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June 9, 2009 3:00 PM PDT
Google's Schmidt dings Bing
Google CEO Eric Schmidt, as one might expect, offered no public sense that Microsoft's new Bing search engine has him pacing the halls at night.
"I need street names and patience," Cory Booker told one worried tweeter as up to 80 centimeters of snow trapped many New Jersey residents in their homes.

Microsoft Bing Dings Google, Searches Twitter Tweets
eWeek - New York, NY
Microsoft adds real-time search capabilities to its Bing search engine as it seeks to knock Google from its search perch. Now users can use Bing to find the ...

European Firms Try Out Twitter
While most senior executives still regard Twitter as a diversion from work, some have been quick to incorporate "tweeting" as part of their extremely busy routines.

Wedding Bells For Google And Twitter?
ChannelWeb - Manhasset,NY,USA
Earlier this week, Google activated its Twitter account and all Tweets broke loose. As of Friday morning, Google had more than 26000 followers. ...


Microsoft's Bing Now Indexes (Some) Tweets
PC Magazine - USA
There's been a bit of talk over the past half-year about Twitter search eclipsing Google in terms search immediacy. Microsoft--who, let's face it, ...

Google’s first online outburst against its Chinese hosts was a stern and high-minded rebuke of state censorship. Over 765 words, chief legal officer David Drummond railed against online attacks and their “security and human rights implications”. The second, two months later in March, was shorter (510 words) and more conciliatory. The third, posted last night, was shorter still (368) and outright deferential. At this rate, Google will be posting news of its exit with a few “lol”s and a smiley on Twitter.
首次在网上向中国政府发难时,谷歌(Google)对互联 网审查制度作了严厉而高傲的 诘责。在全长765个字的声明中,谷歌首席法律顾问庄孟德(David Drummond)严词抨击了网络攻击行为及其“对安全和人权问题上的影响”。两个月后,也就是在3月份,谷歌发表了第二篇相关声明,这次篇幅缩短到 510字,语气也和缓了许多。至于昨晚发表的第三篇文章就更短了,只有368字,而语气竟十分地恭顺。照这样下去,有一天谷歌就会在推特 (Twitter)上用若干个“lol”(大笑)和笑脸符来发布其彻底退出中国的消息。

 immediacyn., pl. -cies.
  1. The condition or quality of being immediate.
  2. Lack of an intervening or mediating agency; directness: the immediacy of live television coverage.
  3. Something immediate, as in importance.

all hell breaks loose INFORMAL
If all hell breaks loose, a situation suddenly becomes violent and noisy, especially with people arguing or fighting:
One policeman drew his gun and then suddenly all hell broke loose.

A weak chirping sound, as of a young or small bird.
intr.v., tweet·ed, tweet·ing, tweets.
To utter a weak chirping sound.

('tər) pronunciation

v., -tered, -ter·ing, -ters. v.intr.
  1. To walk or move unsteadily or unsurely; totter.
  2. To alternate, as between opposing attitudes or positions; vacillate.
  3. To seesaw.
To cause to teeter or seesaw.

n. Northeastern U.S.
  1. See seesaw (sense 1). See Regional Note at teeter-totter.
  2. A teetering motion.
[Middle English titeren, probably from Old Norse titra, to shake.]

tweet • er
tweeters (複数形)

Oxford English Dictionary breaks own rule, lists 'tweet'
Computerworld - Tweeting has become so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary broke one of its own rules to add 'tweet' to its lexicon this month. "Tweet" is listed as both a noun and a verb that's used in social networking. The addition of stands ...

QualityTaiwan發行的Quality Times:約半年前「幾年前章詒和《往事並不如煙》聞名全球,她並以其作為自己的預定「墓碣」(比較:美國Apple公司的:"I want to put a ding in the universe." Steve Jobs)。上月,她還受邀到新加坡談新作《伶人往事》(見「亞洲周刊」)。維基百科有她的詞條。」 之後David HSU 有一留言--今天查字典才知道它們同義: �       

I want to put a ding in the universe. 另一個說法是We're here to put a dent in the universe.; 我覺得後者更像 Steve Jobs 的口氣! -- DHSU (2007-01-21 09:27:58) �       

ding 和dent 是同義詞slang -- @id:demingtw2 (2007-01-31 05:30:05) ding ━━ v. じゃんじゃん鳴る[鳴らす]; やいやい[くどく]言う.
━━ n. (鐘などの)ごーん[じゃーん]という音.
ding-a-ling 〔米俗〕 愚か者.
ding・bat 〔米俗〕 頭のおかしい奴; 〔米話〕 【コンピュータ】飾り活字 ((段落の始めの星印など)).
ding-dong ━━ n., ad., a. じゃんじゃん, からんからん ((鐘の音)); 激論; どしどし, じゃんじゃん; (競争などが)しのぎを削る, 接戦の. leave one's mark 永久に足跡(そくせき)を残す ((on)).

ding1 v., dinged, ding�ing, dings.
v.intr. To ring; clang. To speak persistently and repetitiously. v.tr. To cause to clang, as by striking. To instill with constant repetition: dinged advice into my head.

n. A ringing sound. [Partly imitative and partly alteration of DIN.]
ding2 n. Informal. A small dent or nick, as in the body of a car. tr.v., dinged, ding�ing, dings. To dent or nick. To hit or strike: was dinged on the head by a ball.
Slang. To shoot, especially with a gun. [From ding, to strike, beat on, pound (from Middle English dingen; akin to Old Norse dengja) and from DING1.]

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There is an immediacy about Charles Dickens's life, just as there is about his novels—a kind of bursting physicality. “If I couldn't walk fast and far,” he once said, “I think I should explode and perish”