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blini, crêpe, go, crape, caviar, roe, crinkly , crinkle-cut, myrtle, hatband, crepe hanger

Suddenly a gas-burner shed its light on him. He 
wore a crape hat-band. She was dead, perhaps ? This 
idea tormented Frederick's mind so much, that he hur- 
ried, next day, to the. office of L 'Art Industriel, and 
paying, without a moment's delay, for one of the en- 
gravings exposed in the window for sale, he asked the 
shop-assistant how Monsieur Arnoux was. 

As people cut back on french fries, Burger King is going after what it calls "lapsed users" with new fries that promise fewer calories and less fat. Sarah Nassauer joins Lunch Break to taste-test the new menu item. Photo: Burger King.Burger King gave the new fries a crinkle cut to "mitigate confusion" with its classic fries, which have a straight cut, Mr. Hirschhorn said. They will sell for about 25 cents more than Burger King's classic fries except in kids' meals.

Built on his former estate, it consists of a clutch of bungalows separated by raked gravel. Inside the dimly lighted exhibition hall are a few handwritten pages from “Gitanjali,” Tagore’s most famous poem, and black-and-white photographs of Tagore — a few of him as a dashing young man, but most of an older Tagore with crinkly eyes, looking off into the distance.
A Roe, by Any Other Name
Efforts to curtail the trade of caviar from the Caspian Sea have led to opportunities for substitutes in unlikely places. 

a veil of crape

The rise and rise of Russia's fast food czar

Home-cooked blini stuffed with sour cream, cheese or caviar have been a
regular staple in Russian families for centuries. Now residents in cities
like Moscow or St. Petersburg can order the crepe-like snacks to go.

The DW-WORLD Article

EuroVox | 23.02.2009 | 05:30

Epicurial Europe: Blinis Or Bust in Moscow

Russian cuisine is known to be hearty and heavy on the meat. But Blinis are an exception to the rule.

The huge country is famous for its hearty stew-like soups with chunks of meat inside like Bortsch or Tschi or the fish-soup called Soljanka. And gourmets of course go for the famous red or black Caviar.
But there is a vegetarian option in Moscow -- blinis are pancake like meals, quick and easy and available on every street corner.

blinis 應是錯誤

n., pl. blini.
A small light pancake served with melted butter, sour cream, and other garnishes such as caviar.
[Russian bliny, pl. of blin, pancake, from Old Russian mlinŭ, blinŭ.]

[BLEE-nee] Hailing from Russia, blini (singular, blin) are small, yeast-raised pancakes that are classically served with sour cream and caviar or smoked salmon. Blini are traditionally made with buckwheat flour, although lighter versions combine buckwheat and wheat flours.

我深愛紫薇花,因為白居易,因為相遇得早,更因為這花逸放舒展,栩栩欲飛,開起來轟轟然蓬蓬然,如煙雲,如泉瀑,彷彿就要暈染噴濺過來。那捲皺的花瓣,像柔美的蕾絲縐紗,千層百褶,變幻綺麗(所以英文叫它crepe myrtle,縐紗沒藥),而且薄軟輕盈,「每微風起,夭嬌顫動」,有人因而叫它「癢癢花」或者「怕癢花」,說是一伸手過去,花蕊枝葉疑是呵癢,就會輕輕抖動。這當然是誇張了。

In days of old when the dead were laid out in the parlour of the family home, people, either out of respect or superstition, draped all the mirrors and windows of the house with black crepe. Professional "funeral" operators would begin to prepare for this ahead of time as they noted that there were local people nearing death's door. This gave birth to the term, "crepe hanger" to people who are compulsive worriers, anxious about things that have not yet happened. This "tradition" also gave birth to the use of black crepe for the manufacture of ladies’ mourning dresses, men’s hat bands and arm bands, and funeral wreaths
Mothers who are constantly worried and over anxious about their children, husbands etc when they don't get home on time, and in their mind's eye see them in an accident, hospitalized, dead and themselves standing over a gravesite could be considered "crepe hangers."


Pronunciation: /kreɪp/  /krɛp/ 


1[MASS NOUN](also crape)A light, thin fabric with a wrinkled surface:[AS MODIFIER]: a crêpe bandage
1.1(also crêpe rubber)Hard-wearing wrinkled rubber, used for the soles of shoes.



