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kudos, turnabout, take (the) heat, shovel, shóvel hàt

Kudos to Judge Robart. Kudos to the federal court system. Kudos to the attorneys general of Washington and Minnesota.

Bill Watson at a granite-block enclosure built in 1909 in honor of the Duffy’s Cut dead. He is one of the people whose curiosity prompted the excavation of the site.
Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times
This Land

Grim Story Told With Shovels and Science

The excavation of a mass grave of Irish railroad workers in Pennsylvania, who died during a cholera epidemic in 1832, answers some questions and raises many more.

中英對照讀新聞/Fear not Newark... your mayor uses Twitter 紐華克別擔心……你們的市長在用推特
◎ 俞智敏
While other officials took heat for their lame response to paralyzing US blizzards, Newark’s mayor ingeniously used Twitter and earnt himself political kudos for helping dig out those in need.
"I need street names and patience," Cory Booker told one worried tweeter as up to 80 centimeters of snow trapped many New Jersey residents in their homes.
An avalanche of responses followed, many of which Booker answered with personal house calls, shovel in hand. His Twitter feed, #CoryBooker, reads like a real-time history of one man’s struggle to free his city from the snow.
大批回應隨即如雪花般湧至,布克拿著鏟子親自挨家挨戶造訪了許多居民。他的推特訊息#CoryBooker ,讀起來就像是他一個人單槍匹馬拯救遭大雪圍困城市的即時歷史紀錄一樣。
"I’m on my way to Treamont Ave now to help dig your mom out," one Booker tweet said, while news clips showed the rising star in the Democratic Party working tirelessly to clear pavements, dig out vehicles and rescue stricken citizens.
"Plez help my dad he’s snowed in at home & i cant get to him from NY," another tweeter said, using the abbreviations and minimal punctuation that have become the hallmark of the rabidly popular microblogging site.
Responding like some new media hero, Booker replied: "Please DM (direct message) me his # and address. I will try & help."

turnabout, 2009.3.4
In Turnabout, Antitrust Unit Looks at Intel

Chinese legislators will not respond to Taiwan president's ...
North County Times - Escondido,CA,USA
The reticence marks a turnabout from the usual rhetoric that has often deepened the 58-year-old divide between China and democratically run Taiwan. ...

The ordeal is a turnabout for Cerberus, which had spent years distancing itself from its once bare-knuckle image. In the summer, it earned kudos for how it handled the tricky financing of its Chrysler buyout. Its earlier purchase of General Motors's financing' arm, GMAC, was a sign that it had truly arrived.

最後結論往往來個大反轉(turnabout、turnaround),還得假裝精采地鼓一輪掌(a round of applause)。

noun [C] (180°の)転回, 転向, 寝返り.
a complete change from one situation or condition to its opposite:
What accounts for the dramatic turnabout in Britain's international trading performance?No kudos yet for Microsoft's Kumo
BetaNews - USA
If Microsoft is to make some headway in search against both Google and a potentially revived Yahoo, then it needs a value proposition that's more appealing ...

noun [U]
the fame and public admiration that a person receives as a result of a particular achievement or position in society:

Being an actor has a certain amount of kudos attached to it.

take (the) heat:俚語,指(為某事而)接受或忍受批評,如The cops have been taking some heat about the Quincy killing. (警方為了昆西殺人事件而飽受指責。)
kudos:名詞,指某人因某件特殊成就或社會地位而獲得的名聲與敬佩、威信等。如The talented, young playwright received kudos for his new drama.(這位年輕天才劇作家因為新劇作而贏得好評。)
be snowed in:指因為下大雪而受困、動彈不得。如We were snowed in for four days last winter.(去年冬天我們被大雪困在家裡整整四天。)


shov • el
shovels (複数形) • shovels (三人称単数現在)
put in one's shovel, (全1件)
1 (動力)シャベル
a coal shovel
a diesel shovel
2 シャベル1杯(分)(shovelful).
3 ((略式))=shovel hat.
put in one's shovel
━━[動](〜ed, 〜・ing;((英))〜led, 〜・ling)(他)
1 …をシャベルですくう;〈道などを〉シャベルで作る;機関士として働く.
2 …を大量に入れる[かき集める], かきこむ, つめこむ, …を(シャベルで)掘る, かき除く
shovel the snow from the walk
shovel in (the) money

shóvel hàt