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 St. Petersburg was the heady fantasy of Peter the Great (1672-1725), one of the most engaging characters in Mr. Brook's book. Peter had developed a taste for Western Europe as a youth, frequenting the taverns of Moscow's German Quarter, an orderly, elegant pocket of the city whose residents kept up-to-date with European ideas and technology. It was, Mr. Brook writes, a great contrast to the "xenophobic, theocratic Russia into which Peter was born." So restless and curious was Peter, he set off in his mid-20s for Amsterdam, "not as Peter I, Tsar of All the Russias, but as Peter Mikhailov, a simple Russian carpenter hoping to augment his skills."

Daimler acquired Chrysler to augment its own line of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, not to integrate their operations and products. That merger ended badly in 2007, when the German parent could no longer tolerate the losses of its American division, and sold Chrysler off to the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management.

Google crowdsources Street View imagery
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
by Stephen Shankland
Google's Street View now is augmented by photos supplied by contributors to the company's Panoramio service. This shot of the St. Louis ...

I'm a fan of Peter Drucker's writings, but in recent years, I've become skeptical of many management books. I've read my fill of books that were at best an ...

Microsoft Word Tip: Quickly Add Filler Text to Your Document

Ever need to add some filler text to a Word document? You know, the "lorem ipsum" stuff you routinely see in document mock-ups, presentation materials, and the like.

Using lorem ipsum to focus attention on graphic elements in a website design proposal.
In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum[p][1][2] is the name given to commonly used placeholder text (filler text) to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation, such as font, typography, and layout. The lorem ipsum text, which is typically a nonsensical list of semi-Latin words, is an edited version of a Latin text by Cicero, with words/letters omitted and others inserted, but not proper Latin[1][2] (see below: History and discovery). A close English translation might be "pain itself" (dolorem = pain, grief, misery, suffering; ipsum = itself).
As nonsense (not actual Latin), the text is not italicized. The text often begins as, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit".

 When Google officially unveiled Project Glass — the company's bid to develop Terminator-style augmented-reality glasses — we saw a provocative glimpse of the future. The video Google released yesterday showed us the point of view ...
《augmented reality》⇒拡張現実感

augmented reality


A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.
[動] 〔mént〕 (他)((形式))1 …を増す, 増大させる. ⇒INCREASE[類語]2 《文法》…に接頭母音をつける.3 《音楽》〈長音程・完全音程を〉増音する, 半音高める;...
[名]1 [U]増加, 増大;[C]増加物[量], 添加物 breast augmentation豊胸手術.2 [U]《音楽》(主題の)拡大(⇔diminution).
[形]1 増大する[させる], 増加[付加]的な.2 《文法》語義を拡大[拡張]する.━━[名]《文法》拡大辞(⇔diminutive).aug・men・ta・tive・ly[副]
(sə-lŏn', săl'ŏn', să-lôN') pronunciation
  1. A large room, such as a drawing room, used for receiving and entertaining guests.
  2. A periodic gathering of people of social or intellectual distinction.
  3. A hall or gallery for the exhibition of works of art.
  4. A commercial establishment offering a product or service related to fashion: a beauty salon.
[French, from Italian salone, augmentative of sala, hall, of Germanic origin.]

1 (美容・服飾などの)店, 室
a beauty salon
2 (大邸宅の)客間.
3 (特に17-18世紀の)2での社交的な集まり.
(1) ((the S-))現代美術展覧会(毎年パリで催される).
(2) 美術展覧会(場).
sa・lon・nard, ・ist

1. 沙龍
注音一式 ㄕㄚ ㄌㄨㄥˊ
漢語拼音 sh  l 注音二式 sh  l ng
法語 salon的音譯。原為客廳之意,因法國十八世紀時,文人常在貴族客廳中談論文藝時事,故漸成文藝集會的專稱。

  1. An amount needed to make full, complete, or satisfied: eat one's fill. look one's fill.
  2. Material for filling a container, cavity, or passage.
    1. A built-up piece of land; an embankment.
    2. The material, such as earth or gravel, used for this.

fill Show phonetics
1 [I or T] to make or become full; to use empty space:
I filled the bucket with water.
I could hear the cistern filling.
I went to the library to fill (in) an hour (= use that period of time) until the meeting.
FIGURATIVE Happy sounds filled the room (= could be heard everywhere in the room).
FIGURATIVE The thought of it fills me with (= makes me feel) dread.

2 [T] to give a job or position to someone:
I'm sorry, the job/post/vacancy has already been filled.
We would prefer to fill the post with (= give it to) a recent graduate.

3 [I or T] to put a substance into an empty space:
Before painting, fill (in) all the cracks in the plaster.
These cakes are filled with cream.
FIGURATIVE The product clearly filled a need/gap in the market.

4 [T] to put a substance into a hole in a tooth to repair it:
You should get that cavity filled.

fill Show phonetics
noun [U]
someone's fill is as much as they want or as much as they can deal with:
He took only a few minutes to eat/drink his fill.
I'd had my fill of his rude remarks.

-filled Show phonetics
a smoke-filled room
a fun-filled weekend

filler Show phonetics
1 [C or U] a substance that is used to fill small holes and cracks, especially in wood and walls

2 [C] a short text or drawings used to fill extra space in a magazine or newspaper, or talk, music, etc. used to fill extra time in a radio or television broadcast page filler


━━ n. 満たす人[物]; 埋め木; 詰め物; (ルーズリーフノートの)替え紙; (新聞,雑誌の)埋め草; つなぎ番組.

One that fills, as:
  1. Something added to augment weight or size or fill space.
  2. A composition, especially a semisolid that hardens on drying, used to fill pores, cracks, or holes in wood, plaster, or other construction surfaces before finishing.
  3. Tobacco used to form the body of a cigar.
  4. A short item used to fill space in a publication.
  5. Something, such as a news item, public-service message, or music, used to fill time in a radio or television presentation.
  6. A sheaf of loose papers used to fill a notebook or binder.
  7. Architecture. An element, such as a plate, used to fill the space between two supporting members.

filling Show phonetics
1 [U] any material used to fill something:
duvets with synthetic filling

2 [C or U] the layer of food inside a sandwich, cake, etc:
pies with sweet or savoury fillings
sandwich fillings

3 [C] the artificial substance put into holes in teeth to repair them

filling Show phonetics
If food is filling, you feel full after you have eaten only a little of it.

━━ n. (one's ~) 十分, いっぱい; 詰めもの; 詰まるだけの量; 1服; 【コンピュータ】塗りつぶし.

verb [T] FORMAL
to increase the size or value of something by adding something to it:
He would have to find work to augment his income.

noun [C or U] FORMAL