(also crêpy)ADJECTIVE


Late 18th century: French, from Old French crespe 'curled, frizzed', from Latin crispus.

crepe crêpe (krāp) pronunciation
n. - 縐織物, 縐紋膠, 油煎薄餅, 薄烤餅
  • crepe paper 捲縐紙

  1. a decorative ribbon encircling a hat, held in position above the brim.


Pronunciation: /ˈməːt(ə)l/ 


1An evergreen shrub which has glossy aromatic foliage and white flowers followed by purple-black oval berries.
2North American The lesser periwinkle.


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin myrtillamyrtillus, diminutive of Latin myrtamyrtus, from Greek murtos.

━━ vi. (went; gone) 行く, 進む; 出発する; 去る; 過ぎ去る; (時間が)たつ; 死ぬ, 逝く; なくなる, (火が)消える; 処分[廃止]される; すたれる; 折れる; だめになる; …(の状態)になる[である] (go bad 悪くなる, 腐る); 動く, 運動する, 働く, 役立つ; うまく行く, 成功する; 通用する; 容認される; (うわさなどが)流布する; …と(書いて)ある; 費やされる, 売れる (His house went cheap. 安値で売られた); 達する ((to)); 合計して…となる ((to)); 置かれる, 入る, 属する; (鐘・鉄砲が)鳴る; (時計が)時を打つ (The clock went six. 6時を打った); 〔話〕 トイレに行く.
━━ vt. 賭ける (I will go you a dollar. 1ドル賭けよう); 〔話〕 耐える; 〔話〕 ((could goの形で)) (飲食物を)欲しいと思う; (作物などを)産出する; 〔米話〕 …と言う; 〔米話〕 目方が…ある.

  1. To proceed or move according to: I was free to go my own way.
  2. To traverse: Only two of the runners went the entire distance.
  3. To engage in: went skiing.
  4. Informal.
    1. To bet: go $20 on the black horse.
    2. To bid: I'll go $500 on the vase.
  5. Informal.
    1. To take on the responsibility or obligation for: go bail for a client.
    2. To participate to (a given extent): Will you go halves with me if we win the lottery?
  6. To amount to; weigh: a shark that went 400 pounds.
  7. Sports. To have as a record: went 3 for 4 against their best pitcher.
  8. Informal. To enjoy: I could go a cold beer right now.
  9. To say or utter. Used chiefly in verbal narration: First I go, "Thank you," then he goes, "What for?"

crape (krāp) pronunciation
  1. See crepe (sense 1).
  2. A black band worn, as on the sleeve, as a sign of mourning. Also called crepe.
tr.v., craped, crap·ing, crapes.
To cover or drape with or as if with crape.

[Alteration of French crêpe. See crepe.]
  1. A light soft thin fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or another fiber, with a crinkled surface. Also called crape.
  2. See crape (sense 2).
  3. Crepe paper.
  4. Crepe rubber.
  5. (also krĕp) A very thin small pancake, often stuffed and rolled up.
[French crêpe, from Old French crespe, curly, from Latin crispus.]


  • 発音記号[róu]
1 (雌魚の房状の)魚卵, はらご(hard roe);(雄魚の)魚精, 白子(しらこ)
cod(') roe
grainy sea-urchin roe
2 (エビなどの)卵(塊).


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[kǽviɑ`ːr]
[名][U]キャビア:チョウザメの腹子の塩づけ. (またcáv・i・àre)
caviar to the general
((英文))高尚すぎて俗受けしない高級品, 「猫に小判」〈Shak. Hamlet II ii 457〉.

 (krĭng'kəl) pronunciation

v., -kled, -kling, -kles.
  1. To form wrinkles or ripples.
  2. To make a soft crackling sound; rustle.
To cause to crinkle.

A wrinkle, ripple, or fold.

[From Middle English crinkled, full of turnings.]
crinkly crin'kly adj.

[動](他)〈紙・髪などを〉縮らせる crinkled paperちりめん紙.━━(自)1 〈紙・布などが〉縮む, くしゃくしゃになる((up));〈顔が〉しわになる.2 〈紙などが〉カサカサ音...


crin • kly
crinklies (複数形)
[形](-kli・er, -kli・est)
1 〈物が〉しわの多い;〈髪が〉縮れた, 波状の.
2 〈物が〉カサカサ音を立てる.
━━[名]((俗))老人, 年寄り.