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Reports of Military Sexual Assault Rise Sharply


Congress is considering changes to the military justice system that would give victims more resources and possibly reduce the power of commanders to reverse offenders' convictions. 

If he let it burn, it would be for the sake of what wildfire experts call resource benefit: letting fire play its proper role in the ecosystem, and allowing forests in the West to revert to the conditions that characterized them in the days before every wildfire was extinguished as quickly as possible. That practice — pursued for more than a century, and today recognized by scientists as a really dumb idea — allowed younger trees and underbrush to flourish in many places, increasing the density of flammable material and thus exposing forests to fires hotter and more intense than they had evolved in response to. Now firefighters like Klimek look for ways to reduce the potential fuel in the environment, which sometimes means letting lower-intensity fires burn and watching them closely. This seemed like an opportunity for just such a “managed” fire.

Tom Toles / The Washington Post

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Google Nexus 7 Has Hidden Magnetic Screen Sensor
The sensor gives the tablet the ability to wake itself when a magnet is in the proximity of the bezel.

That said, AOL still has to show it can stabilize its share of U.S. display advertising, which ThinkEquity puts below 5% and falling. So investors shouldn't get carried away with the idea of fellow Google alumnus Marissa Mayer pulling off the same trick at ailing Yahoo, which now says it may reverse a decision to return more than $4 billion to shareholders.

On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule after 156 years as a British colony.

Ostler contends that the future promises something quite different: a new linguistic world order, in which China, India, Russia and Brazil, increasingly dominant economically, will discover that they can secure their positions in the global marketplace without recourse to English. The international form of the language will evaporate, and English will revert to being spoken only in its native heartlands. Those heartlands will be less important politically and commercially.奧斯特勒則認為,未來可能會出現完全不同的圖景:在新的世界語言格局中,隨著中國、印度、俄羅斯以及巴西在經濟上逐漸變得舉足輕重,它們會發現即使不借助英語,同樣能鞏固自身在全球市場中的地位。國際性的語言將不復存在,英語會重新成為尋常語言,只有英語發源國家與地區才會繼續使用它,屆時那些國家與地區在政治上和經濟上都將不再舉足輕重。

reverse their fortunes with greater economy of scale

Taiwan smartphone maker HTC hopes new model can help reverse falling revenue
Washington Post
TAIPEI, Taiwan — HTC Corp. is marketing a new smartphone that can take four digital photos per second, a model the Taiwan maker hopes can help reverse its falling revenue amid keener competition. The company unveiled on Monday the HTC One X. It allows ...

United Is in Talks About a Merger With US Airways
As most airlines lose money, two see a chance to reverse their fortunes with greater economy of scale. But many hurdles remain, including labor questions.


For an Obama Mentor, a Nebulous Legal Niche
Laurence H. Tribe, a top constitutional scholar and a former teacher of the president, is trying out public service.

Reverse Mentoring Cracks Workplace
In an effort to school senior executives in technology, social media and the latest workplace trends, many businesses are pairing upper management with younger employees in a practice known as reverse mentoring.

the reversionary interest

1.on Page 30:
"The problem of the reversionary interest was particularly alarming; it was, until Frederick's death in 1751, to pose Pelham the same problems which it posed Walpole. Even without these ... "
2.on Page 70:
"This combination of the reversionary interest and the 'old corps' was as cynical an exercise in political manoeuvre as anything conceived by Pitt's predecessors and opponents; it corresponded closely with what ... "


noun [S or U]
1 FORMAL a change back to a previous and often worse condition:
The new procedures are being seen as a reversion to old, inefficient ways of working.
"there was some reversion to polytheism"
2 LEGAL a return of something to its previous owner
the right, especially of the original owner or their heirs, to possess or succeed to property on the death of the present possessor or at the end of a lease.

