2017年8月8日 星期二

trodden, downtrodden, toupee, tuft, turf war, hairpiece, periwig, peruke, bailiwick

It certainly inspired him to write some of the simplest and most beautiful poetry in the English language. Who else but this old misery guts could discern that spring’s “greenness is a kind of grief”?

The poet was born on August 9th 1922
"A little fire is quickly trodden out,
Which, being suffered, rivers cannot quench."
--Duke of Clarence from "Henry VI, Part III" (4.8.8)
Borough Searches for Boy, Last Seen on Mural
A work by the graffiti artist Banksy, which featured a downtrodden boy on a wall in a London borough, was ripped out, appearing next in an art auction in Miami.

Facebook On Collision Course With Google On Web Searches

 After years of collecting photos and personal data from its billion-plus members, Facebook Inc. Tuesday unveiled a search tool that sifts through people's profiles -- and pushes the social network deeper onto Google Inc.'s home turf.
從10多億用戶那裡收集照片和個人資料多年後﹐Facebook Inc. FB -0.83% 週二推出了一個搜索工具﹐它不僅可通過用戶資料篩選搜索結果﹐更讓這個社交媒體向本屬於谷歌(Google Inc. GOOG -1.34% )的地盤深入了一步。

Kenichiro Cho puts on a hairpiece consisting of synthetic hair made by his team at Kaneka Corp. (Mihoko Takizawa)

 根息島英語Guernsey,有時也譯為格恩西島)是英國皇家屬地之一(參見英國海外領土),位於英吉利海峽靠近法國海岸線的海峽群島之中,同周圍一些小島組成了根息行政區Bailiwick of Guernsey)。行政區總面積78km²,人口65,031人(2004年),首府為聖彼得港Saint Peter Port)。

The Man, the Rug and the Red Carpet

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Sept. 6 -- The Elvis impersonator had ceded the stage, and the toupee contest was over.

漫畫來源: Ted Goff

Link notes Mo Yan’s focus on society’s downtrodden, the “poor farmers who are bullied and bankrupted by local officials,” but contrasts his attention paid with that of dissident writers like Liu Xiaobo and Zheng Yi. “Liu and Zheng,” Link writes, “denounce the entire authoritarian system, including the people at the highest levels. Mo Yan and other inside-the-system writers blame local bullies and leave the top out of the picture.”

Ex-Allies Square Off in a Tech Turf War
Cisco Systems is propelling the technology industry into a new era: Giant companies that once prized profitable cooperation are invading each others' turfs.


  • 発音記号[béiləwìk]
1 bailieやbailiffの管轄区域.
2 (人の)得意分野, 本領;部門
the maintenance bailiwick
[古英語wīc(村落)にbaili- (BAILIE)がついたもの. wīcはもとはラテン語vīcus(村落)] ('lə-wĭk') pronunciation
  1. A person's specific area of interest, skill, or authority. See synonyms at field.
  2. The office or district of a bailiff.
[Middle English bailliwik : baillif, bailiff; see bailiff + wik, town (from Old English wīc , from Latin vīcus; see vicinity).]


  • 発音記号[pərúːk]
[名](特に17, 18世紀の男性用)かつら.

  1. A partial wig or hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot.
  2. A curl or lock of hair worn during the 18th century as a topknot on a periwig.
[French toupet, diminutive of Old French toupe, tuft of hair, from Frankish *top.]


[名]ヘアピース, 部分かつら.
(tŭft) pronunciation
  1. A short cluster of elongated strands, as of yarn, hair, or grass, attached at the base or growing close together.
  2. A dense clump, especially of trees or bushes. 一叢

v., tuft·ed, tuft·ing, tufts. v.tr.
  1. To furnish or ornament with tufts or a tuft.
  2. To pass threads through the layers of (a quilt, mattress, or upholstery), securing the thread ends with a knot or button.
  1. To separate or form into tufts.
  2. To grow in a tuft.
[Middle English, probably alteration of Old French tofe, from Late Latin tufa, helmet crest, or of Germanic origin.]
tufter tuft'er n.
tufty tuft'y adj.pronunciation The air was fragrant with a thousand trodden aromatic herbs, with fields of lavender, and with the brightest roses blushing in tufts all over the meadows. — William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)


dówn • tròdden
[形]圧政に苦しむ, 弾圧された, しいたげられた;踏みつけられた.


