2016年7月27日 星期三

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Celebrate Joseph Anton Koch’s birthday with today’s Featured Artwork of the Day. The classically-trained painter Joseph Anton Koch was a father-figure to many German-speaking artists who visited Rome in the early nineteenth century. Koch’s fame rests on this iconic image, which he referred to as a “Greek landscape.”


Auto Industry Races to Recall Duds1

The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill

Colonoscopies Explain High U.S. Health Spending
While the American medical system is famous for expensive drugs and heroic care at the end of life, a more significant factor in the nation’s annual health care bill may be the high price tag of ordinary services.



 China's Haier sounds out takeover of NZ's F&P Appliances
WELLINGTON/HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's Haier Group, parent of Carlyle-backed Haier Electronics (1169.HK), is looking at a takeover of New Zealand's Fisher and Paykel Appliances Ltd FPA.NZ, in a deal that could value the dishwasher and washing ...


Ira Glass: By the Book

The host of "This American Life" and co-writer of the coming film "Sleepwalk With Me" would like to meet Edgar Allan Poe. "I don't have a question, but dude just seems like he could use a hug."

Off the Roman Coast, Bobbing for Views
The tiny Italian is land of Ponza - a geologist's delight - has been a playground since Imperial times

''this old Quaker graveyard where the bones
Cry out in the long night for the hurt beast
Bobbing by Ahab's whaleboats in the East.''
Robert Lowell (1917-1977)

After inadvertently recording audio of his colonoscopy, a man was shocked by what he heard. So he sued, and won.

Anesthesiologist trashes sedated patient — and it ends up costing her
A doctor was found liable for defamation and malpractice after a man...

Definition of man up in English:US informal Be brave or tough enough to deal with an unpleasant situation:you just have to man up and take it


  • 発音記号[sáund]

1 〈海・湖などの〉水深を測る;〈海底などを〉調べる
sound a channel
2 〈人の考えなどを〉調べる, 探る, 〈人に〉(…について)打診する((out/about, on ...)).
3 《外科》〈膀胱(ぼうこう)などを〉(消息子などで)調べる.
1 水深を測る.
2 〈測鉛などが〉底に触れる[達する];〈鯨などが〉(急に)もぐる.
3 〈人が〉(他人の考えなどを)探る, (…の可能性を)打診する((for ...)).
━━[名]《外科》(腔(こう)・管などを探る)消息子, ゾンデ, 探り針.
[古フランス語sonder←sonde「測鉛」. △RADIOSONDE



Line breaks: dud


  • 1A thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless: all three bombs were duds

  • 1.1An ineffectual person: a complete dud, incapable of even hitting the ball

  • 2 (duds) Clothes: buy yourself some new duds


    1Not working or meeting standards; faulty: a dud ignition switch

  • 1.1Counterfeit: she was charged with issuing dud cheques


Middle English (in the sense 'item of clothing'): of unknown origin.


  • 発音記号[djúːd]

1 ((主に米俗))気取り屋, めかし屋(dandy);やつ, 男.
2 ((米古風))都会育ちの人, 都会人;((米西部・カナダ))休暇を牧場ですごす東部人[観光客].
[形]((主に米))気取り屋の, おしゃれの.

v., bobbed, bob·bing, bobs. v.tr.
  1. To hit lightly and quickly; tap.
  2. To cause to move up and down: bobbed my head in response to the question.
  1. To move up and down: a cork bobbing on the water.
  2. To grab at floating or hanging objects with the teeth: bobbed for apples.
  3. To curtsy or bow.
  1. A tap or light blow.
  2. A quick, jerky movement of the head or body.

譬如說有數十攤 與會者繳約180美元 可以任意吃 並評選
前一陣在NHK 看到報導美國的創意肉干派對

肉干的种类繁多,有猪肉干、牛肉干、羊肉干、马肉干、兔肉干 鹿肉乾......等,这类产品的水分活度很低,大多数细菌已经不能生长,故保质期较长,这类产品的蛋白质 ...牛肉乾,係零食乾粮手信東南亞有名土產嘢食星加坡澳門同埋台灣都話佢哋最出名[未記出處或冇根據]。牛肉乾係牛肉柴炭燒乾而製成,有時加上唔同嘅汁,好似蜜糖果皮等。'


Definition of heroic

  • 1having the characteristics of a hero or heroine; admirably brave or determined:heroic deeds heroic bomb disposal experts
  • of or representing heroes or heroines:early medieval heroic poetry
  • 2(of language or a work of art) grand or grandiose in scale or intention:one passes under pyramids and obelisks, all on a heroic scale
  • Sculpture (of a statue) larger than life size but less than colossal.
  • 希臘史詩中的英雄期的作品


  • 1behaviour or talk that is bold or dramatic:the England star is getting special treatment because of his World Cup heroics



late Middle English: from Old French heroique or Latin heroicus, from Greek hērōikos 'relating to heroes', from hērōs 'hero'

What the Hell is a Jerky Party?!

On June 30th, 2010, hundreds of people flowed through the doors of Brooklyn Fireproof East to enjoy handfuls, mouthfuls, and beer-mouths full of jerky; and there was much rejoicing.
I won't bore you with the heroics that made the night possible. No, really, I'm not going to. Seriously, I've got-- fine.
Though the jerky was center stage, it was nearly overshadowed by the mind-melting music party that simply had to break out, given the number of acts we booked. We had some body-humpin' beats from Trifling Mental Soundsystem, a palate cleansing opening act by Dexter Scott, and an historic appearance by the highly regarded but totally un-beefy (except jake) Freelance Whales.
Accommodations were provided by the always host-pitable Brooklyn Fireproof East (thanks Leslie, Thomas and Sean, and of course James for hookin us up), copious PBR by the all-giving Rachel Lennon and Her Fruitful Connection, exquisite snapshots Liz Vidyarthi, and [jerky] tacos by the dudes of Tacolada Taco Truck. We are also severely indebted to our creative-photoshop consultant, Brenna Powers, who supplied the art work.
And of course, the SlantShack Jerky girls (photos to come):
Alyson Baker
Mai Teshima
Elif Muyesser
Lizzie Olson
Sarah Millsaps
Megan Edwards
Julie Maddox
Christen Currie
Nina Mahjoub
Debbie Williams
Brigid Abraham
Ashley Kurose
Gina Grinstead
Ailie Jenkins
If you missed it, I'm sorry. There may be more, there may not. We can't say for sure. Jerky makes its own rules...our job is to oblige.