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Within capitalism as a whole, this concern for the reproduction of labour power of adequate qualities coincided in many parts of the world with a political project on the part of a reformist bourgeoisie to create a ‘respectable’ working class that would refrain from riot and revolution and succumb to the blandishments that capital could offer. 

New research suggests music therapy may have potential in treatment of epilepsy. @Newsmax_media

The New York Review of Books
Oliver Sacks, who died on Sunday, was a longstanding contributor to The New York Review of Books. His last published article, “Urge,” appears in the next issue. It recounts the case history of Walter B., a man who, after an operation to control his epilepsy, developed an insatiable sexual appetite.

Urge by Oliver Sacks
Walter’s appetitive systems were continually on “go”—there was scarcely any sense of consummation, only the drive for more and more.

The Aesthetics of Disappearance, New Edition
By Paul Virilio

Virilio himself referred to his 1980 work The Aesthetics of Disappearance as a "juncture" in his thinking, one at which he brought his focus onto the logistics of perception—a logistics he would soon come to refer to as the "vision machine." If Speed and Politics established Virilio as the inaugural—and still consummate—theorist of "dromology" (the theory of speed and the society it defines), The Aesthetics of Disappearance introduced his understanding of "picnolepsy"—the epileptic state of consciousness produced by speed, or rather, the consciousness invented by the subject t

The Paris Review
“Coition, or sexual union, may be compared to a fit of epilepsy.”

Read more of Dr. James Ashton’s Victorian era sex guide, and remember, never have sex on a full stomach: http://bit.ly/171mPuA

PRESIDENT OBAMA, in his address to the United Nations, urging young Muslims to resist the blandishments of violent jihadism.

Not so long ago, pitches for cigarettes were practically everywhere. It was difficult to miss -- or avoid -- radio and television commercials, print advertisements, billboards, signs in stores, direct mail and other blandishments for brands peddled by American Tobacco, Liggett & Myers, Lorillard, Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds.
癲癇英語Epilepsy,英文詞源來自古希臘文中的動詞ἐπιλαμβάνειν ,意為「抓住、持有,或折磨[1]」),或稱腦癇羊癇羊角風豬腳瘋發羊吊音譯伊比力斯症,是一種長期性神經系統疾患,以癲癇抽搐發作為特徵[2]。這些抽搐發作形式很多,有些可以是非常短暫且幾乎無法察覺,也可以是長時間的劇烈抽動[3]。癲癇的抽搐往往反覆發作而並無直接起因[2],由特殊原因引起的抽搐則不被認為是癲癇[4]
雖然有些癲癇病例由腦部外傷、中風腦腫瘤、服毒或酗酒等病因導致,但大多數癲癇發病並無已知病因。癲癇抽搐發作是由於大腦皮質神經細胞活動過度或異常的結果[4]。 診斷癲癇通常需要排除其他能引起類似症狀的疾患(如暈厥),並查找是否有直接發病因素存在。癲癇通常可以以腦電圖(EEG)確診。

Line breaks: epi|lepsy
Pronunciation: /ˈɛpɪlɛpsi /

Definition of epilepsy in English:


neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbanceloss of consciousness, or convulsionsassociated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
mid 16th century: from French épilepsie, or via late Latin from Greek epilēpsia, from epilambanein 'seize, attack', from epi 'upon' + lambanein 'take hold of'.

Definition of epileptic in English:



Relating to or suffering from epilepsy:he had an epileptic fit


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A person who has epilepsy.

blandishLine breaks: bland|ish
Pronunciation: /ˈblandɪʃ /

Definition of blandish in English:


[WITH OBJECT] archaic
Coax (someone) with kind words or flattery:I was blandishing her with imprudences to get her off the subject
Middle English: from Old French blandiss-, lengthened stem of blandir, from Latin blandiri, from blandus 'soft, smooth'.
Line breaks: bland¦ish|ment
Pronunciation: /ˈblandɪʃm(ə)nt /

Definition of blandishment in English:


(often blandishments)
  1. [名詞] ((しばしば blandishments)) (行為・言葉などの)こび,へつらい,甘言,手管.
flattering or pleasing statement or action used as a means of gently persuading someone to do something:the blandishments of the travel brochure
  • Despite all his blandishments, threats and persuasion, he did not get his heart's desire.
  • It should not be enough that he was subjected to blandishments and payment in order to persuade him to give evidence.
  • For the moment he has been resisting the president's blandishments and coaxing on the war policy.