treads (複数形) • trod (過去形) • trodden (過去分詞) • treading (現在分詞) • treads (三人称単数現在)
tread ... out, (全1件)
[動](trod 〔trd | trd〕 or((古))trode 〔tróud〕, trod・den 〔trdn | trdn〕 or trod)(他)
1 〈地面・場所などを〉踏む, 歩く;〈道などを〉歩いて通る
tread the ground
散歩する, 歩く
tread a dangerous path
tread the path of exile
2 ((英))…を(…の中に)踏みつける[つぶす]((into ...));〈道・場所などを〉踏み固める, 踏んで作る
tread grapes
tread a person's heels down
3 〈敵・権利などを〉蹂躙(じゅうりん)する, 踏みにじる;〈人・感情などを〉抑える((down)).
4 ((古))〈踊りを〉踊る, 舞う.
5 〈雄鳥が〉〈雌鳥と〉つがう, 交尾する.
6 …を求める, 追求する.
1I([副])]((英))(…を)踏む, 踏みつける[つぶす]((on, upon ...));((略式))(人を)踏みつけにする((on ...))
tread in
tread on a frog
2 事を運ぶ
tread carefully
3 ((文))((英))行く, 歩く(walk).
4 〈雄鳥が〉(雌鳥と)つがう((with ...)).
tread ... out/tread out ...
(1) 〈火・タバコを〉踏み消す.
(2) 〈ジュースを〉踏んでしぼる.
(3) 〈暴動などを〉鎮圧する.
1 ((単数形))踏む[歩く]こと;足音;歩きぶり, 足どり;((まれ))足跡
walk with a firm tread
2 歩幅;(階段・はしごの)踏み板[段];(土踏まずを除く)足の裏;(靴・そりの)底;(自転車などの)ペダル.
3 [U][C](車輪・タイヤの)接地面;その溝形;(自動車・飛行機の)左右両輪間の幅, 輪距;《鉄道》レール面.
4 《海事》竜骨の長さ.
5 卵の胚点(はいてん).
6 ((古))(雄鳥の)交尾.
[古英語tredan(踏む). △TRADE(踏むべきもの→道→商い)]

At the same time, The Post is trying to merge its print and online news operations, to eliminate duplication and turf wars — a task that is said to be among Ms. Weymouth’s highest priorities.

turf war noun [C]
a fight or an argument to decide who controls an area or an activity


━━ n. (pl. ~s, 〈まれ〉turves) 芝生, 芝土; (a ~) 一片の芝土; 泥炭; 〔米俗〕 縄張り; (the ~) 競馬(場).
 on the turf 競馬を業として.
━━ vt. 芝生でおおう.
 turf out 〔英話〕 追い出す; 投げ出す.
 turf accountant 〔英〕 =bookmaker.
 turf・man 競馬ファン.
 turf・y ━━ a.

(tûrf) pronunciation
n., pl., turfs, also turves (tûrvz).
    1. A surface layer of earth containing a dense growth of grass and its matted roots; sod.
    2. An artificial substitute for such a grassy layer, as on a playing field.
  1. A piece cut from a layer of earth or sod.
  2. A piece of peat that is burned for use as fuel.
  3. Slang.
    1. The range of the authority or influence of a person, group, or thing; a bailiwick: "a bureaucracy ... concerned with turf, promotions, the budget, and protecting the retirement system" (Harper's).
    2. A geographical area; a territory.
    3. The area claimed by a gang, as of youths, as its personal territory.
  4. Sports.
    1. A racetrack.
    2. The sport or business of racing horses.
tr.v., turfed, turf·ing, turfs.
  1. To spread with turf: turfed the front yard.
  2. Chiefly British Slang. To displace or eject.
  3. Slang. To kill: "These guys can't . . . make sure nobody gets turfed" (Scott Turow).
[Middle English, from Old English.]
turfy turf'y adj.