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salacious, scabrous, sleep rough, in the rough, rough house 棒球英文: rough,rough up, polish, boisterous, unruly, uncouth, or rowdy,at the head of the class


After Years, the Case Against a Senator Suddenly Folds

The long arc of the corruption investigation into Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, which began more than five years ago with salacious rumors, collapsed over two weeks in January.

A new book claims that Avedon was bisexual and had a decade-long affair with Mike Nichols, among other revelations.

A new book claims that Avedon was bisexual and had a decade-long affair with Mike Nichols, among other revelations.
Herman Melville’s Omoo was first published on this day in 1847. This was the second of Melville’s novels — a sequel to Typee and so a second “Peep at Polynesian Life.” Both books were popular, though both provoked criticism from those who thought them salacious, or too complimentary of the islanders and too critical of the white man.
"War being the greatest of evils, all its accessories necessarily partake of the same character."
--from "Omoo"
人間處處有溫情....願拿僅有的$3元來幫助別人的需要,意外得到$56000元的回饋~.....(若有願做的心,必蒙悅納,乃是照他所有,不是照他所無。 ....有的,還要加給他,叫他有餘!!)

A homeless man who offered a woman his last pennies to get home when she lost her purse is...

 Starting in 2004, Modern Toss started pumping out bleak, scabrous and very funny comics – and ten years later have ended up with a compendium of their oeuvre, A Decade in the Shithouse. Here are some of their best bits http://gu.com/p/422qt/fb
Why Taiwanese are getting fed up with the island's salacious, in-your-face media
Look back at the life and work of Al Goldstein, the scabrous publisher whose Screw magazine promised to "uncover the entire world of sex."
A Tennessee Clothing Factory Keeps Up the Old Ways

A Tennessee Clothing Factory Keeps Up the Old Ways
As fashion embraces Made in America, can L. C. King Manufacturing in Bristol, Tenn., — known as a diamond in the rough for its old ways — become be a 21st-century brand?

 Kirk and Spock, in Their Roughhousing Days


In "Star Trek Into Darkness," the U.S.S. Enterprise crew hunts for a terrorist in the latest film in the franchise.

Japan roughs up Giants' Petit in 6-3 
Yahoo! Sports
Japan will play another exhibition game on Friday against the Chicago Cubs in Mesa, before heading trip to AT&T Park in San Francisco, where they will face the Pool 2 runner-up (either the United States, Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico) on Sunday night.

Japan successful no matter the circumstances
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Even when the game doesn't count, the baseball team from Japan looks very impressive. As exhibition baseball games go, this one appeared to be at the head of the class in terms of weight, heft, significance. Here were two defending ...

用例. He's [stands] at the head of his class. 彼はクラスで一番だ.

Turn Off Electronic Devices, or Else

Refusal to switch off electronic devices is the No. 1 spark for confrontation and unruly behavior on airlines now, flight attendants say.

Foxconn parent Hon Hai, which manufactures for Apple, H-P and Sony, suspended all of its China workshops that handle polishing for electronic products after a blast late last week that killed three employees.

The Tiger Bubble

The world that Tiger Woods created — golf as a lucrative sport, golf as pop culture — is deep in the rough. Can he get it back out? 

sleep rough


  1. . to spend the night in the open; be without a home or without shelter

in the rough

  • in a natural state; without decoration or other treatment:a diamond in the rough
2in difficulties:even before the recession hit, the project was in the rough

adj., rough·er, rough·est.
  1. Having a surface marked by irregularities, protuberances, or ridges; not smooth.
  2. Coarse or shaggy to the touch: a rough scratchy blanket.
    1. Difficult to travel over or through: the rough terrain of the highlands.
    2. Characterized by violent motion; turbulent: rough waters.
    3. Difficult to endure or live through, especially because of harsh or inclement weather: a rough winter.
    4. Unpleasant or difficult: had a rough time during the exam.
    1. Boisterous, unruly, uncouth, or rowdy: ran with a rough crowd.
    2. Lacking polish or finesse: rough manners.
  3. Characterized by carelessness or force, as in manipulating: broke the crystal through rough handling.
  4. Harsh to the ear: a rough raspy sound.
  5. Being in a natural state: rough diamonds.
  6. Not perfected, completed, or fully detailed: a rough drawing; rough carpentry.
    1. Rugged overgrown terrain.
    2. Sports. The part of a golf course left unmowed and uncultivated.
  1. The difficult or disagreeable aspect, part, or side: observed politics in the rough when working as an intern on Capitol Hill.
  2. Something in an unfinished or hastily worked-out state.
  3. A crude unmannered person; a rowdy.
tr.v., roughed, rough·ing, roughs.
    1. To treat roughly or with physical violence: roughed up his opponent.
    2. Sports. To treat (an opposing player) with unnecessary roughness, often in violation of the rules: was ejected from the game for roughing the passer.
  1. To prepare or indicate in an unfinished form: rough out a house plan.
In a rough manner; roughly: The engine began to run rough and faltered.

rough it
  1. To live without the usual comforts and conveniences: roughed it in a small hunting shack.
[Middle English, from Old English rūh.]
rougher rough'er n.
roughly rough'ly adv.
roughness rough'ness n.
SYNONYMS rough, harsh, jagged, rugged, scabrous, uneven. These adjectives apply to what is not smooth but has a coarse, irregular surface. Rough describes something that to the sight or touch has inequalities, as projections or ridges: rough bark; rough, chapped hands. Something harsh is unpleasantly rough, discordant, or grating: harsh burlap; a harsh voice. Jagged refers to an edge or surface with irregular projections and indentations: a jagged piece of glass. Rugged can apply to land surfaces characterized by irregular, often steep rises and slopes: rugged countryside. Scabrous means rough and scaly to the touch: granular, scabrous skin. Uneven describes lines or surfaces of which some parts are not level with others: uneven ground; uneven handwriting. See also synonyms at rude.


