勤工作。)

gore 1 

Pronunciation: /ɡɔː/ 


Blood that has been shed, especially as a result of violence:the film omitted the blood and gore in order to avoid controversy


Old English gor 'dung, dirt', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch goorSwedish gorr 'muck, filth'. The current sense dates from the mid 16th century.

Definition of gore


[with object]
(of an animal such as a bull) pierce or stab (a person or other animal) with a horn or tusk: he was gored to death by a charging bull

gore (INJURE) Show phonetics
verb [T]
(of an animal) to cause an injury with the horns or tusks:
gored by a bull



Definition of GORE

:  bloodespecially :  clotted blood
:  gruesomeness depicted in vivid detail

Origin of GORE

Middle English, filth, from Old English gor
First Known Use: 1563