2018年4月10日 星期二

bump, speed bump, pay bump, size up, bumper crop/year, sumo-sized, bumper sticker, stem from, stemming the tide, humanitarian

97% of Kellogg students find a job within three months of graduation, pocketing a 72% pay bump

United Airlines Will Now Pay Voluntarily Bumped Passengers Up To $10,000

United Airlines promises to cut down on overbooking and raise the maximum incentive for passengers to skip a flight to $10,000.

Hon Hai Enjoys Big iPhone Bump

Syria Presses Aleppo Attack; Rebels Size Up U.S. Vow of Aid
Forces loyal to the Syrian government renewed their assault on the key rebel stronghold of Aleppo on Friday, a day after the Obama administration said it would send arms to rebel fighters for the first time.

A Magazine Article on Race Sets Off an Outcry
Philadelphia Magazine’s “Being White in Philly” provoked angry comments, as well as a bump in sales.
Cray bumps IBM from Top500 supercomputer top spot
IDG News Service - The U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory's newly installed Titan system, a Cray XK7, has been anointed as the world's fastest supercomputer in the newly released 40th edition of the Top500 compilation of the world ...

Kayak, Palo Alto Networks Surge Post-IPO
The stocks of technology companies Kayak Software and Palo Alto Networks surged in their debuts Friday, a promising sign for an IPO market that seized up in the wake of Facebook Inc.'s disappointing May offering.

Midwest’s Heat Dashes Hopes for a Bumper Crop of Corn

Soaring heat and drought conditions in the Midwest are threatening what was expected to be the nation’s largest corn crop in generations.

'Those Who Have Borne the Battle'
Despite the bumper stickers, the gap between soldier and civilian is wider than ever.

Sebastião Salgado in 2013
A unique chance to discover Sebastião Salgado's breathtaking masterpiece: GENESIS, a photographic homage to our planet in its natural state. This is the first appearance of this SUMO size Collector's Edition in Asia after being unveiled in London last month.

Japan Inc.'s Sumo-Sized Appetite for Deals
A bumper year for Japanese-led mergers and acquisition activity is reason to cheer for those who advise on such deals. For investors there's less to celebrate.

Gardening Books

A bumper crop of new gardening books that make a good case for the simple joy of growing things.

Berlusconi Gets 4-Year Sentence for Tax Evasion
Silvio Berlusconi
MILAN — The former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was convicted on charges stemming from his media empire.
iT News
By Liam Tung on Oct 17, 2011 6:59 AM (6 hours ago) Skype's first software update after Microsoft formally took control was to bump the Google Toolbar from the product's Windows installation.

The EU’s role in stemming the tide in Pakistan

The floods in Pakistan may have been bumped down in news bulletins here in
Europe, but the

crisis is far from over.

1 [III[名]([副])]…にドン[ドシン, ドスン]とぶつかる[衝突する];…を(…に)ぶつける, 打ち当てる((against, on ...))
bump one's knee against [on] the wall
2 ((米俗))〈目下・下位の者に〉(無理に)とって代わる, を追い出す;〈人を〉解雇[拒絶, 否決]する.
3 ((米俗))(予約を取りすぎて)〈人に〉搭乗予約を取り消す.
4 〈価格・賃金・点数などを〉押し上げる, 増やす((up));((米略式))〈人を〉昇進させる((up));《ポーカー》〈人を〉賭(か)け金で上回る.
5 ((俗))…を妊娠させる.
1 (…に)ぶつかる((against, into ...));〈2つの物が〉衝突する((together))
He bumped against [into] me.
2 がたがた揺れながら進む
The bus bumped along the road.
3 (音楽に合わせて)腰を前方に突き出して刺激的に踊る.
bump into ...
(1) ⇒(自)1
(2) ((略式))〈知り合いに〉ばったり出くわす.
bump ... off/bump off ...
(1) …をぶつけて落とす
The cat bumped the kettle off the table.
(2) ((略式))〈人を〉殺す, ばらす.
bump up against a person
1 ((通例a 〜))突き当てる[当たる]こと, (軽い)衝突;ドシン[バタン, ドン](という音)
have a bump in the car
fall with a bump
2 衝撃.
3 打撲傷;こぶ;(道路などの)隆起;((〜s))(毛をむしり取った)鳥肌のぶつぶつ
a bump on a road
4 ((俗))昇格, 昇進, 昇給;左遷;降格
an 8-dollar bump
get a bump to the presidency of the company
5 《航空》バンプ:気流の急激な変化により生ずる不規則な風.
6 バンプ.
(1) 刺激的に腰を突き出すダンスの動作. ⇒GRIND[名]5
(2) 尻(しり)をぶつけ合うロックの踊り.
━━[副]ドスン[ドシン, バタン]と.
things that go bump in the night

