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unflattering, insisted on, moniker, slowpoke, consternatioN, passage,

"President Trump’s effort to halt publication of Fire and Fury, the unflattering account of his presidency by Michael Wolff, failed at least partly because of legal precedents based on cases concerning 'Ulysses.'" Welcome chez JJ!

Waiting for BAT.
Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.
HONG KONG -- There are two kinds of cash rushing out of China right now:…

 Urban Dictionary gives 'Harry Reid' an unflattering new definition
New York Daily News
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid now has more in common with former Senate Republican Rick Santorum than he may like.

He styled himself a Muslim ascetic, a billionaire’s son who gave up a life of privilege for the cause. But he was media savvy and acutely image-conscious. Before a CNN crew that interviewed him in 1997 was allowed to leave, his media advisers insisted on editing out unflattering shots. He summoned reporters to a cave in Afghanistan when he needed to get his message out, but like the most controlling of C.E.O.’s he insisted on receiving written questions in advance.




China Reshuffles Top Leadership at Financial Regulators

Several of those leadership changes, which were announced Saturday, come at a time of strong economic growth in China but continuing worries about inflation and lending.

Last year, China’s state-controlled media slapped him with a new moniker: spy.

A New Baby, A New Name
A New Baby, A New Name
What's in a name? Ask any new parents who are trying to come up with a moniker for their newborn. It's one of the first major decisions they make for their baby, and they want to get it right. The US Social Security Administration recently released its list of top American baby names for 2007. For the 12th straight year, Emily tops the list for girls and, for the ninth year, Jacob is No. 1 for boys. Biblical names are popular for boys: the others in the top five were Michael, Joshua, Matthew and Ethan. Rounding out the top five girls' names are Isabella, Emma, Ava and Madison.

The prime minister's lack of leadership was underscored by the latest Cabinet reshuffle, which he was said to have been forced into. Senior LDP executives have gone so far as to refer to his Cabinet by the unflattering moniker of "Guzu Naikaku" (Slowpoke Cabinet).

 consternation, unflattering, passage

Such were the flattering opinions earned by the newcomer to the town; and these opinions he retained until the time as an odd peculiarity or undertaking of his or, as they said in the province. a 'passage,' of which the reader will soon learned more, threw the whole town into consternation.

Such was the very flattering opinions which was formed of him in the town; and this opinion persisted until such time when a certain speciality of his, a certain scheme of his (the reader will learn presently what it was), plunged the majority of the townsfolk into a sea of perplexity.

DEAD SOULS By Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

Translated by D. J. Hogarth


Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s new website has caused consternation after it published unflattering drawings of Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, and Michelle and Barack Obama.卡拉布妮─薩科茲的新網站已造成錯愕,在它發表令人不敢恭維的布朗妻子莎拉和蜜雪兒、歐巴瑪的畫像後。

The New York Times highlights the bill's limits on executive compensation, which are stricter than those proposed recently by the Obama administration. The Wall Street Journal notes that Wall Street reacted to the "last minute" restrictions with consternation.

China clamps down on video sites
VNUNet.com - UK
The move will cause consternation among Western companies such as Google, which owns YouTube, that have cooperated with the authorities on censoring ...

Show phonetics
noun [U]
a feeling of anxiety, shock or confusion:
The prospect of so much work filled him with consternation.
To his consternation, when he got to the airport he found he'd forgotten his passport.

━━ n. 仰天, 驚がく.

  • [pǽsidʒ]

(1) 道路;水路;通路;((主に英))廊下;ホール, ロビー
underground passage
(2) 出入口;(体内の)導管
the nasal passages
2 [U](時・季節などの)経過, 推移;(出来事・状態などの)進行, 進展, 変転;移動, 移住, 輸送, 移送, 転送
the passage of time
the passage from barbarism to civilization
(1) (文章・詩歌などの)1段落, 1節, 1くぎり, 引用された部分
a passage from [of] Shakespeare
(2) 《音楽》楽句, 楽節, 走句, 装飾楽句;《美術》作品の特定部分[細部].
4 (法案などの)可決, 通過, 成立, 制定.
5 [U][C]通行(権, 許可), 通過
refuse a person passage
No passage this way.
6 [U][C]船賃, 渡航費;座席
work one's passage
make reservations for passage on a pleasure cruiser
7 [U][C]旅行, 船旅, 航海, 空の旅
in passage
make a comfortable passage
8 (2人の)なぐり合い;論争;((しばしば〜s))交流;(情報などの)交換;話し合い
a passage of arms
9 便通, 排便.
10 事件, 出来事.
11 (病原体などの)継代接種.
12 便通.
1 進む;横切る;通過する;航海する.
2 なぐり合う;口論[論争]する.


(slō'pōk') n. Informal.
One that moves, works, or acts slowly.

noun [C] (ALSO monicker) HUMOROUS
a name or nickname

(ŭn-flăt'ər-ĭng) pronunciation
Acknowledging few or no good aspects; unfavorable: gave the film an unflattering review.


Not flattering:the reviews of the book were very unflatteringan unflattering portrait
unflatteringly un·flat'ter·ing·ly adv.