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point-man, homily , eucharist, Final Commendation, bullet point

The Little-Known Pragmatist Who Is Shaping the Trump Tax Cuts


Justin Muzinich, a top aide to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, is the Treasury Department point man on taxes.
Brett McGurk, the Obama administration’s point-man for defeating the group, tells the House Foreign Affairs Committee, “What Russia’s doing is directly enabling ISIL.”

In Russia, Christian theology has steadily regained ground in academia during the two decades since communism fell. Still, that doesn't quite mean that higher education, which is a serious business, is about to be taken over by priests. When Russian Orthodoxy's point-man on matters academic appeared recently at the Moscow State University for the Humanities he struck a defensive note http://econ.st/1cM00qt

California faces major long-term challenges, not just short-term economic woes. One of those is producing an educated citizenry. Yet the two major candidates for governor have had very little to say about the state's public higher education system, particularly the community colleges. Democrat Jerry Brown has a few bullet points on higher education, buried in an eight-page plan on K-12 education. He wants to "convene a representative group to create a new state Master Plan." No details. His solution for community colleges: Keep "burdensome state regulations and mandates" to a minimum.Republican Meg Whitman has a few sentences on the University of California and California State University systems, buried in a section on K-12 education in her plan. No mention of community colleges. The commentary is in the Sacramento Bee.

bullet point
(Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) any of a number of items printed in a list, each after a centred dot, usually the most important points in a longer piece of text

each of several items in a list, typically the ideas or arguments in an article or presentation and typically printed with a bullet before each for emphasis.

- Homily
- Eucharist
- Final Commendation



- 講道
- 聖餐
- 最後的稱讚】

commemoration (1) 紀念經文:彌撒中的紀念生者及死者的經文,拉丁文稱為 commemoratio (2) 紀念日。
commendation of a soul, the :送終祈禱;臨終經:為死期已近、即將面見天主的人祈禱。

Eucharist, Sacrament of the :聖體聖事;感恩祭(宴);感恩聖事(禮);彌撒:包括聖事和聖體,是耶穌親定的至尊聖事,將餅酒變為自己的血肉,祭獻天主,養活人靈。聖體聖事一方面紀念主的死亡及復活,使十字架的祭獻功效永世長存,另一方面,聖體又是飲食,讓人的超性生命得到滋養、聖化、成長(法典 897 )。原文來自希臘文 Eucharistia ,意指感恩,通常稱作 Most Holy Eucharist ,或 the celebration of the Eucharist
Eucharistic adoration :朝拜聖體;拜聖體:朝拜面餅形(聖體)中的耶穌基督。中世紀就已開始。
Eucharistic Celebration :舉行感恩祭;感恩(聖體)聖事慶典;作彌撒。詳見 Mass
Eucharistic Congress :聖體大會:以敬禮耶穌聖體為目的,而隆重舉行的宗教集會,其中包括舉行彌撒、明供聖體、聖體遊行、聖體降福以及公開證道等。分: (1) 國際聖體大會:為世界性的聖體大會, 1881 年開始於法國裏耳( Lille ),每四年一次輪流在各國舉行。 (2) 全國聖體大會,或某省、某區聖體大會等。
Eucharistic fast :聖體齋;空心(腹)齋:領聖體前需空腹以示對耶穌的敬意,往昔(第三世紀起)自半夜開始應斷絕一切飲食;現今( 1964 年後)領聖體前一小時不得進食物和飲料,但清水和藥物不在此限,而老人及病患也不必遵守此規定(法典 919 )。又稱 fasting communion
Eucharistic Liturgy :感恩祭;感恩禮(儀);彌撒:是基督徒最重要、最莊嚴的敬禮。詳見 Mass
Eucharistic minister :感恩祭主持人;主持感恩祭者。
Eucharistic Prayer :感恩經;彌撒常典(舊稱);彌撒正則:亦即 Canon of the Mass ,為彌撒中最主要的部分。其中包括成聖體及成聖血、舉揚聖體及聖血之禮;自頌謝詞 Preface 起,至天主經止。
Eucharistic Sacrifice :感恩祭。
Eucharistic Service :感恩禮;彌撒。同 Eucharistic Liturgy
Eucharistic Species :聖體的餅、酒形像:祝聖過的餅、酒,在外觀上仍有餅酒的形像,雖覺察不出有何變化,但實質上已變成耶穌的聖體、聖血。

homilia L. :講道(經)。同 homily
homily :講道(經);佈道;讀經分享;聖經訓釋:司祭在彌撒中針對福音和書信所做信仰生活之反省,為教會禮儀的重要部分。如主日及法定節日的彌撒中,均應講道。同 ermon homilia
homo L. ):人。詳見 person
homosexuality :同性戀:指超出「傳宗接代」範圍,對同性者有一種強烈而持續的性方面之吸引及偏愛,為性變態之一。

point man

Syllabification: (point man)


  • the soldier at the head of a patrol.
  • North American (especially in a political context) a person at the forefront of an activity or endeavor.