2017年2月15日 星期三

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This would be amazing!

Scientists from Harvard University plan to create a mammoth hybrid.

Madonna flounces about The GRAMMYs in corsetry, while Taylor Swift turns up looking like a 45-year-old movie star – and that's fine. Why should anyone be told to act their age when it comes to getting dressed?
The age-shaming of Madge is relentless and constant, like some kind of...

European Ties
'The most hyped up speech for ages'

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is set to give his long-awaited "Europe"
speech on Friday. But why is there such a frenzy of anticipation
surrounding it, and will people's expectations inevitably be dashed?

Saving Face in Hairy IPO
One lesson from the Facebook debut: It's much easier to turn hype into first-day profits when shares are scarce.

Hair dresser turns shoe maker, creates hairy heels

Taiwanese hair dresser Shiou-ying Tsai made a pair of high heels, made entirely from hair.

54-year-old Shiou-ying Tsai has been cutting hair for almost four decades, but now she s started collecting it, to turn them into shoes and accessories. Tsai said that a single heel needs hair from at least three people.

Her works also include brooches and a small black rat which are not for sale. She is now planning a range of hairy corsets and dresses to develop her hobby further.

Tsai started working with hair before she entered high school, learning the skills of styling from her mother.

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus ended 2011 as the face of an overhyped IPO. Now he wants to show the hype was justified. He talks with the Journal about what he learned from the IPO and some of his early management missteps.
The Hype of Glory of 3D Sex and Zen: Extremem Ecstasy
The first IMAX 3D erotic film made a huge stir in Hong Kong, even breaking Avatar`s first-day sales record. Executive producer Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen talks about the difficulties of 3D and his hopes for another pornographci sequel.

Mike Taylor takes visual and all other information he receives, mixes it with emotions stirred by daily life in a hyper, cross-threaded, twenty-first century postmodern culture and ends up with paintings that lean towards the surrealistic or sometimes the abstract. Strongly influenced by western art of the first half of the twentieth century, Taylor's subjects range from rocks and trees to people to basic celebrations of form and colour.


('pər) pronunciation

adj. Slang.
  1. Having a very excitable or nervous temperament; high-strung.
  2. Emotionally stimulated or overexcited.
[Short for HYPERACTIVE.]

In today's wired world, we need to work more collaboratively than ever before, and many executives realize that they need a new playbook for this hyperconnected, globally dispersed environment.


Prefix meaning above the normal range, or abnormally high.

1 詐欺, ぺてん.
2 [U]誇大広告;売り込み;大げさな報道;[C]売り込まれる人[物]
a hype artist
1 〈人を〉だます, 欺く.
2 …をあおりたてる;…を興奮させる;…を誇大に宣伝する((up)).

(ō'vər-hīp') pronunciation
tr.v. Slang, -hyped, -hyp·ing, -hypes.
To promote or publicize to excess: Promoters grossly overhyped the movie.

(măm'əth) pronunciation
  1. Any of various large, hairy, extinct elephants of the genus Mammuthus, especially the woolly mammoth.
  2. Something of great size.
Of enormous size; huge. See synonyms at enormous.

[Obsolete Russian mamut, mamot.]

《中英對照讀新聞》Jellyfish As Big As Sumo Wrestlers Hit Japan 大如相撲力士的水母襲擊日本

An invasion of jellyfish the size of sumo wrestlers is throwing the Japanese fishing industry into jeopardy.
The vast creatures have appeared on Japan’s Pacific coast after floating from Chinese and Korean waters where they breed every year.
The Echizen jellyfish grow up to 2.2m in diameter and can weigh over 300kg. Their size means they are capable of ruining fisherman’s nets and poisoning and crushing catches.
One fishing boat was even capsized after a mammoth creature got caught in its net. A local fisherman said: " I have never seen anything this big before."
Much about the jellyfish swarms remains a mystery but some scientists believe global warming and rising sea temperatures may be a factor. Japan’s Meteorological Agency says the waters of the Sea of Japan are warming at a speed three times faster than the global average.
throw into︰片語,使突然陷入。例句︰The news threw the family into a panic.(這個消息使那一家人頓時陷入驚恐不安。)
mammoth︰形容詞,龐然的。例句︰The scandal caused a mammoth political crisis.(這個醜聞引發重大的政治危機。)

swarm︰名詞,一大群、大批。例句︰The planes attacked American aircraft carriers in swarms.(一批批的飛機襲擊美國的航空母艦。)

hairy(hâr'ē) pronunciation
adj., -i·er, -i·est.
  1. Covered with hair or hairlike projections: a hairy caterpillar.
  2. Consisting of or resembling hair: a hairy overcoat.
  3. Slang. Fraught with difficulties; hazardous: a hairy escape; hairy problems.
hairiness hair'i·ness n.

corsetLine breaks: cor¦set
Pronunciation: /ˈkɔːsɪt

Definition of corset in English:


1woman’s tightly fitting undergarment extendingfrom below the chest to the hipsworn to shape the figure.


Middle English: from Old French, diminutive of cors'body', from Latin corpus. The sense 'close-fitting undergarment' dates from the late 18th century, by which time the sense 'bodice' had mainly historical reference.