2018年1月24日 星期三

lewd, till, tribute, filly, polo, on the case

The decision comes after an FT report on lewd activity at a dinner attended by high-profile figures in UK business and politics.

The UK charity faced a rush of criticism after the FT reported on an event the trust held last Thursday in which hostesses hired as staff said they faced…

Germany's wood detectives

How can you tell if mahogany is really mahogany? And can you really know
whether the wood in your table wasn't illegally felled? Germany's wood
detectives are on the case with DNA analysis.

The www.dw.com Article

Melania Trump Urges Voters to Accept Husband’s Apology
Donald Trump’s wife condemned his lewd comments about women that were revealed on video, saying in a statement released by the Trump campaign…

In Alyson Hagy's novel, a young ranchman dreams of training a bay filly for a life in polo.

Editor's note

We are very sorry to announce that Peter David, our Washington bureau chief, Lexington columnist and former foreign editor, died in a car accident on Thursday night. He had worked at The Economist since 1984 and was a much-loved colleague and friend. We will pay fuller tribute to him in next week’s issue.

Today, at 86, Delpire seems to sum up his accomplishments with a deceptively simple statement: “A publisher’s job is to showcase the work of others,” says Delpire. “It’s not just the work of a team; it requires deep mutual understanding. I’ve never published anyone who was of no interest to me.”
The Pace/MacGill Delpire tribute opens May 10 in New York City. Five simultaneous companion exhibitions across the city will expand on Delpire’s work.

This is London from dawn till night ( 1953photo books of the world)

此舊書找不到出版年代 原來是1953
This is London from dawn till night.

114 photos. by Cas Oorthuys. Text by Neville Braybrooke.

Published 1953 by B. Cassirer; distributed by Faber & Faber, London in Oxford .
Written in English.

Publicly, a whole new lewdness

Everywhere you look, porn is suddenly inescapable
(By Monica Hesse, The Washington Post)

Chinese Internet operators apologize for lewd content
Reuters - USA
Officials named and shamed 19 Internet operators and websites, including search engines Google and Baidu, it said had flouted warnings about pornography and ...

Krefeld Cops Stop Sex in the City

German police who arrested two women for engaging in lewd behavior in a
pedestrian zone showed their humorous side, dubbing their report "Sex in
the City."

The DW-WORLD Article

Daily Highlights Wednesday, January 23, 2008
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Édouard Manet's
In the Garden of the Villa Bellevue
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Édouard Manet, born on this date in 1832, was a painter who greatly influenced impressionists, though he chose not to be identified as one himself. Many of his works scandalized the French, who were especially shocked by his paintings of nudes. In his Luncheon on the Grass a young female sits nude, having lunch with several fully clothed men. When the Salon refused to show the painting, Manet submitted it to the Salon des Refusés, where it was hung and still drew criticism for what viewers considered lewd content.

on the case

phrase of case
  1. 1.
    actively engaged in an official investigation.

    "officers on the case are unable to find a motive"


DISAPPROVING ━━ a. みだら[好色]な; 卑わいな.
(of behaviour, speech, dress, etc.) sexual in an obvious and rude way:
Ignore him - he's being lewd.

till2 (tĭl)


[Middle English, from Old English til, from Old Norse.]
USAGE NOTE Till and until are generally interchangeable in both writing and speech, though as the first word in a sentence until is usually preferred: Until you get that paper written, don't even think about going to the movies.Till is actually the older word, with until having been formed by the addition to it of the prefix un-, meaning "up to." In the 18th century the spelling 'till became fashionable, as if till were a shortened form of until. Although 'till is now nonstandard, 'til is sometimes used in this way and is considered acceptable, though it is etymologically incorrect.

a lewd suggestion

  1. crude and offensive in a sexual way.
    "she began to gyrate to the music and sing a lewd song"


  • 発音記号[tríbjuːt][名]
1 [C][U]感謝[賞賛, 尊敬]のしるし, (…への;に対する)賛辞, 捧げ物((to ...;for ...))
a tribute in sculpture
a tribute of acclamation
floral tributes
pay a (high) tribute to a person
pay (a) tribute to the memory of
This work is in tribute to all mankind everywhere.
2 [U][C](他国への)貢ぎ物;《歴史》(臣下が君主に納める)地代, 税金, 貢税;(一般に)強制的な納付物;[U]貢物[納税]義務;進貢国の地位
pay (a) tribute to a ruler
layimpose] (a) tribute on a country [=laybring] a country under tribute]
3 [U]((英))《鉱物》配分, 配当.
be a tribute to ...
〈事が〉…の所産である, のすばらしさを実証する
It is a tribute to the conductor that the orchestra received three encores.


  • 発音記号[fíli][名]
1 雌の子馬(⇔colt).
2 ((略式))(陽気な)少女, 小娘.(fĭl'ē) pronunciation
n., pl., -lies.
  1. A young female horse.
  2. Informal. A lively, high-spirited girl or young woman.
[Middle English filli, from Old Norse fylja.]