"the reversion of property"


━━ n. 逆転, 復帰 ((to)); 帰属 ((to)); 【生物】隔世遺伝; 【法】相続権; (譲渡人への)財産の復帰; 一定の期限後[死後]受け取る金.
 re・ver・sion・al ━━ a.
 ━━ a.
reversionary annuity 【保険】生残(せいざん)年金.

adj. Law.
Of or connected with the reversion of an estate.

try out
1. Undergo a qualifying test, as for an athletic team. For example, I'm trying out for the basketball team. [Mid-1900s]
2. Test or use experimentally, as in They're trying out new diesels, or We're trying out this new margarine. [Late 1800s]

 The front cover of a desktop or tower computer case. The term also refers to the individual drive bay covers, which are removed to install CD-ROMs and other removable drives that require access from the front of the case. A removable drive may have its own custom bezel, otherwise it is mounted flush with the front of the case.
(bĕz'əl) pronunciation
  1. A slanting surface or bevel on the edge of a cutting tool, such as a chisel.
  2. The upper, faceted portion of a cut gem, above the girdle and below the table.
  3. A groove or flange designed to hold a beveled edge, as of a watch crystal or a gem.
[Probably French dialectal, akin to French biseau, from bis, two times, from Latin.]
1 (のみなどの)刃の斜面.
2 (指輪などの宝石の)受け溝, 受け座;冠部;(カットした宝石の)斜面, 子面;(宝石や時計のガラスぶたをはめる)つめ.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[rivə'ːrt]


[no object] (revert to)
  • return to (a previous state, condition, practice, etc.):he reverted to his native language
  • return to (a previous topic):he ignored her words by reverting to the former subject
  • convert to (the Islamic faith): I reverted to Islam five years ago
  • Biology return to (a former or ancestral type):it is impossible that a fishlike mammal will actually revert to being a true fish
  • Law (of property) return or pass to (the original owner) by reversion.
  • [with object] archaic turn (one’s eyes or steps) back:on reverting our eyes, every step presented some new and admirable scene


  • a person who has converted to the Islamic faith.



( Law)


Middle English: from Old French revertir or Latin revertere 'turn back'. Early senses included 'recover consciousness', 'return to a position', and 'return to a person (after estrangement)'
1 (元の習慣・信仰・状態に)戻る, 復帰する, (元の考え・議論に)立ち帰る, 戻る, (…を)顧みる, 回顧する((to ...));再び(…)し始める((to doing))
revert to type
revert to one's original idea
2 《生物》(…へ)先祖返りする((to ...)).
3 《法律》〈財産が〉(以前の所有者・相続人に)復帰する((to ...)).

1 〈位置・方向・順序・性質が〉(…と)逆の, 反対の((to ...)). ⇒OPPOSITE[類語]
the reverse direction
in reverse order
in reverse proportion to
2 裏の, 背面(から)の;後ろ向きの(⇔obverse)
reverse fire
the reverse side of a carpet [a coin]
3 〈機械などが〉逆に動く, 逆進する.
4 反転印刷の.
1 ((通例the 〜))逆, 反対
a name printed in reverse
quite the reverse
go into reverse
Almost the reverse is the case.
She is quite the reverse of charming.
2 ((通例the 〜))後ろ, 背面, 裏面;(鋳貨・メダルなどの)裏面(の模様)(⇔obverse)
the reverse of the medal
3 ((形式))((しばしば〜s))不運, 挫折(ざせつ), 失敗, 敗北
The team suffered a stunning reverse.
4 《機械》[U]後退, 逆転, バック;[C]後退[逆転]装置
throw an engine into reverse
put [throw] one's car in [into] reverse
1 …(の位置[方向, 順序])を逆にする, 入れ替える, …を裏返す, さかさまにする
reverse a glass
reverse a jacket
reverse the order of priority
Reverse arms!
[類語]reverse順序, 位置, 前後関係を逆にする. invert特に上下関係, 裏表を逆にする. 限られた例ではreverseと同義:an inverted word order逆の語順.
2 …の性質[傾向]を反対にする;…を完全に変える
reverse one's previous assumption
3 〈命令・判決などを〉破棄する, 無効にする, 取り消す, 覆す.

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4 〈機械の〉動く[回転する]方向を変える, 逆方向に動かす;((英))〈自動車を〉バックで移動する(((米))back).
5 《印刷》…を反転印刷する.
1 逆方向に動く, (ダンスなどで)逆に回る.
2 〈機械が〉逆に動く, 逆進[逆回転]する;ギアをバックに入れる;((英))バックで移動する(((米))back up).
[古フランス語←後ラテン語reversāre (re-後ろへ+vertere向く). △VERSE, CONVERSE2, INVERT, REVERT, SUBVERT

 That said 話雖然這樣說