  1. To strike or collide with.
  2. To cause to knock against an obstacle.
    1. To knock to a new position; shift: bumped the crate out of the way.
    2. To shake up and down; jolt: bumped the child on her knee; was bumped about on a rough flight.
    1. To displace from a position within a group or organization.
    2. To deprive (a passenger) of a reserved seat because of overbooking.
  3. To raise; boost: bump up the price of gasoline.
  4. Sports. To pass (a volleyball) by redirecting it with the forearms.
  1. To hit or knock against something.
  2. To proceed with jerks and jolts: bumped along slowly over the rocky terrain.
  3. Sports. To bump a volleyball.
    1. A blow, collision, or jolt.
    2. The sound of something bumping: heard a loud bump in the dark.
    1. A raised or rounded spot; a bulge.
    2. A slight swelling or lump.
    3. Something, such as unevenness or a hole in a road, that causes a bump.
  1. A rise or increase, as in prices or enrollment.
  2. One of the natural protuberances on the human skull, considered to have significance in phrenology.
  3. A forward thrust of the pelvis, as in a burlesque striptease.
  4. Sports. A pass in volleyball made by redirecting the ball with the inside of the forearms, especially when extended and held together.
  5. Slang. A shot of hard liquor, sometimes accompanied by a beer chaser.
phrasal verbs:bump into
  1. To meet by chance: I often bump into him at the supermarket.
bump off Slang.
  1. To murder.

informal , chiefly US An increase:there was a bump in the number of outbound flights

pay bump
an increase in amount, especially of salary or a wager: He asked the boss for a ten-dollar bump.

━━[動](〜med, 〜・ming)(他)〈葉・果実の〉軸[柄]を取り去る;〈造花などに〉茎をつける.
━━(自)〈物が〉(…から)分岐する;〈事件・感情などが〉(…から)起こる, 生じる, 始まる, 由来する((from ...)). ▼進行形不可
His illness stems from a traffic accident.

[動](〜med, 〜・ming)(他)1 …を阻止する, 食い止める, 抑える;〈流れなどを〉せき止める stem an attack攻撃を食い止める stem the tide of stu...

speed bump noun [C] (UK ALSO speed hump or sleeping policeman〔英〕 高速走行防止のための道路の段差畝(うね).)

a small raised area built across a road to force people to drive more slowly:

Local residents are asking for speed bumps to be installed in their street.

比喻用法Philips's medical-equipment unit has been a growth engine in recent years. But this year, it hit a speed bump: tighter U.S. budgets.

size up[size up]

(1) (ある基準に)達する, (…に)匹敵する((to, with ...)).
(2) 〈事が〉現れてくる, (ある状態に)なってくる.


[with object]
  • 1alter or sort in terms of size or according to size:twist drills are sized in millimetres
  • 2 (size something up) estimate or measure something’s dimensions:she was trying to size up a room with a tape measure
  • (size someone/thing up) informal form an estimate or rough judgement of someone or something:the two men sized each other up

In agriculture, a bumper crop refers to a particularly productive harvest yielded for a particular crop.
Example: "With all the rain we've had over the last few months, we are expecting a bumper crop this year."
The word "bumper" has a second definition[1] meaning "something unusually large," which is where this term comes from[2].

(bŭm'pər) pronunciation
  1. A usually metal or rubber bar attached to either end of a motor vehicle, such as a truck or car, to absorb impact in a collision.
  2. A protective device for absorbing shocks or impeding contact.

bump·er2 (bŭm'pər) pronunciation
  1. A drinking vessel filled to the brim.
  2. Something extraordinarily large.
Extraordinarily abundant or full: a bumper crop of corn.

[Perhaps from BUMP.]


  • 発音記号[bʌ'mpər]
1 ぶつかる[突き当たる]人[物].
2 ((英))衝突よけ[当てもの], (列車・ボートの)緩衝装置;(自動車の)バンパー(((米))fender).
3 (乾杯のときの)満杯のグラス;満杯(の…)((of ...)).
4 ((略式))並みはずれて大きいもの;((〜s))(女性の)胸.
5 《クリケット》高く跳ね上がる球.

a bumper crop [harvest]
━━(自)乾杯する.中文(繁體)(Chinese (Traditional))
n. - 滿杯, 特大的東西
adj. - 特大的, 豐盛的
n. - 緩衝器, 保險桿, 減震物
  • bumper sticker 貼於車上或車牌的膠紙條
A bumper sticker is an adhesive label or sticker with a message, intended to be attached to the bumper of an automobile and to be read by the occupants of other vehicles - although they are often stuck onto other objects. Most bumper stickers are about 30 cm by 8 cm (12 in by 3 in) and are often made of PVC.

Bumper sticker with a Sinclair Lewis quote on a bicycle

'How's my driving' bumper stickers are often used on commercial vehicles so that employers can receive feedback about the driving habits of their employees.


Pronunciation: /ˈsuːməʊ/

Definition of sumo

noun (plural sumos)

[mass noun]
  • a Japanese form of heavyweight wrestling, in which a wrestler wins a bout by forcing his opponent outside a marked circle or by making him touch the ground with any part of his body except the soles of his feet.
  • [count noun] a sumo wrestler.


from Japanese sūmo