Syllabification: sa·la·cious
Pronunciation: /səˈlāSHəs/adjective

  • 1(of writing, pictures, or talk) treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest in or enjoyment of the subject: salacious stories

    • The gossip is usually more salacious, the stories downright dirtier and they tend to spend more money on wine.
    • Kerekes defended himself against accusations that he was representing violent, sexual murder in a salacious, titillating and insensitive manner.
    • In a fit of fury, Pentheus attempts unsuccessfully to imprison Dionysus, who subsequently awakens Pentheus's salacious interest in the cavorting ladies.
  • 1.1lustful; lecherous: his salacious grin faltered
    More example sentences
    • Martina smiles and, ignoring his salacious grin, gestures towards the large fireplace in the parlor visible to their left.
    • No, it was the reek of alcohol that was coming from his direction and the salacious grin that spread across his face when he saw her coming.




Pronunciation: /-ˈlasitē/


mid 17th century: from Latin salax, salac- (from salire 'to leap') + -ious.


Syllabification: (scab·rous)
Pronunciation: /ˈskabrəs/

  • rough and covered with, or as if with, scabs.
  • 2 indecent; salacious:scabrous publications




late 16th century (first used to describe an author's style as 'harsh, unmusical, unpolished'): from French scabreux or late Latin scabrosus, from Latin scaber 'rough'

roughs (複数形) • roughed (過去形) • roughed (過去分詞) • roughing (現在分詞) • roughs (三人称単数現在)
rough as a cob, in rough, in the rough, (全7件)
[形](〜・er, 〜・est)
1 (表面が)ざらざらした, でこぼこの;〈頭髪などが〉もじゃもじゃの
rough skin
rough fingers
(1) 乱暴な, 荒っぽい;粗野な, がさつな, 騒々しい;(人に対して)むごい, 非情な((on ...));有害な;〈地域が〉暴力[犯罪]の多い
a rough reply
a rough mob
look rough
be rough on a person
(2) 《スポーツ》反則(行為)の.
3 〈海・空などが〉荒れた, 荒れ狂う;荒天の;荒天をついての
rough weather
a rough day
a rough passage
4 ((略式))〈生活・仕事などが〉つらい, 苦しい, 不快な, いやな;(人にとって)不運な, つらい, たいへんな((on ...));((叙述))((略式))気分が悪い
lead a rough life
have a rough night
give a person a rough time
Getting divorced was rough on him.
5 〈音などが〉耳ざわりな;〈景色などが〉目ざわりな, 殺風景な
a rough, raspy voice
6 ((限定))〈未開地などが〉荒涼として, 未開のままの;自然のままの;洗練されていない, あかぬけていない;〈紙・ノートなどが〉下書き用の
rough stone
in a rough state
7 〈味が〉きつい, しぶい, すっぱい;〈食べ物が〉まずい, 粗末な
rough food
8 頭[熟練など]を要しない, 肉体労働の
rough work
9 〈言葉・計画・考えなどが〉大ざっぱな, 粗削りの, ラフな;おおよその, 概略の, あらましの
a rough draft
草稿, 下書き
a rough estimate
a rough outline
a rough guess
10 《音声学》気音発声の, 気息音 〔h〕 を伴う.
11 ((米俗))困難な, 危険な.
(as) rough as a cob
1 [U][C]自然のままの[荒い]物, 未加工品, 未開地, 草稿, 下絵
travel over rough and smooth
2 ((the 〜))やっかいな[つらい]事, 難儀;虐待
the rough(s) and the smooth(s)
浮沈, 幸不幸
take the rough with the smooth
3 ((主に英))乱暴者, ごろつき.
4 ((the 〜))《ゴルフ》ラフ.
in rough
おおざっぱに, ざっと.
in the rough
(1) 未加工[未完成]のままの[で]. ⇒ROUGH DIAMOND
(2) 概略で, おおよそ.
(3) だらしなく, 乱雑に;準備[用意]もなく.
(4) ((米略式))困って, 難儀して.
1 手荒く, 乱暴に. ▼roughlyより口語的
play rough
cut up rough
He treats his son rough.
2 おおよそ, あらまし.
live rough
sleep rough
戸外で寝る, 野宿する.
1 〈物を〉粗く[ざらざらに, でこぼこに]する;〈頭髪などを〉もじゃもじゃにする((up)).
2 ((略式))〈人・動物・物などを〉乱暴[手荒]に扱う, 痛めつける((up));〈人を〉いらだたせる((up)).
3 〈物を〉荒ごしらえする((down, off, out));〈草稿・略図などを〉ざっと書く[描く];…の概略を述べる((in, out));…をざっと描き加える((in))
rough out a drawing
4 《スポーツ》〈相手選手に〉反則的妨害をする.
1 粗く[ざらざらに, でこぼこに]なる.
2 荒々しくふるまう, 乱暴する.
rough it
[古英語ruh←西ゲルマン語. -ghの発音は元々 〔x〕 (スコットランド語lochの音)であったが, 聞こえが似ているために 〔f〕 に変わった. ⇒COUGH, ENOUGH, LAUGH

rough house

informal, chiefly North American
Definition of rough house

  • a violent disturbance: individual policemen may strike out in some after-hours pub rough house


(rough-house) [no object]
  • act in a boisterous, violent manner:they rough-house on street corners
  • [with object] handle (someone) roughly or violently:he had them rough-housed by his servants