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Edwin Williams is a syntactician — someone who studies the internal structure of clauses and sentences in world languages — who has an international reputation for scholarship across a range of subjects in the study of language as a science.

The Wall Street Journal

Dogfooding? Decacorn? Those mystified by Silicon Valley jargon now have their own dictionary.

“Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley” by the husband-and-wife team of Rochelle Kopp and Steven Ganz, attempts to explain Silicon Valley gibberish.

Chinese Hackers Said to Target Smaller U.S. Agencies

U.S. officials are mystified by the pedestrian nature of some of the new targets, including the Government Printing Office.

Not that this relatively soft treatment of Marx’s anti-Semitism detracts from the overall achievement of the book. Sperber forces us to look anew at a man whose influence lives on. And he also offers a useful template for how we might approach other great figures, especially the great thinkers, of history — demystifying the words and deeds of those who too often are lazily deemed sacred. For all the books that have been written about America’s founding fathers, for example, we still await the historian who will do for them what Jonathan Sperber has done for Karl Marx.
不過,在馬克思反猶太主義問題上的處理相對較弱無損於這本書的整體成就。斯珀伯迫使我們重新審視一個仍在持續發揮影響力的人。而且,對於我們可以如 何看待其他歷史偉人,特別是偉大的思想家,他還提供了一個有用的樣板——將那些常常被我們自動視為神聖的人的言行“去神秘化”。比如說,儘管描寫美國開國 元勛的書籍已經有很多,但我們仍然在等待一位歷史學家,可以像喬納森·斯珀伯為卡爾·馬克思所做的那樣,為開國元勛們做些事情。

How to Use Windows 8? Search for It
David Pogue is mystified why Windows 8 forces a user to search for nearly everything.

Cryptic Iranian Note Ignited an Urgent Nuclear Strategy Debate
The Obama administration seized upon Iran’s disclosure of a nuclear site to marshal its own evidence and try to persuade wavering nations to take a hard line with the country.

The Finish Rich Dictionary
, by best-selling author David Bach, defines and demystifies the language of finance, giving readers the power to understand their finances, manage their money more effectively, and plan for their future.

GM De-Mystifies 'What Is 230?' Viral CampaignGM pulled the curtain back on a cryptic marketing campaign, saying Tuesday that its new Chevrolet Volt would get at least 230 miles per gallon when it goes into production next year.

Apple's AssistiveTouch Helps the Disabled Use a Smartphone


Somebody at Apple took the challenges of the disabled seriously enough to write a complete, elegant and thoughtful feature that takes down most of the physical barriers to using an app phone.

By revealing the photographer’s experiments, this presentation shows how the poetic quality of Álvarez Bravo’s images is grounded in a constant concern with modernity and language. Subject to semantic ambiguity, but underpinned by a strong visual syntax, his photography is a unique synthesis of Mexican localism and the modernist project, and shows how modernism was a multifaceted phenomenon, constructed around a plurality of visions, poetics and cultural backgrounds, and not built on one central practice.

Programming for Children, Minus Cryptic Syntax

Adults have developed easy-to-understand programming tools to encourage children to create and collaborate on computers.


(ə-sĭs'tĭv) pronunciation

Designed for use by disabled people: an assistive communications device; assistive technology.


  • 発音記号[síntæks]
1 《言語学》統語論, 統辞論, 構文論, シンタクス
the syntax of French
2 《論理学》統語論;その特定言語への適用.
3 系統的配列.



  • 1An expert in or student of syntax.
  • 2With modifying adjective: a person who uses syntax in a particular way.


Late 18th century (in an earlier sense). From syntactic + -ian: see -ician.

  1. Having hidden meaning; mystifying. See synonims at ambiguous.
  2. Secret or occult.
  3. Using code or cipher.
  4. Biology. Tending to conceal or camouflage: cryptic coloring.
[Late Latin crypticus, from Greek kruptikos, from kruptos, hidden, from kruptein, to hide.]
cryptically cryp'ti·cal·ly adv.
crypticness cryp'tic·ness n.


mys • ti • fy
mystified (過去形) • mystified (過去分詞) • mystifying (現在分詞) • mystifies (三人称単数現在)
1 …を欺く, かつぐ, 煙にまく
I am mystified.
2 …を神秘的[不可解]にする.

verb [T]
to make something easier to understand:
What I need is a book that will demystify the workings of a car engine for me.

VERB (mystifiesmystifyingmystified)

1Utterly bewilder or perplex (someone):I was completely mystified by his disappearance(as adjective mystifyinga mystifying phenomenon
1.1Make obscure or mysterious:lawyers who mystify the legal system so that laymen find it unintelligible


early 19th century: from French mystifier, formed irregularly from mystique 'mystic' or from mystère'mystery'.

Definition of demystify

verb (demystifies, demystifying, demystified)

[with object]
  • make (a difficult subject) clearer and easier to understand:this book attempts to demystify technology



Pronunciation: /-fɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


finish rich

Definition of template


  • 1a shaped piece of rigid material used as a pattern for processes such as cutting out, shaping, or drilling.
  • something that serves as a model for others to copy:the plant was to serve as the template for change throughout the company
  • Computing a preset format for a document or file.
  • Biochemistry a nucleic acid molecule that acts as a pattern for the sequence of assembly of a protein, nucleic acid, or other large molecule: [as modifier]:secondary structure in the template strand is eliminated
  • 2a timber or plate used to distribute the weight in a wall or under a support.


late 17th century (as templet): probably from temple3 + -et1. The change in the ending in the 19th century was due to association with plate