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floating, jumbo jet, superjumbo, fusty DEBRIS of peat and hay

The beautiful spectacle adds a bit of life to the area, which happens to be a sort of ship graveyard.

The SS Ayrfield is one of many decommissioned ships in the Homebush Bay, just west of Sydney, but what separates it from the other stranded vessels is the incredible foliage that adorns the rusted hull. The beautiful spectacle,…

virtual floating city, a naval expression of his Forbidden City

With over 300 ships--some measuring as much as 400 feet long and 160 feet wide, with upwards of nine masts and twelve sails, and combined crews sometimes numbering over 28,000 men--the emperor Zhu Di's fantastic fleet was a virtual floating city, a naval expression of his Forbidden City in Beijing.

Stripping Off For Charity

Stripping off naked in a cold and wet peat field isn't what most people would
do for kicks...but Jock Murray, a retiree from Lewis in the Outer Hebrides,
wanted to find a different way of raising funds for Leukaemia Research. So
he persuaded some of his friends to pose with him, in the nude, for a charity
calendar. The result is 12 black and white photographs of the men carrying
baskets of cut peat and driving tractors. And it's been a roaring success,
with orders streaming in from all over the world. EuroVox speaks with Jock
Murray about his fund raising with a difference, and a possible promising
future as a nude male model.

Thomas Hardy『德柏家的苔絲』『無名的裘德』張谷若譯本各讀一段的感想

基本上,張谷若Thomas Hardy的譯本品質很令人佩服。不過我們昨天找到些漏字處:

RL今天(2004年末)「每日一字 專欄」舉FUSTY之例:

Source: Thomas Hardy: Tess of the d'Urbervilles - A Pure Woman ; Chapter X

Through this floating, fusty DEBRIS of peat and hay, mixed with the perspirations and warmth of the dancers, and forming together a sort of vegeto-human pollen, the muted fiddles feebly pushed their notes, in marked contrast to the spirit with which the measure was trodden out.


HC:張谷若先生的翻譯已難能可貴,不過翻譯相當難,最後的the spirit 或許與幾行之後的林神-仙女相呼應。

rl:「聞不到霉味」(作者: rl 2004-12-31 12:47:17):「張譯可惜嗅不到霉味」

debris, comet, jumbo, superjumbo

What is a comet?
Comets are often referred to as "dirty snowballs." They are left over from the formation of stars and planets billions of years ago. Before zipping around the Sun with their characteristic big tails, comets that we see in our solar system start out as big chunks of rock and ice just floating around in something called the Oort cloud. When the gravity from a large passing body, like a star, becomes strong enough, some large chunks of ice get pulled away from the cloud and head toward the Sun. As that ball of ice gets close enough to the Sun, its heat begins to melt some of the ice that makes up the comet. The melted ice becomes a gaseous tail that extends away from the source of the heat (in this case, the Sun). The tail is pushed out by the Sun's solar wind.

What keeps the comet in motion and guides its path is the gravity from all the planets and stars it passes. When a comet is in our solar system, most of the gravity affecting the comet's motion is due to the Sun. As a comet gets closer to the Sun it moves faster and faster, because the closer an object is to the Sun the stronger the Sun's gravity acts on it. As well as moving faster near the Sun, the comet's tail will grow in length since more of the ice will be evaporating.

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Baby Elephant
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Aristotle once called the elephant "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind." They're the largest living land mammals, naturally found in the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Such a large animal needs plenty of food — the average elephant eats around 500 lbs (225 kg) of vegetation and drinks up to 50 gal (190 l) of water every day. As Aristotle pointed out, though, one of the most appealing things about elephants is their intelligence. They have been trained to do all kinds of tricks, and a few elephants became famous for their artwork. One elephant, Ruby, had a painting sold for $100,000. The word "jumbo" was inspired by Jumbo, one of history's largest circus elephants. It is thought to be a derivative of the Swahili word "jambe," meaning "chief." On this date in 1796, the first elephant arrived in the United States, brought from Bengal.

Reports: Airbus and Boeing Could See More Delivery Delays

Franco-German aircraft maker Airbus has written to clients warning of more
possible delays in deliveries of its A380 superjumbo, a German magazine
said on Sunday. Boeing's Dreamliner will be reportedly late as well.

The DW-WORLD Article

adjective [before noun]
extremely large:
a jumbo bag of sweets
a jumbo-sized packetsuperjumbo 超大型客機
jumbo jet noun [C] (INFORMAL jumbo)
a very large aircraft which can carry a lot of people

noun [U]
broken or torn pieces of something larger:
Debris from the aircraft was scattered over a large area.


天文學名詞 PLUME 羽狀物
(慧星News - Comet impact gave 'powder plume' They caught the vast and dramatic plume of debris that spread out into space. X-ray puzzle The ensuing debris plume expanded rapidly above the impact site at about 5km/s. 11 Jul 2005

On Friday the **United States** said it was* *re-evaluating space cooperation with **China**, saying the satellite* *downing last month was inconsistent with a US-Chinese agreement. The*
*US and Washington stopped anti-satellite tests in 1985, in part**because of concerns about debris left drifting in space. **(德國之音)*

今天為大家介紹 debris ,法文拼寫形式為 débris ,它也是今日字彙的字源,是由古法語動詞 débriser 變化而來,但是當代法語字典已見不到這個動詞形態。其他相關資料請參考《我的英漢辭典》和《我的法漢辭典》。
  • En.
    1. Source: Jeffrey M. Smith : « Seeds of Deception» Ch. 2 » To understand this, we must again look at how the theory of genetics has evolved since genetic engineering began. Only a small percentage of the DNA has been identified as genes. In humans, it's between 1.1 and 1.4 percent. The much larger portion of the DNA was once referred to as “junk DNA.” It was considered by scientists to be useless debris left over from the evolution of the species. Shooting foreign genes into sections of junk DNA was considered a safe zone. In reality, it may be just the opposite.

2007 hc補

━━ a. かび臭い; 古臭い.

問: Debris為什麼大寫?

━━ n. ピート, 泥(でい)炭(塊) ((燃料用)).
 peat bog 泥炭沼[地].
 peat moss ピートモス ((泥炭を形成するコケ類)).
 peat・y ━━ a. 泥炭のような[多い].
地球科學 peat hummock 泥炭波狀地